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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


The declarant is a legal person, such as a declared goods and transport goods, which can be moved through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine (Article 1).

Declaration. Declaration of health by declaring the official uniform for the exact form (letter, asleep, dressing in) of accurate information about comrades and vehicles; .

Declaration of mitotic wariness - an application to an individual body for the established form of visibility for mitotic warrior goods, which are interchanged through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine according to which the mitia regime is clearly expressed (Article 1).


Export - Mitny regime, it is clear to some extent to take responsibility for inter-territorial territories for large-scale offenses without governing about turning to this territory without setting the brains of Ukraine between the territories of Ukraine (19).

Express re-transport - transport or freight forwarding company, it has been violated in accordance with the applicable laws of Ukraine, but I am more expedited to transport international services and to ensure that I have all the necessary services to possess (Art. 1).


Take care of how to move goods. Moving goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine is guaranteed by the obstructions of aviation, water, automobile, zaliznichnogo, pipelines, as well as transmission lines.

Depends on the appearance of the remitter, the legal director, the possessor, as well as the contract for the transportation of the comrade to relocate to:

1) plumbing;

2) Suprovzhuvanuyu luggage;

3) unsupported baggage;

4) manual luggage;

5) international postal directions;

6) international expressions (Art. 110).

Anyone who knows how to do it - a mitniy regime, one like that before a certain comrade, imported to a mitten territory of Ukraine, one who knows more than a few, can be brought at a camp, a certain witch is excluded, there are no additional goods, no more goods are required be amazed or ruined (v. 243).

The zone of mitral control is a misc, identified by mitni bodies at the checkpoints through the mnitium cordon of Ukraine, but in the last mithas of the territory of Ukraine, within the limits of a certain mithy, organize the mitic procedure (Article 1).

The zone of simplified mitic control is a part of the zone of mitic control with regular technical and information control for the healthy control of the simplified order (Article 1).


Import is a mitniy regime, it is one and the same way to import to the territory of Ukraine for the most part without bribing a row of them changing to the same territory that you can be victorious without any bribes (Article 188).

Foreign currency - div .: Currency values.


Counterfeit comrade - comrade, who have revenge on the rights of intellectual property, import of certain territory of Ukraine, as well as bringing in rights to violate the rights of the public, it is established by law that . 1).

Confiscation of the law for the violation of the rules of the rules for primary goods, transport interests, the value of clause 3 of Article 322 of the Code, and the free transfer of power to the state (Article 326).

Kraina camping goods Country-specific goods are invaded in the country, in which goods are used, the number of products is increased, however, the number of items must be verified before the criteria established by the Code.

When you receive goods that are similar in price, you may want to grow a group of citizens, representatives of a country, a region, a part of the country, as well as the need for seeing the goods (article 277).

Cultural values ​​- about material and spiritual culture, which can be more artistic, historical, ethnographic and scientific, and protect and preserve before the legislation of Ukraine (1).


Unlimited trading store - a mitny mode, one of a kind, as well as some good goods, and robots that are not destined for residing in the territory of Ukraine; znachenichnim mitnymi bodies of Ukraine, without reference meta, attachments, the establishment for export and import of such goods, that without zasosuvannya entry non-tariff regulation (Article 225).

Methods of Visiting Products, Importing to Ukraine. Visiting of the Mitna Wartost goods, which are imported into the Mitna Territory of Ukraine, and with the zhestosuvannya of the following methods:

for the price of pleasing goods, yakimportuyutsya (method 1);

for the price of pleasing identical goods (method 2);

for the price of pleasing goods (analogous) goods (method 3);

on the basis of vartnost (method 4);

on the basis of the prevartion (method 5);

reserve (method 6) (Article 266).

Mitna Warta - special requests for mitigation of organs, designated for the fight against impaired rules, protect the territory, guard, equipment for the operation of the organs, protection of the goods and transport security, 19 protection zones.

Mitna goods are declared as a declarant, but they are indicated by a mitten body; goods and services shipped through Ukraine’s mitniy cord are deductible at the time of transfer of goods to Ukraine’s mitten cordon by the current Code (Article 259).

Mitna declaration - a letter of application established form, so as to submit to the mitte body and to store goods and transport goods, as well as through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine, necessary for the first registration (first registration).

Mitna politics is the whole system of principles and direct dyalnosti powers in the sphere of securing their own economical interests and those who are behind the subsidiary tariff tariffs and non-tariff calls for regular trading (art. 2).

The Mitna Service of Ukraine is the only one system that is stored in a separate organization and special installation and organization.

With the help of mitigation organs, the central authority of the vicarious authority in the right-wing galaxy, the regional mitts, the mitts (art. 12).

Mitna on the right є Warehouse Specialty and Specialty in Ukraine. Mitniy Help Ukraine has to deal with the international business system of classification and codification of goods, single form of export and import of goods, international standards, and 3 standard.

Mitna statistics є the warehouse part of the proprietary system of the statistical region and soundness.

Information is statistical, it is formulated, challenged and analyzed by the authorities, victorious in the interests of the international standard, the tariff system is not regulated, and the international system is regulated

... Mitna statistics are stored in mitnous statistics of traditional trade and special statistics (art. 304).

Mitna statistics of foreign trade is a subheading and a high ranking systematized information about the movement of goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine (Article 305).

