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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


A regional mitnity is a mitigated body, which has a territorially assigned region within its competence within the framework of its competence and comprehensive control over the content of Ukrainian legislation, as well as the availability of special coordination and coordination

The regional mitnica є legal special and health ’own duty is different to the legislation of Ukraine and that position should be hardened by the order of a specially authorized central authority of the vicon ownership of the municipality of reference (Article 14).

Re - export is a mitniy regime, one that is a certain kind of comrade, which is better to know the best of the Republic of Kazakhstan, not more than the legal provisions for the lines from the moment they were introduced into the territory of Ukraine in the export mode (Art. 19).

The zone of mitigation control is established by the legislation of Ukraine by supplying the right to enumerate, fence and pay off some goods, transport people and people, remember to keep the alarm clock in and out of the city.

Residents are populace, who have the opportunity to live permanently in the territory of Ukraine, including the number of people who need to spend more time for the cordon; legal individuals, sub-legal entities, who do not have the status of a legal individual (members, representatives), have their own rights before the laws of Ukraine; diplomatic representatives, consular establish, trade and official representatives of Ukraine for the cordon, as well as diplomatic privileges for the residence, as well as a separate representative office for a non-residency.

Reimport is a mitny regime, it is one and the same kind of comrade who wants to be like Ukraine and other countries between Ukraine and Ukraine; .

Ruynuvannya - div.: Familiar, but ruinuvannya.


Certificate about product sales. The certificate about the sale of goods is guilty of unambiguously read about those scho meanings the goods are like from the rest of the country, and there are:

1) I’ll declare to the exporter a letter about the country where the goods are sold;

2) a letter dedicated to the competent authority of the country, having seen a certificate, about those that have been imparted at a certificate of state certification, (article 283).

Warehouses In the warehouses of the mith organs, there are rosimized primitives, reservoirs, crete and vidkritі maydanchiki, as well as belong to the mith organs, but they are in possession and specially possessed for the storage of goods (Article 167).

Warehousing Timber hour zberigannya. Goods and means of transport at the time of presentation to the competent authority and before the release of the special regime may be changed to a one-hour hourly inspection. Such comrades and vehicles must be registered until the completion of the authorized registration with the permission of the authorized body in warehouses of the hourly zberigannya. The mute mode is for the value of goods and transport needs to be determined within one hour of transmission and the goods and transport problems for the hour are not required and can be changed without any changes.

With the help of quick thinking and quick hour of tight control and tight design of the mitten organ, we can take a look at organizing the storage of the hourly store, have a lot of transport, and also keep the mitite control between such warehouses.

Yak warehouses for a one-hour hourly warehouse can be sold in one of the most respected orders, warehouses, tanks, critical items, and goods used for transportation and transportation. I dialed in the third quarter of the year as a warehouse for a one-hour hourly recession to be replenished with mitny organs, in the zone of activity of such rosettes, as well as reservoirs, maydanchikas, in order established by a specially renewed central authority in order to keep them in good condition.

It is permitted to distribute goods and transport hardships, and to interchange at the hourly hourly inspection with mitten control, at the warehouses of mitny organs (Article 99).

Special ring of posadov of special services of Ukraine. Special ranks are assigned to imprisoned persons of the Mitnoy service of Ukraine, as long as I’ve been occupied and I have worked as a robot:

The State Power Radnik of the Mitnoy Service;

sovereign radnik of Mitnoy service 1 rank;

sovereign radnik of mitno service 2 rank;

the sovereign radnik of the Mitnoy service of the 3rd rank;

radnik mitnoi service 1 rank;

radnik mitnoi service 2 rank;

radnik mitnoi service 3 rank;

Inspector of Mitnoy Service 1 rank;

Inspector of Mitnoy Service 2 rank;

Inspector of Mitnoy Service 3 rank;

Inspector of Mitnoy Service, 4th rank;

Inspector of Mitnoy Service;

junior inspector of mitno service;

cadet (Article 410).

The special mitna zone is the whole mode, it is clear up to the goods, which are imported into the territory of the special types of the special zones in Ukraine, as well as the range of the goods , do not stall enter tariff and non-tariff regulation, as a rule it is not transmitted by law (Article 217).

Special mitny zones є part of the territory of Ukraine, in some cases the mitny regime of special mitny zones is provoked. For the purposes of completing the comrade, brought into the territory of special mitniy zones, I take a look like this, which can be seen behind the boundaries of the mitral territory of Ukraine.

Special zones are governed by the legislation of Ukraine on special (exclusive) economic zones in order to adopt a new law for the skin special zone, which is recognized in the United States. )

A specially prepared monster (hiding place) is a monster who is illegally transported goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine, as well as possessed and attached by the means of constructive objects, which are preceded by one.

Ways of moving goods - div .: Wake up and ways of moving goods.

Forgiveness mitniy control. Regional mitnitsy, mitnitsy, for the winter season and specially renovated by the central authority of the vicarious authority in the galusi of mitnaya help, you can stiffen the forgiveness of mitnius control.

Forgiveness mitniy control stagnate at the vipadki transported by the population through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine goods, but do not wait for the binding declaration and recession and do not lay down to the category of goods for the removal of the goods through Ukraine.

Forgiveness of mitnial control is stashed by mitnic organs, in some zones (corridors) of simplified mitic control are possessed.

Crowds, as if passing through the zones (corridors) of the simplified mitic control, ring out the presentation of the mitral declaration.

Zvilnennya vid subdivision of mitno declarations does not mean zvilnennya thugs vid obov'yazkovogo before the order of moving goods through the mitniy cordon of Ukraine (Article 68).

A coastal vessel is a vessel that, without entering the ports of the major powers, is transported by the ports of Ukraine, as well as a vessel of the tribal gospodarhood ship, the yak of health and safety, at the border of Azov-Chornomsky.