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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

Glosary termіnіv mitnogo code of Ukraine *


Banking metal - div .: Foreign exchange values.


Currency values:

the currency of Ukraine is penniless signs of money in banknotes, treasury bills, coins in their lowest forms, which can be redeemed with legal fees in the territory of Ukraine, as well as are subject to prior notice. , yaki interchange in obigu;

Foreign currency - foreign currency signs in the form of banknote notes, treasury bills, coins, which must be redeemed for payment with a legitimate payment claim for the third party, and also you must be aware of this Yakі interchange in obigu;

payment documents and important documents (shares, regional payments, coupons to them, bills of exchange, letters of credit, checks, bank penalties, certificates of deposit, foreign currency bank notes, foreign currency bank, metal;

bank metals - gold, silver, platinum, platinum metals, upgraded (affinely) to the most common samples are of the highest standards, in powders and powders, there is a possibility of the certification, as well as the number of coins (1).

The adoption of the Law of Ukraine vid 11 Lipnya 2002 p. No. 92-ІУ (at the arms inscribed numbers of articles).

The import of goods and transport claims to the territory of Ukraine, the delivery of goods and transport losses to the territory of Ukraine - the increase in goods, the change in goods and transport volumes through Ukraine.

Vidmova on the basis of power of the state - a mitniy regime, the same way as a valsnik vidovlyaetsya vid goods, scho pereduyut pid mitny control, without any minds on their corymos. In the regime of vidmovi, for gaining power, comrades don’t get too big and don’t cope with taxes and don’t cope, and you don’t get stiff and go in for non-tariff regulation (Article 246).

Vilnius Obig - the ordering of goods passing through the mitnia cordon of Ukraine without mitte control (Article 1).

Delivery of goods and transport services for the territory of Ukraine - div .: Delivery of goods and transport services for the territory of Ukraine.

See the mit regime. Vidpovidno to meti moving goods through the mitny cordon of Ukraine to be protected as you see the mit regime:

1) import;

2) reimport;

3) export;

4) re-export;

5) transit;

6) Timch hour imported (Vivezen);

7) mitny warehouse;

8) special mitna zone;

9) a shop of unlimited trading;

10) conversion to the Mitny Territory of Ukraine;

11) reprocessing between the borders of the Mitno Territory of Ukraine;

12) know how to do it;

13) Vidmova on the basis of the power of the state (Article 185).

See the decree from the administration about the destruction of the rules. Have a certificate about the destruction of the Mithyni rules of the Mitnian organ, but a court (judging), I’ll help you, I will blame one of the following decisions:

1) about the completion of the pre-date redevelopment;

2) about the imposition of administrative control;

3) about closing the door at the right;

4) about the ruin of criminal criminal information about smuggling (Article 391).

Internal mitny transit. Intrashnim mitnom transit vazhazhaetsya moving goods in pid mitim control:

1) to the checkpoint roztashovany in the mitny cordon of Ukraine, - to the point of entry to the mitten territory of Ukraine - to the mitny body, roztashovany in the mitten territory of Ukraine;

2) the entrance to the authorized body, rostashovany to the mitten territory of Ukraine, to the checkpoint, the rostashovannoy to the mitten cordon of Ukraine, - the point of departure for the inter-mitten territory of Ukraine;

3) a member of a single organ that was rooted in the mitritory of Ukraine, up to a member of a mitotic organ that was rooted in the mitritory of Ukraine (Article 155).


Crowds - physical individuals: croupians of Ukraine, foreigners, individuals without lumps (Art. 1).