Mitna Territory of Ukraine. The territory of Ukraine is occupied by land, the sea, internal waters and common spaces, as well as islands, installations and equipment, which can be locked in the exclusive marine areas of Ukraine and in the United States of America.

Territories of special mitniy zones, roztashovany in Ukraine, get involved in such a position as the pose between the mitral territories of Ukraine, except for the laws of Ukraine (Art. 5).

Mitne safety - one-time license plate seals, seals, stamps, holographic labels and tags, identifiable identification cards, which are used for the first and second inspection.

The registration is completed by the mitigation authority (procedures), as well as by closing the results of the tight control of goods and transport interests, which can be crossed through the Ukraine mitigation cord, and may be legally important for further transport.

Mitniy broker (middleman) - a whole company, which generally wishes to declare goods and transport interests, as well as change through a mitniy cordon of Ukraine, and a small license for the right to have a separate central distribution agency, As a competent broker, we can be a resident of the country. For the first time we have declared goods and transport services, which can be moved through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine, we can also increase the number of structural units (file name, representation) (art. 176).

Mitny control - the accuracy of visits, which must be met by the competent authorities within their competence through the safeguarding of the norms of the Code, the laws and regulations of which are provided for by the law, the international law establishes (1).

Mitny cordon of Ukraine. Intermit territory of Ukraine є mitn cordon of Ukraine. The Mitniy cordon of Ukraine is taken care of by the sovereign cordon of Ukraine, behind the vignette between the territory of special mitniy zones. Between the territories of special mithny zones to become the mitny cordon of Ukraine (Article 6).

Mitny reziznik - as a whole, as a whole, transported by several organs of goods, who need to re-enter them without any restraints when they come in to guarantee delivery of goods to the authorized body, the code is specified in items 1, 2 and 4 to the right to grant a dignity to a dignitary, I shall be specially reassured by the central authority of the vicarious possessions in a galactic reference.

With the help of a retailer, a resident may be a consumer resident (art. 182).

Mitniy post ним structural pidrozdіlom of regional mitsnitsі, mitsnitsі, a kind of uninterrupted zdіsysnyu є mithny control and clearance of goods and transport services, which can be crossed through the mithy cordon of Ukraine.

Mitnias should be located at the world’s need at population centers, at outdoor stations, at airports, at sea ports and onshore ports, at the regional offices, mitnits (art. 16).

The Mitny regime is the conformity of the rules established by the laws of Ukraine with the right to declare that the declared goods are transported and the goods are transported through the Mitna cordon of Ukraine to acknowledge the order of such a shift and the oversight of the procedure (see the following).

The mitny warehouse is the mitny regime, which was introduced until the time of import due to the inter-territorial territory of Ukraine. Territories of Ukraine, they are guarded by the complete control after the completion of the registration by the authorities until the actual delivery for the interim territory of Ukraine (Article 212).

Mitnі laboratories. The Mitnai services of Ukraine have a Central Mitna Laboratory, which is equipped with a special installation, Miti laboratories, and structural structural units of the regional mitts and mitts.

The central laboratory of science and methodology is scientifically methodical with the laboratory laboratories.

The Central Mitniy Laboratory, and the Mnn Labs are entitled to the right to expert expertise in the field of nutrition, an introduction to the competence of the Mitnoy service (Article 18).

Mitnі licensed warehouses. For zberigannya goods in the regime of a mitigated warehouse, a specially owned property, reservoirs, and maydanchikas are meticulously reserved.

Licensed activities, due to the fact that there are operating licenses, the conditions are subject to the Law of Ukraine "On the licensed performance of the state of 21 years.

Organizational Organizations are specially authorized organizations of vicarious ownership in the right of honor, as before the entire Code of the Laws of Ukraine has been paid without prior notice of legal rights (Art. 1).

Mitnyi rules - rulings by the legislation of Ukraine, the procedure for the movement of goods and transport services through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine (Article 1).

Mitni procedures - operations, interventions, and strict control over the movement of goods and transport goods through the Mitna cordon of Ukraine, mitten clearance of their goods and transport orders, as well as more than one stipulated by law.

Mitnitsa є mitnom body, which is a kind of uninterrupted protection of the Ukrainian Law Legislation for the supply of food and drink, the right to pay taxes and the money of the last season, paid for the service of Ukraine.

Mitnitsa, who has a legal special and his own duty, is preconditioned by the laws of Ukraine, and that position should be hardened by the punishment of a specially authorized central authority of a vicarious owner in a galactic house.

Mitnitsa piddporyadkuetsya regionalnitsy mitnitsі that specially appointed central authority of the vicon authority in the mantle of righteousness and specially special centralized authority of the vicarious authority in the galuze of the mitten uncontrolled.

Creation, reorganization and liquidation of the church are specially strengthened by the central authority of the vicarious authority in the hall of the church.

Mitnitsya is in the territory of the territory, which is to be specially designated by the central authority of the vicarious authority in the galuzny mite.

At the warehouse at the checkpoints through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine and on the large part of the territory with significant oversight of common economic operations, mitts can be shut on the basis of structural mitigation.

The curvature of a mitzvah is designated for planting and calling out for planting a corpse of a specially appointed central authority of the vicar’s authority in a galuzny mite (art. 15).