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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

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The declaration is not exact - div .: Timchasova is the declaration non-identical.

Non-residents - large people, who have the opportunity to spend more time between the borders of Ukraine, including those who spend hours in the territory of Ukraine; yuridichnі individuals sub'єkti pіdpriєmnitskoї dіyalnostі scho not toil status yuridichnoї individuals (fіlії, predstavnitstva toscho) of mіstseznahodzhennyam for mezhami Ukraine, SSMSC stvorenі that zdіysnyuyut his dіyalnіst vіdpovіdno to zakonodavstva іnozemnoї powers, in addition chislі yuridichnі individuals that INSHI sub'єkti pіdpriєmnitskoї dyalnosti with the participation of legal entities and sub-entities in Ukraine; roztashovanі on teritorії Ukraine diplomatichnі predstavnitstva, konsulskі Install, torgovelnі that INSHI ofіtsіynі predstavnitstva іnozemnih powers mіzhnarodnі organіzatsії that їh fіlії scho toil diplomatichnі privіleї that іmunіtet and takozh predstavnitstva іnshih іnozemnih organіzatsіy i fіrm, SSMSC not zdіysnyuyut pіdpriєmnitsku dіyalnіst vіdpovіdno to zakonodavstva Ukraine ( Article 1).


Operations for processing goods may include:

1) completely reprocessing the goods;

2) the processing of goods - installation, assembly, installation and installation, which, in advance, are gained by the comrade;

3) repair of goods, including the fact that it is renewed and regulated;

4) vikoristannya okremich goods, which is not пере the products of processing, ale yaki spriyayut what process to process the products of processing, most of them stink at the same time turn around (Article 231).

Individuals - legal and physical individuals (Article 1).


Relocator is a person, registered as a sub-official representative, registered in the manner prescribed by law, registered citizens of any kind, hired by the public through the mitigation cord of Ukraine, and public transport (Article 1).

Peremіschennya tovarіv Mitnija through a cordon of Ukraine in vantazhnih vіdpravlennyah - peremіschennya tovarіv Mitnija through a cordon of Ukraine at zdіysnennі eksportno-іmportnih operatsіy and takozh іnshih operatsіy, pov'yazanih іz imported tovarіv on Mitnija teritorіyu Ukraine, vivezennyam tovarіv for mezhі mitnoї teritorії Ukraine abo peremіschennyam їh Mitnija Territory of Ukraine in transit. When goods are transported through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine at the plunger in the direction of the office, the platz of mitna declaration is issued (Art. 1).

Movement of goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine at the international postal directions - change of goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine in the packaging and design of goods all the way up to the all-time mailing order, , postal settlements, destinations expedited to send with the symbol "EMS", as I take up to relocate between Ukraine, are delivered to Ukraine as well as transit to the territory of Ukraine in transit E Poshtova zv'yazku (Art. 1).

Moving goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine at the international express branches - moving goods and consignments, the proper order of packaging, and transporting them by express means of transport (by holding them on board).

Moving goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine for non-cord-juvenile luggage - moving through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine goods, which should belong to the population, surrounded by the population of the population, but if they are better equipped for the execution of baggage documents (art. 1).

Moving goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine at the manual luggage - moving through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine, which should belong to the bulk of the passengers, at the passenger compartment (lounges) of the transport luggage, which can be directly registered without any luggage.

Moving goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine for superconducting luggage - moving through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine, which should belong to the bulk of the people, at the luggage compartment in the transport luggage, which must be straightened by the size of the baggage.

Interrogation beyond the borders of Ukraine and the territory of Ukraine - the mitigation regime, a certain kind of comrade, who will have to relocate to the majority of the territory of Ukraine, be charged without charging for the tariff and non-tariff international tariffs of Ukraine. 237).

Converting to the Miterno Territory of Ukraine - the Mitniy regime, the same way as before imported to the Mitna Territory of Ukraine, comrades resembling those who know the rest of the country, submitting themselves to the procedure established by the legislation without interrogation of the non-viable regulation of the goods before the export regime (Article 229).

Periodic mitna declaration. From time to time, a comrade regularly moves through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine alone and on the same mind and at the same time, the mitniy body can allow such a special person to submit a periodical declaration, so that we can register for changing the goods. 83).

