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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

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Rate of exchange - exchange rate - div .: Exhange rate.

Red label - red label

Label on the goods, by which I mean easily borrowed materials.

Reference - reference

Description, which is given to a physical and legal person, an organization, an active partnership, a bank, which is corroded by business cards.

Re-export - re-export

Delivery from the country of goods, as earlier boulevards were imported to it, without conversion.

Remission - rem_s_ya

Znizhka, like a post-robber to rob payers for a rounded sum of payment; zvilnennya vid fine, surcharge. Remittance - Romes

A payment document (draft, check, penny refund) in foreign currency, which is bought by a bourgeois for national currency in a third individual and transferred to foreign foreign creditors to pay off the bargaining.

Renting - Renting

Korotkotermіnova rental car ownership without the right of fake dowry.

Reserve currency - reserve currency

Internationally, a currency has been circulated, which is likely to be vain for the country for the purpose of completing financial goiters in front of foreign countries.

Restrained exporter - Imports

The country, the department is clearly voluntary (to be exact, “inspired by the voluntary”), I will share the export of my goods to the foreign country or a group of citizens.

Restrictive business practice - obmezhuvalnaya dilova practice

Dії sub'єktіv gospodaryuvannya, direct to obmezhennya I will enter to the market іshih sub'єktіv gospodaryuvannya.

Retroactive bonification - zvorotna bonіfіkatsіya

Znizhka for the price of the goods handed over is, in fact, the fact that it is lower for the transfer of the contract.

Reverse - reverse

A letter to the goiter of a single individual, in which there is a guarantee of an individual, for example, a goiter of a goose to buy a bill of exchange.

Reversion - Reverse

Turn the lane to the kolishnomu vlasnikі.

Royalty - royals

Periodically, sellers, as well as licensed to others, I pay license to license for the right to corroborate the subject of licensed license - an object of intellectual property.


Safeguards - come in

There are two directions to the national market, to be reserved in the field of international trade in one-sided order, as well as the import of goods from the main value-added channels of the national industry.

Sanitary and phytosanitary regulations - sanitary and phytosanitary regulations

Standards of standard and standard criteria, so as to establish for the purpose of living and healthy people, saving flora and fauna.

Sectoral trade agreement - galuseva trading pleas

Two-sided, but one-sided, international, for the sake of avoiding the singing galaxy of economy.

Sliding scale tariff - tariff with a permanent scale

Mitny tariff, rates of a certain zmіnuyutsya fallow in vid price singing goods.

Short-form bill of lading - short bill of lading

The bill of lading, which is a kind of vidnichnogo vid vidichnogo not avenge a detailed vikladu minds transported, but more to settle on them.

Soft currency - currency

Currency, yak through rulings on it, control over the possibility of conversion for conversion into foreign currency.

Sole source award - non-competitive contract

The contract will be settled at the result of direct negotiations with one company.

Sorting - Marriage

Inspection of goods by official goods owners by way of identification of goods, grades, appropriateness for fasting skinny.

Special Drawing Rights - special drawing rights

The international rozrahunkova odinitsya, tied up by the method of uncovering deposits of groshovy masi on the international market for the deficit of the balance of payments of the United States and a kind of gold bundle with light. First of all, the International Monetary Fund provides conference in Rio de Janeiro 1967 p. Vіdomі yak "Papier gold."

Sporadic dumping - vipadkovy dumping

Vivezennya from the country і sales for the cordon timchasovogo overhead goods. It is not on a permanent basis.

Spot - spot

Razraznod ugody schodo kupіvlі-sale of the explicit goods with non-payment payment and postachannyam. To enter into an exchange trading, as well as to realize real-time currency, a security on a currency exchange.

Subsidiary - daughter’s business

Pіdprimstvo, which is controlled by the maternal company.

Subsidy - subsidy

The kind of help from the side of the squad is overwhelmingly important for pennies, as well as for those looking for patriotic uniforms, which can be enjoyed by national violinists. It is mediated by the price of discrimination і importers ’, we don’t get any subsidies.

Swap - Swap

Foreign exchange operation for the sale of singing currency with a smart wickup of a small amount back through the markers hour after course, fixed at the time of placing the goods, and also Timch's purchase of goods, trading goiters, currency, so it is guaranteed to be sold.


Tariff wall -tarifna stіna

A patriotic bar'єr, who are trying to protect themselves and being a detachment, a kind of good trade protection politician, who will be able to clean up the national economy in foreign competition.

Tax haven - tax haven

The installation of low taxes (otherwise they are not included) on the profits of foreign companies.

Technical barrier to trade - technical bar'є r at trade_vl_

Riznomіnnі sanіtarnі, phіtosanіtarnі, adminіnіstrativnі, іngineernі t іnshі norms (standards, rules skinny), as well as to make uninterrupted goods collapse through the state (mitny) cordons. Bar'єri may be able to protect him from life, as well as a well-worn turbot for living and healthy people, creatures, and preserving the purity of dowkill.

Tender - Tender

In the economic sphere, the form of repayments for the posting of goods and piddates for the transfer of goods, the transfer of information, the number of posters, and the number of independent employees is especially important.

Terms of trade - learn trading

Special offer for export and import of foreign goods.

Time-charter - time charter

Agreement about the lease of the vessel for the song termin.

Trade deficit - trade deficit

Challenging wartost import over wart export to singing country rock sales.

Trade gap - trade gap

Riznitsya Visarto to export and import of singing country.

Trade preferences - trade preferences

Special loans, which are rejoicing in one power in general, but one sub-grant to the state at present at bargaining, for example, lower rates.

Trading company - trading company

The sphere of international trade is a company, which will be responsible for import and export operations.

Tramp steamer - a whacky ship

A ship, which is not a regular transport.

Tranche - Tranche

VIP, seria, part of the regional poses, insured on the main market, the closest Maybut, but designated for the public on the postmarkets of the winter regions. When you take it, think the same poses for all tranches.

Transfer price - transfer price

Price, scho vikoristuetsya at the international trade in the transnational corporations.


Valorization - Valorization

The price of the goods, the course of the old men and women, and for the special offers of special powers.

Visible items of trade - see statist trading

Trade in goods.

Voluntary export quota - Voluntary export quota

Kіlkіsnі obmezhennya export of goods vpodnovnogo, scho vstanovlyuyutsya country voluntarily.

Voyage charter - scheduled charter

A view of the freight, which can be relocated to the transport of vacant ports by one or more important ports.


Warehouse receipt - warehouse receipt

Receipts, usually looking like a comrade, so as to store in a warehouse until the moment of realization to my friends.

Warrant - Varant

The certificate of acceptance of the goods for zberіgannya, yak yes, the right of one of the volsnikov to hold a pose for the first goods; type of valuable folders, right now the right of the owners of the oblast government or private shares of the bank for prior identification of the price.

Warranty contract - guarantee contract

A document, such as transferring a contractor for the operation of delivered products, repair and replacement.

World price - svitova tsina

Price, for such a singing product sold at international trade.


Xenophobia - Xenophobia

More beautifully, intolerant of a shutter to all alien, alien. At the sphere of international trade means discrimination of goods and services of foreign trade.