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Rhetoric - T. Gritsenko

Control food for the course “Rhetoric”

1. Understanding about oratory of mystery. Historical traditions of oratory of redwoods.

2. The sound of rhetoric in the sciences.

3. The basic understanding of classic rhetoric.

4. Tipi oratory mystery.

5. Oratorios of the Old Greek.

6. Oratorios of Ancient Rome.

7. Oratory of mystery in Russia. Persh rhetoric.

8. Oratorical mystery in Ukraine in the XVII-XVII centuries.

9. Suchasny forms of reddishness.

10. The genre of an oratory of mystery.

11. The speaker and the audience. Accept the speaker as a listener.

12. Vchenchenya about understanding in the logic.

13. Vchenenya about suzhennya.

14. Figuri silogizmu.

15. Logical pardons and paradoxes.

16. The subject of ericism.

17. Krasnomovstvo sofіstіv i sofіstika.

18. The Long-Lasting Maystry of the Red Kingdom.

19. The rhetoric of Socrates.

20. Demosthenes - the great orator of the Greek.

21. “Rhetoric” of Aristotel. Basic ideas

22. Cicero - the great orator to Rome. Secrets of yogo meisterostі.

23. Vidatnі oratorio imeperatorskogo Rome.

24. Pershi propaganda of Christianity.

25. Khristianskoe krasovstvo at Kyiv Rusі ХІ-ХПІ Art.

26. Vizneshnі ukrainian Mayrii of the Red Origin (Petro Mohyla and Ivan Vishensky).

27. Ritori of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

28. Inventory, basic elementy.

29. The main classic "toposi".

30. Mystetsvo of disposition.

31. Logic pomp p_d hour p_predgotovki promovit.

32. The basic principle of elokutsії.

33. Stylistic features in rhetoric.

34. The main vimogi to the traditional look and manner of a speaker.

35. Conclusion and argument at the meeting.

36. The main vimogi to movi at the speaker.

37. Significance of rhetoric for the present-day Ukrainian suspension (for the minds, encourage the legal Ukrainian state).

38. Fakhovy aspect of rhetoric.

39. The category of morality (ethos) in rhetoric.

40. Understanding the style of rhetoric.

41. The main part of the rhetoric.

42. The basic laws of rhetoric.

43. The main stage of the rhetorical training of proms.

44. The main vimogi to the speaker and auditor.

45. Change your mind about the rhetoric of the Old Greek.

46. ​​Long-rhetorical rhetorical schools.

47. Mice of rhetorical technology in oratory of ancient Greek.

48. Istina, morality, beauty and harmony in ancient Greek rhetoric.

49. The rhetorical activity of Guy Julius Caesar.

50. The main birth and see prom.

51. Epideudic redness.

52. Preaching is the main genre of church rhetoric.

53. Rhetorical signs of the message of Ivan Vishensky.

54. The rhetorical introduction of Feofan Prokopovich.

55. Features of ship rhetoric.

56. Humanistic direct ritual rituals.

57. Slots are more comfortable and special for rhetoric.

58. Ukrainian courts oratorio of the ХІХ-ХХ art.

59. See ship promises, ix functions.

60. Preparing ship promo.

61. Zmіst і pobudova accused.

62. Analysis and assessment of evidence from evidence from promo.

63. Characteristics of the individual in the prosecution promo.

64. Obgruntuvannya proposition about the world of prejudice, civil poses in accusatory promos.

65. The analysis of the reasons and minds that they argued for the cause of malignancy (in the prosecution promo).

66. The part of the prosecutor’s office was concluded.

67. Replica of the prosecutor.

68. Promotional prosecutor at times vidmovi vid charged.

69. Zmіst zakhisno ї Promote the lawyer.

70. Introductory part zahisnoї promov.

71. Establishment of the actual furnishings of the reference, analysis and assessment of evidence from promises.

72. Obgruntuvannya kvalіfіkatsіі zlochin u zhisnіy promovі.

73. Mirkuvannya about civil poses, peace at the time of the promises.

74. The part of the western promysh is concluded.

75. Replica of a lawyer.

76. An alternative to a promising one.