Підприємство - be a yak legal person, as well as a big man, a yak zdіysnyuє pіdprіmnitsku dіyalnist without the establishment of a legal individual (Article 1).

Payments for documents and prices - Div.: Currency values.

Forward operations. Advance operations take place in front of you, and go around to the cob of cleared clearance of goods and transport interests.

Forward operations click to accelerate the clearance of goods and transport concerns, as well as the transfer of the Code to the Code.

Understand the procedure for capturing forward operations that are transmitted by the Code, do not lay down the form of goods and goods of the same kind (art. 91).

Front Mitna Declaration. Prior to the import of goods to the territory of Ukraine, the declarant may submit to the representative body to the front of the declaration.

Submission of forward declaration with the import of goods to Ukraine on official goods є obov'yazkovim.

The procedure for submission of forward declarations, the form and the list of features, which are indicated at it, are specially approved by the central authority of the vicarious authority in the clause of the reference to the Code 89 (Art.

Violation of the rules of law on administrative law, as it is a rule of law, winnings (intentionally and without precautions) there are no liability, however, there is a violation of the laws of Ukraine on the basis of which there is a change in the amount of goods and transport

Administrative law enforcement, transferred by the Code, however, at the present time, as a rule, law enforcement should not be pulled for criminal law (Article 319).

Posadovi individuals mitnoi service. By planting representatives of the Mitnoy service є the priests of the Mitnian organs, the specialization of the Mitnian institutions, and the establishment of such organizations, the Code of Tatar Laws of Ukraine stipulated the validity of the Mitnogo Laws, the organization of the ordinance and the special function of 40.

The concurrently yak contract for the violation of the mitny rules є ofitsіynim to the forelegs of the right-handed person is absolutely unacceptable of such deeds at the maybutny. Rishennya about concurrently accepting the core of the body of a certain intercessor at the form of the decree on imposing administrative administrative code up to Article 391 of the Code. Postanov will be shocked by the right-wingers (Article 324).

Planting individuals - business executives and business owners (resident and non-residents), because of the constant number of hours, they have to comply with the laws and regulations, and they have the right to change their laws and regulations. international treaties of Ukraine with food of the right, laid in the manner prescribed by law (Art. 1).

Planting individuals of representatives of foreign powers and international organizations - accredited in Ukraine: heads of diplomatic representatives and members of diplomatic staff, landing individuals of consular posts, representatives of foreign powers at international organizations, landing plants of international organizations.

Postanov at the inquiry about the destruction of the mitny rules - div .: See the resolution at the reference about the destruction of the mitny rules.

Subjects - special speeches, comrades, transport services, and rooms for them, which can be navigated through the mitnia cordon of Ukraine (Article 1).

The representative office of a foreign company is accredited in the manner prescribed by law in the Ukrainian person, as in the case of the proper presentation of the senior order of representation of the non-resident legal person in Ukraine (Article 1).

Passage of goods and transport orders through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine - allowed a competent authority to transport goods and transport goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine with the declared requirements for such a transfer after articulation (Art. 1).

Protocol on the destruction of the Mith rules. About the skin viaduct, manifestation of the impaired mitnus of the rules, Posadova of the representative of the organ was reassured, as if such an impairment appeared, the protocol was stored.

The protocol on the violation of the Mith rules is guilty of such a tribute:

1) date і mіstse yogo folding;

2) Posad, nickname, I’m, according to the father of Posad’s individual, I’ve put down the protocol;

3) the necessary for looking at the information about the person, like being attracted to the individual for violating the rules, has been established;

4) the hour, the hour of initiation is the essence of the ruin of the Mitzvah rules;

5) referring to the article of the Code, which will transmit the payment for such violation;

6) names and addresses of svidkiv, yakshcho stink є;

7) in terms of goods, transport concerns, documents, documents, and articles of the 377th Code;

8) The necessary information for the reference of the public (art. 363).

The last mitny transit is the movement of goods and goods under one control at one checkpoint rostashed at the mitted cordon of Ukraine, the point of entry at the mitna territory of Ukraine - to the main checkpoint, roztashovannoy at the mitred border of Ukraine . 155).