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Rhetoric - T. Gritsenko

The flow of rhetoric (II half of the XVIII - the ear of the XX century)

Now you can learn more about rhetoric in Ukraine from the factual creations of the theory of oratorical mystery that is new to me. On the cob of the XVIII century. viišov vіdomiy decree of Peter the Great (1720 p.), who somehow defended the view of the book in Ukrainian by me. Creation of science was ignored by Ukrainian people, handcuffs from the theory of oratory mystery stay at Naddnipryansky Ukrainian, and in Naddnystryansky - at least Polish.

I’ve written the first letter to the czachchini’s tribune for the audience for the share of Ukrainian and all words of the people of the Bulo Cyril-Methodius fraternity.

By the way, until the development of the speaker’s mystery book “Voice of the United Russia”, Forest Ukraine, the brochure “Self Ukraine” (1900) Mikoli Makhnovsky (1873–1924), the second half of the memorial is installed on October 12, 1903 .

In the university professors, Mikola Sumtsov, Mikhailo Grushevsky and the Russians became members of my Ukrainian nationalities, showing a wide range of opportunities in the field of science. Deputies of the Ukrainian State Dumi fought their own parliamentary groups, with half-mantled stupas they moved in to autonomous Ukraine. Tse buli put reddishness.

Before the cohort of orators of tense, Pori also had Vaclav Vorovskiy, Mikhaylo Kalіnіn, Sergiy Kіrov, Oleksandra Kollontay, Gleb Krzhizhanovskiy, Leo Trotsky, Georgiy Chicherin.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881–1938) - “father of the Turks”, general and sovereign dyyach, first president of the Turkish Republic, a kind of non-official public speaker is among the tribunes of the distant foreigners.
Prior to the next oratory, there are also political politicians Jean Zhores (France), Ernst Telman (Nimechchina), Abdel Nasser (Egypt), Jawaharlal Nehru (India), Pablo Neruda (Chile), Fidel Dynasty, Mandela (PAR) that ін.