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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


11.1. International Commodity Exchange

For international trade, it is important to reveal without commodity exchanges, international cartels, auctions and fairs.

At Oxford Paperback Encyclopedia, there is an understanding of commodity exchange. It’s very clear, as it was mentioned in the Big Encyclopedic Dictionary (1998, p. 131): commodity B.), valuable commodities (B. stock) and foreign currency (B. currency), as well as robust strength (B. prazі). , tsukor is skinny). Virіznyayut universal and that specializirovannі (for all the goods of any other groups) commodity birzhі On official stock exchanges, transactions with shares less than great companies are allowed; in the bagati krains of the country, they are guilty of unofficial funds of the stocks;

Members of brokers and brokers and dealers.

Birzh ustanovlyuyut standard for birzhov comrade, riven price (quotation) on comrade and price papery, to analyze the current situation and propose, to expand business information. "

Functions of the official agreement on trade organizations, as well as the rights of a legal entity, more than one prior to the legislation of the country of their own.

On birzhahs are sold and bathed large consignments without transportation of goods from one month to the last. Often, please try to get rid of not yet any goods (for example, but not virocity). Take it easy for a short mustache, and then a gesture. So you will be free to shyly write short written notes.

Forth and foremost information on the availability of the most important commodity exchanges.

Public trading bargaining is based on the principles of a real auction, that is, propositional purchasers, who are better, are less secure with sales propositions, which are changing. If there are value propositions, purchasers and sellers, fall, please. The skin of pleasing is about being publicly shouted (in the present, too thin). Ruh zin to lay down the seller’s number, as well as to sell the goods for the first time, the buyer is ready to pay the goods for such a price.

Ninі bіrzhі of real goods were saved less in the okrugs of the country, their turnover is insignificant. The duality of such barges can be seen only in one of the forms of wholesale trade in goods of the highest importance. In economically different regions of real goods, the practical product is practical. The stinks outgrew from the futures agency, so that they overdid on the rights to the goods. Vidomo, scho fyuchnyh lands the power elements of the contract for the sale of the sale and credit. Trading futures є a simple form of regular trading. On string (in other words, futures) bargains, trading is not real goods, but contracts for posting goods at maybutny.

The main signs of futures trading are:

o the factual nature of the land, the exchange of goods at the time, in fact, the daily, the goiter’s job of pleasing for the sake of pleading for the additional stingy operation with the price of the service;

o sound with the market for real goods to get behind the other hedge and not to post the goods;

o clearly identified and unified with the goodness of the product, which is the subject of an exchange contract, the product is looked at like a price, prized up to a penny and exchanged for it at any given moment;

o povna unіfіkatsіya umov schodo oath product, a kind of realizuyutsya;

o the diversity of land and the counterparty of land. I should respect the people who are willing to get away not only with specific sellers and specific buyers, but with them (often representatives, tobrokers) and the Rose Chamber, the role of the guarantor of the contract of public relations. The exchange itself does not enter into a third-party contract and does not violate one of the partners. At times the opera- tional operations there is freedom of freedom for less than the price of the goods, freedom for the term posting of goods is confused. Reshta of minds is strictly regulated and does not lie on the side of the contract. Otzhe, futuresnі bіrzhі - tserinki tsin (tobto rinki tsinovyh news). The markets for real goods are beautiful and they look at the markets for buying and selling, the fragments of the parties to the contract can be used as much as you can.

Chikazka commodity birzha - the most profitable commodity birzha svitu with trade in grain. Bargaining is good as an obvious commodity, so for the hiding of land. Surround grain at birzhі trade in the best products.

London Metal Exchange (London Metal Exchange) є the main retailer’s offer to trade in color metals - middle, lead, tin, zinc, skinny. Birzha was established in 1877, and there are about 110 members. The minimum price for the sale of copper, lead, zinc, aluminum is to become 25 tons, tin - 5 tons, nickel - 6 tons. On birzhі I also deal with contracts of type futures and options. Information about how to arrange walk up to the London Clearing House.

International Petroleum Exchange (International Petroleum Exchange) - financial exchange, established in 1980 I can help you with the options and options for the best views of the nafta. Rosmischutsya at London at the associate of St. Katerini, there, de і Londonska bіrzha f'yuversіv that options (London Futures and Options Exchange).