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Investuvannya - Shchukin B.M.

2. Klasifіkatsіya іinvestitsіy

Investments are irrelevant in terms of organization, organization of minds, corporate interests, form of investment, nature of assets, participants in the process of specialty, as well as the basis for the development of the main types of investment .

Transferring slice viokremiti investuvannya real and financial. To achieve the highest level of investment, please do not forget to invest (it is at your own risk that it is real) and you are fully invested in it.

1. Real investment in real estate, in connection with the creation of new material objects, which will allow you a profit by the price of the goods and services. Riznovidami real investuvannya є "capital investment", "virological investment".

2. Financial investments Invested in financial transactions and price documents. For example, foreign exchange operations (removing the gain for the currency of exchange rates), operations with bills, purchase and sale of shares, certificates, certificates, profit and loss of packages of valuable folders.

Realistically and financially invest, do not spend money on financial instruments and form assets, engage in mutual servicing, service the same financial flows to the economy of the country. For example, an investor realizuє a project for the creation of a virological project. The whole process of real investment, as a result of a certain capital of the investor, will be transformed into material assets: budgets, possessions, material stocks. As a general form of company ownership, a joint partnership was formed, and there will be conducted a share campaign and sales from the stock market. Buying special offers for investing in valuable items. The action will be one of the ways to finance the virological (real) project. Soundly, with the help of the consolidated capital for the implementation of the project, the stock market infrastructure will be set, including financial intermediaries. As a result, the establishment of virological investment (actually investuvannya) will be beyond the box of forms of financial investment.

From now on, it’s important to invest in it all, to bother with the most varied forms of bagato, to have more forms of investment and more water for investment in the country.

Investment, direct investment in fixed assets and on the basis of material and technical stocks through the organization of viral sales and sale of goods and services, by capital contributions. Tse warehouse real investment.

With urahuvannyam іnshih oznak іinvestuvannya possible viokremiti investіtsії:

a) fallow line of life to the project:

o short lines (up to one rock);

o midline (2-3 rock);

o dovgostrokov_ (ponad 3 rokіv);

b) fallow form of moisture on investment resources:

o powers;

o private;

o іnozemnі;

o zmіshanі;

c) Investments can be straightforward, but straightened out to the project investment (investor without any delay managing his own capital and the project investing, letting him know more than once) The name of the investor through the method of realizing investment: accumulate financial resources for investing, quickly review the project, maintain a financial portfolio for the investor’s dealings, for the agreement, donor loans . Thus, there is a need for investment in mutual funds for investment in investors;

d) to invest for a month to realize on the internal (to be realized in the territory of the country) and to be realizable (to realize behind the intervals).

In reality, investing, in general, in material assets, you can fall into one's own eyes and form the assets of the invested investment. Vidpovidno until the formation of other fixed assets virokremlyutsya investment in a new future, expansion of virobnitsva, modernization of fixed assets, technical re-equipment, in the process of reconstruction. Rospodil capital contribution for induced voltages visnachє to the structure of fixed assets:

o new business - the process of investing in organizing a new business (the introduction of fixed assets). It’s very easy to work on a new message and not make it sound;

o expanding virobnitstva - investing with the help of expanding virobnichi apparatus, introducing into the fund of new fixed assets, so that you can keep quiet, even though you can get to them. Such investments are realized with extensive development, technical technology is repeated without substitution of ownership;

o reconstruction - a comprehensive substitution of a large-scale equipment is more productive and economical, and a substitution of a second-hand ownership. The scale of substitution will require the development of a new technical project for reconstruction;

o technical re-equipment, modernization - the improvement of the environment of the technological elements and the technological possession of the castle is much more productive, as well as the complete renovation of the second bathroom of the second school.

Investuvannya on the side of the viral festivities can be seen behind the sign of the Kintsevo Mete:

o Investment in the product line with the method of saving the position on the market;

o Investment in fixed assets with the use of the latest technology;

o Investment in technology with a method of changing the vitrate for virobnitstvo;

o more investment, no need to compete with others (for a change in the amount of money for a middleware, for a more active transfer of a song in the first place, for less);

o Investment in the organization of a new virobniztva iz from the entrance to new markets.

Generally, as an organization, legal form of realizing investment, the project can be implemented on the basis of the same type of business, as well as the possibility of commercializing

For large-scale investment, the project can be a sign of strategic and tactful investment. Strategic (right up to the investor) investing more and more great things (about the ignorant oath of the assets of the investor) with the invested capital of the investor, and the significant form of the investor’s activity, the formation of power.

Behind the form of quiet real assets, the investor’s accounts are invested, investment can be mainly done in fixed assets, non-material assets.

