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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


Key currencies - key currencies

Currency, which is widely used as a back-up, security in exchange operations.


Laisser-faire - allow zrobiti

The concept of science, the cochlears of some kind, the basic economics of the most efficient functions, as long as the best power and the economy regulate the market forces.

Leasing - Leasing

Dovgotermіnova rent of property, cars, equipment, transport services as a rule, with a fake wickup. Є by way of financial investment and asset protection, based on the reserved rights of ownership of the goods to the lessor.

Letter of credit - letter of credit - div .: Bill of credit.

Levy subsidy - podatkova subsidy

The subsidy, the yaku ряд nadє for virobniks, as well as for the first-aid workers, for the merchandise change, or for the surcharge for the sales.

License - license

I called on someone who wants to rely on the singing term of the dominant powers for the right to enter into transactions in the banking, trading and other areas, as well as to grant the rights to additional technical and legal requirements.

Licensee - license

I’m special, like I’m buying a hair from a valsnik about the intellectual power to the right for singing minds.

Licensor - licensed

A person, like a kind of licensing on the territory of their own intellectual property.

Lightering - lіhteruvannya

Relocated plumbing lighters for that (or) barges.

Liner shipping - lined shipping

Sea and ocean voyages and transportation vantazhiv and pasazhirіv mіzh ports of the cold lands.

Local content - mіstseva chastka

A part is at the front of specific goods, at the time of singing in Ukraine, and it’s located on the internal factors of virobnitz.

Lump sum - flat rate

Paying for the licensed land, which is required to rally without pay for the okremі partin, one-time.

Lump-sum charter - flat charter

The sum, which is to be unified by the charterer to the ship-to-ship, is independent of the fact that all the ship of any ship is started up.


Maquiladoras - Makiladoras

Montazhni backwaters in Mexico near the cordon from the USA, scho

to impose an American capital. Mark of origin

The sign that means virib abo yogo packaging i yak vkazu

country, de vidpovidny goods bulot vigotovleno. Memorandum - Memorandum

Change at insurance policies vipadkiv (especially with sea transportations), if the insurer does not take on yourself the insurance zbitkiv.

Most-favored nation - natsіya naybіlshogo spryanyannya

The trade regime, which means the country, has been given such a regime, may have the same rights.

Multimodal - Різноманітний

Transferring a plumbing by means of transport.

Multinational corporation - transnational corporation

The corporation, as a mother’s subsidiary company, has its headquarters, and the headquarters, as a rule, are located at the Ukrainian parent company.

Multiple exchange rate - multiple exchange rate

Victorian singing country kolkoh exchange rates for opening operations.


National exports - national export

Export of domestic goods, food products, industrial products in the territory of the Russian Federation.

National treatment - national treatment

The regime, if they are legal and physical persons, as well as persons without bulk, the songwriter will be granted the same rights and rights as to the legal and physical persons.

Negotiation of bills - dandy of bills

Pridbannya renegotiable bills at the international rozrahunok.

Net collection - pure іnkaso

Rіznavid іnkaso, scho є to be less than financial documents.

Net export of goods and services - net export of goods and services Relocation of export over import at the singing country.

Net foreign investment - clean foreign investment

Re-control of foreign assets over the passives of the country.

Non-tariff barriers - non-tariff bar'єri

In the sphere of international trade, all means are in addition to tariff tariffs, bar'ri. For example, licensing, embargo, financial standards, quotas and skinny.

Notification - notification

More often, a promissory note maker (promissory note holder) of a promissory note about protesting a promissory note he saw.


Ocean bill of lading - ocean bill of lading

The document, which is due to be transferred by the exporter to the planner for the first transfer for the cordon. Є a document for Inkaso.

Offer - offer

A proposition about concession to the detailed meanings of the minds. Off-set deal - offset offset

Relieve hustle and bargain and transfer; invest in from the side of the counterparty; pay for the comrade of the services.

On-board bill of lading - on-board bill of lading

The document, which is due to be taken on board the vessel.

On-call credit - oncology loan

Short-term commercial loan, you must turn the clerk for the first creditor.

On-deck bill of lading - deck bill of lading

The document, which is due to be accepted and given to the deck on deck with special specifications.

Open account - vіdkritiy rakhunok

Rzdvizny zovnіshnyotorgovykh rakhunkіv. The goods and the supreme documents at all times are encouraged by the seamless availability of foreign purchasers, the payment is paid back by the extension of the encrypted term.

Option of exchange - currency option

The right to vibor of alternative currency minds on a trade contract.

Overdraft - overdraft

The form of giving the short-term loan to the bank at times is especially special, if the payment is overdone I will transfer the excess of money to the bank's bank account.

Overtrading - nadmіrna torgovlyna dіyalіst

Marriage of revolving capital at the business premises for healthy payments (crisis of liquidity).


Parallel exporting - parallel to export

Zdіsnyuvany exporter to the singing region of the export of goods, for the import of some exclusive rights of distributor from the territory of the country.

Parent company - maternal company

Head company of transnational corporation.

Payment's deficit - balance sheet deficit

Redistribution of payments in the country over the necessary conditions to the country.

Predatory dumping - robbery dumping

Sales of goods on foreign markets beyond the bottom, lower on the market of the exporting country, with prices due to the national market of foreign and foreign competitors.

Preferential tariff - preferential tariff

Tariff scale, for a specific characteristic of the rate for goods, importing and singing countries.

Primary commodity - the first product

The goods, scho not buv pіddaniy pervinnіі pererobtsі.

Principal - principal

Yuridichna persona, a representative of an intermediary; the main person (Borzhnik) at the borgovy goiter'yazannі; person, please take part in the land for your rakhunok.

Prior deposit - forward deposit

I’m singing a sum of pennies, deposited by an importer at a bank of the country import, and I’m umova import. Suma, as a rule, is identified as a frequent part of the import.

Prohibitive tariff - foreign tariff

A high surcharge for importing goods from the country to comrade, I must stand still, if I swear oversized goods I will re-establish the inter-border.

Prolongation - prolongation

Prodovlenny terminu of the contract, please, promissory notes, posiki, reward.

Promissory note - goat borg

The document, which is an identifier of a kind of creditors, is clear to posic.

Protective tariff - protection tariff

Tariff scale, for such a characteristic is the rate of the rate, which will protect the competition of the competition from the side of the foreign goods.


Quantitative export restrictions - kіlkіsnі obmezhenenya export

Non-tariff methods of regulation of international trade, which will transfer the establishment of the export of goods.

Quota - quota

The oath allowed to export or import of singing goods. Є in the manner of the sovereign regulation of foreign affairs.

Quotation - Quotation

Visiting of the exchange rate of valuable folders, foreign currency, goods.