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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


13.1. Main ambush of Ukraine’s strategic strategy in Ukraine

Entrance of Ukraine as an equal partner with the soviet state gratitude pereshkodzhaє low officials as yak є є active, so суб sub є active. The most competitive among them is the low competitiveness of Ukrainian products on the private market. Tsey rinok does not take care of goodness, the products, the quality of which is not the highest standards, and is uncompetitive in it. The result of this will be a reference. Ukraine will have a small export of foreign currency.

On the markets of foreign countries, you can compete for less than 1% of Ukrainian products, while your friend, on yak є drinks on the most important markets, do not have any certificates. For example, the production of black metallurgical products is limited to the nomenclature of vodlivok, є metal industry, and go up to 25%. The yak was already indicated at pidrozd. 2.5, Ukraine has spent much of its time on zbutu at the lands of a large number of SRSRs, and the products of Ukrainian industry, are in Yakutia at Russia, but can’t be sold on the market in Russia;

Okremі fakhіvtsі Ukraine to think about, but through low competition the products of the Ukrainian pіdprimіvstv not to rushpіshat with a farther liberalized export regime, in front of our country we have a strong international fund. Such a liberalization of trade is more than possible for the one-time increase in competitiveness of competitive goods. For example, navigate 35% of goods in the United States that are seized by non-tariff bar’s.

There was a thought, which for Ukraine is undervalued, uncontrolled liberalization of trade, and the process of national sales of goods with one-time consumer protection.

Integration of the Ukrainian economy in the process and structure of the active can’t be done. Vaughn is guilty of it, one by one, it’s irrelevant to see the judgment of the inside, both of the new minds, and when you have the power, you can’t get out of sight of the regular role.

Naipriynyatnіshoyu for Ukraine fakhivtsi impose an opportunity to export to the model of economic development. It’s stinky to mean that the model of the pool has succeeded successfully in Vicoristan not less than in the countries of Pivdenno-Shіdnoy Asia in Latin America, and in the USA, if the stink has reached the heels of the Great Depression of the 30th rock of the 20th century. At the same time, import and export policy was imposed on export-related strategies of import substituion policy.

Protect yourself come in and turn on the list of tariffs and tariffs for regular and non-tariff bar'єrіv.

Najvlivіshі change your mind about successful integration of Ukraine with the economy of the following:

o real transition of team-administrative economy to market;

o restructuring of the statehood of Ukraine;

o vіdkritіst ekonomіki.

The main direct form of the economy of Ukraine is the following:

o development of galleys, which can be changed at all times at the private economy;

o Establishment of a strong national market as an economic basis for the conquest and close position of Ukraine on its own market;

o secure financial stability in the country;

o Harmonization of national legislation in accordance with GATT / COT standards;

o Proof of certification of products for European and international standards and standards.

A glance of Ukraine to the membership of SOT - all at once and a glance of integration to the European Union. Schopravda, do not let go of the process for the trial. Obviously, Ukraine can come to the COT much earlier, and join the European Union.

The plea for partnership and partnership has been placed between the European Union and Ukraine in Luxembourg on 16 cherries of 1994, the official order of 1 birch was born in 1998. The parties dominated, which is the case for the liberalization of mutual trade with the government until the principles of GATT / COT. Proximity to ЄС - ce і proximity to COT.

A number of Ukrainian policies, policies and science can be arranged and cured by the policy, for such a hysteria of a national freeloader to be cleaned up of their own special interests. Hardly chi taka positsіya maє prospect.

During the hour of the stolen collectivization of the state thanks to one single-minded person, a certain time I’ve done my best to enter the collegiate school, at the same time I’ve got to know how to write, I wrote at the university, so I can die. Ukraine will inevitably enter before COT.

Membership in the Svitovy Organizatsii trade is not є obov'yazkovim, і only a few dozens of countries in Ukraine didn’t belong to it yet. Protea is absolutely great to lay down to the price of organization.

Socialist China doklav Chimalih Zusil, schob near leaf fall 2001 р. become a member of COT. At tsyomoy China buvuvshii buv not to be denied against the one-time I will enter before COT and Taiwan. From now on, it is possible to navigate socialist China without having started its own Maybut without incitement to capitalist ambushes.

Let’s take a look, it’s even been scrutinized in Ukraine in order for it to become a member of the Svitovo Organizatsii trade.