The technological structure of the investment process will be based on the rooted investment vitrates: design robots; to the staff; work robots; repair and maintenance robots; Vartіst machines that possession; assembly robots.

Obuvntuvannya and the plan for the investment process of health for an additional investment project. Tsey termіn also get used to the designation of practical investor’s practical steps to increase capital.

The slice viokremiti kіlka oznak іnvestuvannya fallow vіd yogo zmіstovo characteristics. The project is worthy of a significant amount of energy for investment (effectiveness) investment. Inevitably, there are aspects of investing, which can be considered important in the event of significant additional realizatsii. The water hour of the aspect can be seen as well with the investment signs, which can be seen in the process:

o Uzgodzhenіst іinvestuvannya іz zovnіshnymi minds (the country of economy of the country, the region of the region і the financial market, alternative design, the galvanic features of the project, the sum of the products of the project rynom іnom іntіm іnіstіm іnіstіm іnіstіm іnіstіm іnіstіm іnіstіm resources Vidpovidno, for the sake of the sign of the project can be more vigorous iznozhenzhenosti iz of the best minds for investment: good uzgodzhene, intellectually ugodzheneniyu, lack of knowledge through investment;

o internal balance of the investment process for a complex of mutual aspects of marketing (marketing, organization, financial, social, social, watch and investment process parameters). Investing for the price of the best possible system of balanced imbalance (reinvestment) of the investment plan, mind-unbalanced plan (average level), lack of unbalanced plan (clearly rewarding for internal officials);

o dignity of income and profitability of investments (high, low, low, low, average, low projection);

o unbalance and synchronization of financial flows for their observance and hour. For these parameters, investment can be balanced financially, financially tightened, financially tightened (for balanced financially balanced flows), frequently loaded, uninterruptedly reused, unused, redundantly reserved.

o the apparent potential for managing the project, so that the investor and the second manager can be invested in the project, contribute the project to the investment process, the results of the winter skin care, the period For tsimi Find our slіd viokremiti good kerovanі projects umovno kerovanі project (іz ochіkuvanim nedostatnіm rіvnem vplivu management on potentsіyno mozhlivі krizovі podії in hodі realіzatsії іnvestuvannya) povnіstyu lіkvіdnі project (іz potentsіynoyu mozhlivіstyu for іnvestora pripiniti іnvestuvannya іz Povny Povernennya vkladenih in koshtіv project). Visiting of the investment project for the sign of the high quality of the project as well as the estimates of the planned system and the management of the investment and the management of the project, as well as realizing the project. For further financial investment process, it is important to use the term “portfolio investment” terminology. By means of a term rozumіtimo the cost of investing in a complex of valuable views of the property with the method of deceiving the flow of income by them (or resale), but without the need to manage the contents of these values ​​of the folders. Portfolio investor, wait for the package (portfolio) of packages of valuable folders, oaths of some kind, as a rule, are insufficient to ensure that you can immediately fill in the price of folders.

On the front side of the portfolio, direct strategic and financial investment, transfer of operations with valuable folders by means of which you can immediately transfer to the presence of a source of valuable folders, manage it.

Control food

1. Explain the term "real investment".

2. Strategic investment and strategic investor.

3. Can you respect the investment? Investment?

4. Financial investment.

5. See financial investment for more advanced tools.

6. Portfolio Investment.

7.Innovatsіyne investuvannya.

8. Interchange of real and financial investment.

9. Give a description of the invested investment on the pre-term and short-term lines. What is the incentive?

10. Yakimi є zavdannya investor with health investment?

11. Internal and Investment Investments.

12. The role of foreign investment in developing national economies.

13. Technological structure of investment in the main capital.

14. The investment structure is in the main capital.

15. Factors, such as being invested by the investor for the vibration line for investing.

16. Shlyakha zuchennya іnozemnih іinvestitsіy.

17. What is the need for foreign investment investor?

18. What is the policy of conducting power for the acquisition of foreign investment in the sphere of national economy?

19. Who is the right investor to overtake short-term investments over pre-term investors? Why?

20. What is the reason for direct investment through the middleman?

21. The role of investment intermediaries.

22. How do you know how to invest and base your business?

23. What is the reason for the development of an investment project and a middleware?

24. How can you design investment for more profitability?

25. What is the difference in designing investment beyond the level of internal management organization?

26. Who has the right to private and private investment?

27. Chi є state investment effective for private? Why?

28. Is it possible for the type of investment form to invest in forecasting the effectiveness of the process?

29. Chi но inozemnі іinvestitsії efektivіshі for internal?

30. Strategic investor for business. Hto ce? Who has a positive role in the economy?

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