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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

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Factoring - factoring

Method of financial export; the bank's dowry of the right of vimogi to pay in kind for financial goiters, bought up at the winter osb. Zdebilshogo Bank kupuє debitorski rakhunki for the delivery of comrades, as well as the above servants.

Financial markets - financial markets

Currency markets and capitals.

Flag of convenience - golden ensign

The warrant of the registration of a vessel near the country, which is characterized by the highest visibility for shipwreckers and labor laws. Vidomy sch yak "cheap ensign". At the international merchant shipping - the main order of the territory of the registration of the vessel, in the same year, the bald man is not a resident.

Flexible exchange rate - dense exchange rate

Vidomy is floating. Situations, for some foreign exchange rates of the new currencies, there are plenty of problems in the future and the position of these currencies.

Flight of capital - vіdpliv capіtalu

The international ruin of capital from one country to the whole by means of a single and second-hand gain of a kind of operation.

Floating currency - floating currency

Currency, exchange rate of unstable foreign currency unstable and lay down in the middle of the mechanism.

Foreign currency - foreign currency

Currency of be-yako іnnozemnoy і power, yak н in іy legal legal ploy.

Forfeiting - Forfeiting

Crediting of a co-operative operation for additional dowry to exporters of bills accepted by an importer. Yavische, like factoring.

Forward contract - forward contract

Operations with the purchase and sale of foreign currency, valuable folders for the recognized price on the singing date on Maybutny.

Franchise - Franchise

The merchandise shipping industry has an insurance contract, which will transfer the insurance policy to the insurance company, but it’s not possible to overwrite the song sum.

Free trade - Vilnius trading

The policy of the sovereign neotruchannya in the sphere of international trade (free trade). Get involved in international trade, which is based on the strongest forces of the population and the position on the international market.

Free-trade area - zone of free trade

The form of regional economic integration, as long as the members of the region reserve the right to exchange trading bar’s, the water hour is for their own right to cover the independent trade policy of one and all countries, so as not to belong to one group.

Freight - Freight

Fee for transportation of vantage vessels with water hats, but for viktoristannya vessels stretching for a singing hour, as well as vantage, which can be transported on a chartered vessel. Understanding not to expand on luggage and mail.

Freight house - staying dvir

Commodity station, scho vikonu funktsii priimannya that viddravlennya vantazhiv.

Futures - Futures

The type of land on the stock exchange of goods, which is due to be paid to sell (sell) the underlying asset at the time of the hour and on the basis of the minds of May, with the fixed price at the time the goiter was settled by the parties to the contract.



General pleasing for trade in servants (laid down in 1994), є first bagatable land, meta - liberalization of international trade in servants. GATT - GATT

The general plea for tariffs and trade, є the first bagatelnogo ekonomichnym land (laid in 1947 p.), Sho avenge the rights and goiter'zazannya krash-participant of free trade in goods.

General contractor - general contractor

Yuridichna person, including foreign, as it is possible to viconati zamovlennya, transferred to the minds of bids (tenders). The general contractor vidpovіdaє for the implementation of the project, visually robots with the best powers, but the best subcontractors.

General export license - general export license

Licensing is very quiet for export goods, special offers for export are not applicable.

Global marketing - global marketing

Realization of standard goods at a global scale. Such a comrade will require insignificant adaptations up to regional or otherwise minds.

General tariff

The tariff scale, for which the Unified rate is typical for a particular product, is always the same as the territory of the previous year.

Global quotas - quotas for quotas

Варісні або кількісні pledges of importing (exporting) singing foreign goods with a stretch of the marked period.

Gold bullion standard

The currency regime, a kind of transfer є so remember: gold is held in power by gold cream, and not by coin in coins; gold from the country is not interchangeable; gold can be victorious with the industrial method at international razrakhunoks.

Gold exchange standard - gold exchange standard

The exchange rate regime, if pennies are converted into gold, is converted into gold in the highest lands for a fixed price.

Goods - Comrade

Material items, which may save my life. Gray market - siry rinok

Rinok goods, scho іmіtuyut reference. Ponyattya get used to and to

rinkiv, de deficit comrade can be quickly added for prices,

scho reinterpret zvichaynі.

Green label - green label

Label, by which a comrade is being labeled, who will go in for carelessly for a middle-of-the-way treasure.

Gross charter - gross charter

Type of freight, for such a shipman I’ll pay for plumbing and roaming.

Gross domestic product (GDP) - gross domestic product

The originality of the Kintsev product, tailored to the singing country.

Gross national debt - gross national debt

Sumarna stranded order. Gross national product (GNP) - gross national product

Rinkova’s wartiness of the goods and services, and the lack of attention of the singer in the sale of rock.

Guarantee - Guarantee

Transferred by law to the singing land of the goiter’s job, for such a person is legal person to the creditors at the same time as a bourgeois of their goiters.


Hard currency - hard currency

Be an international business. Vikoristannya such a currency is not pidpadaє pid power control, the course piece by piece is not piddrimuyutsya.

Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System - a harmonized description and code system

International rules for the classification and statistical information of goods, which should be avoided from international trade. Rosroblena in the framework of Radi mitnogo spіvrobіtnitstva. Revenge of 21 razdіl, 96 chapters, 5019 positsіy. Hedging - Hedge

Sales of currency, goods through a stringed warehouse and the land of a protected land. The result will be a fixed price for buyers and sellers for one contract to recognize in vrat, for the last one to save; zavdyaki tsyomu prijumu sellers and buyers do not recognize zbitkіv vid pidvishchennya (znizhennya) price.

Hiring - hiring

Serednotermіnova rental cars, possessions, transport hardships to skinny. Є a catastrophe of financial investment and investment activity for thinking about saving the tenant of the right of ownership of the goods.

Hot money - "hot" pennies

The international rush of capital, redefining the short-term nature, the reasons for speculative namirs ix of the house (such as the loss of stock, for example, the issue of rates at the rates at the highest territories).

House paper - home papyr

A bill of exchange that is accepted and accepted by the companies of one group, for example, at the borders of a transnational corporation.


Import deposit - import deposit

A deposit to pay an importer to a singing term. Є With a tool obmezhdenya import and that the power of sovereign control over it.

Import duty - importne mito

Own tidy, which can be reserved for missions to comrade, as if imported to the provincial territories.

Import in bond - import free

Import goods, yaki don’t overlap mito.

Import leasing - import leasing

The view of leasing, for such possession is to bathe in foreign companies, and to be leased out to rental companies.

Import license - import license

I need to rely on the terms of the terms of the most important states for the right to perform singing and import operations in banking, trade and other areas.

Import restrictions - import sharing

Come in (for example, import deposits, licenses, quotas), then you will be stalled for quick and easy regulation of import.

Import substitution - deputy importport

The policy is straightened out for quick export of goods for the wide selection of internal domestic technology.

International commodity agreement - international commodity agreement

Pleasure between violinists of the singing product (as a rule, the syrupy one) about the control of export with the method of stable price for the final product.

International importation license - international import license

Pleasure about the import of goods from the singing country at the time of re-export to the third country.

Intervention currency - interventional currency

Foreign currency, like Victorian competent authorities of the singing country, who, for the additional official exchange mechanism to protect the exchange rate at acceptable intervals.

Invisible trade balance - balance of invisible trading

I’ll sell the news to the export and import company for invisible articles of sale, to the point of view, to lay down the service and passenger transportation, insurance, bank and consulting services, sales of property rights and property.

Invoice - Invoice

The document is a seller vipisuє on im'ya buying to pay for the purchase of goods, vikonanoї robots and any of the above services.

Islamic banking - Islamic banking on the right

Bankіvska dіyalnіst, scho not transferring вє payment vіdsotkіv for loans above.


Jobber - Jober

Birzhovy clerk; dealer of the London stock exchange, one, on the other hand, dealer on the other, not authorized to work as a broker and without delay, operating with customers, not members of the stock exchange.

Joint venture - joint venture

Partnership, a participant in which there may be more or less greater parties to the greater territory of Ukraine and in the form of subsidiaries, a consortium of syndicates.

Jurisdictional clause - jurisdiction article

Having agreed to a contract, in such a way the house of the exporter and the importer about the vibrancy of the country, the legislation of which will be extended to your contract.