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Investuvannya - Shchukin B.M.

Investment Otsіnka galuzі moghe buduvatisya

Investment Otsіnka galuzі can be watched for such a scheme:

1. Location of the Branch in ekonomіtsі: chastka in gross vnutrіshnomu produktі Kraina, sotsіalna orієntatsіya th values ​​produktsії the Branch, spozhivchі osoblivostі produktsії, chastka eksportu, zalezhnіst od іmportu, energomіstkіst, sirovinna zabezpechenіst, rіven zabezpechenostі vnutrіshnіh require Kraina, osnovnі spozhivachі produktsії.

2. Organization of galluz: type of competition for the market of galluz products, level of competition, manifestation of monopolies and gross gains, financial and industrial groups, gangs with gross margins, horizontal gaps for vertical to the galusevic market, segmentation of the galusic market, the dynamics of activity to the market, elastity and price.

3. Characteristics of the market, consumption of live production products: the competitiveness of the monopolisty, the specificity of the market, the actual potentiality of the gap, the cost of the rest of the house.

4. The technical base of the galactic equipment: the fixed technology, the new technology, the complexity of the production technology, the basic technology, the technology of the project

5. Rival of the sovereign hand in hand (or power for the whole) in the development of galluses: the manifestation of the gross authority of the sovereign power in the Ministry of Finance, the agency, the government, the gross contribution, and the gains in benefits, on the mechanism of value creation, social and environmental standards, and preliminaries and robotics.

6. Sotsіalna znachimіst galuzevoї spherical dіyalnostі: Quantity robochem mіsts, distsiplіnovanіst pratsіvnikіv, plinnіst kadrіv, rіven zaynyatostі in the Branch, regіonalne rozmіschennya virobnitstv, serednya zarobіtna board koefіtsієnt zmіnnostі robot virobnichogo personnel injuries vpliv Gromadska organіzatsіy robot th vpliv profspіlok, virobnichі vіdnosini collective and directorate of enterprises, environmental safety of products and products, statistics of flights and conflicts and their presence.

7. Financial thinking: average profitability, fund return, average investment return on investments, assets turnover, average average income, typical order of income and financial benefits.

8. Prospect for the development of galleries: technology, products, science, competitiveness.

При Investment ’affiliation’ to the region otsіnyє be behind such indicators:

o more economical development of the region (the curbs of the gross GDP per capita of the population, income of the population);

o reassurance of investment infrastructure (security companies, security services, banking system in the region, energy security region);

o rivnem engineering transport infrastructure;

o rіvnem social welfare development region (rіvny livelihood income population, demographic indicators, the availability of labor resources, the state-of-the-art warehouse population, rozpіl on sіlsku і mіske population, rіve zloininost);

o roll (і dіlimymi flesh) of regional organs орган in possession of secure rozvitku region сп, ри ян ян ир об об об і і;

o campus of various markets (third-party organization, middle-level economy);

o reappearance in the region of the necessary for the potential investment project of the largest, material, energy and labor resources.

An important point is the виб non-immediate vibration of the legal entity for the organizational security of investment. Ace is a project (real financial investment) realized through a legal person. її overcoming, stability, financial stability, analysis and forecasting. It is important that you invest in real estate, and in investing in it with financial instruments.

Integrated assessment of investment opportunities of the company is possible due to the competitiveness of products, marketing strategy, the technical base of the main funds (technological level), business management, personnel management and technology

Analysis of financial reporting of transfer of a complex complex delivery of financial reporting of forecasting for realization of investment. The scheme of analysis can be presented in six stages:

1. Analysis of grocery flows: income, income, income, income, depreciation, average cost of financial resources.

2. Analysis of liquidity of the balance sheet: appraisal of assets and liabilities, appraisal of assets, appraisal of short-term goiter'yazan, mid-month obedy, profit and loss.

3. Analysis of financial stability, interest in ownership and positivities, dzherela formovaniya stock and vitrate, total turnover.

4. The analysis of the platform for industrial property, the active assets and bovine goiters and industrial enterprises, indicators of profitability of productive capital.

5. Evaluation of streaming market wartosts and predictions from different project realizations.

6. Organization of the region and financial plan for business. Analytical region of groshy streams. Dіlovі yakostі financial managers

Behind the results of the analysis will be paganized assessment of the financial stability of the company with the investment and investment opportunities for the implementation of the investment base.

Nowadays, the economic situation in Ukraine is generally unstable, because we are equitable, we are generally considered to be inadequate financial control and management of voluntary payments, as well as We are guilty of vidpovidnym viddivatsya to technology development and analysis of investment projects. To experts slid urahovuvati such recommendations.

1. When investing a little money, there is a lot of knowledge in front of macroeconomic parameters that are predicted for the clay project realizatsii. The complex of such macroeconomic evaluations can include indicators of financial stability (inflation, devaluation, budgetary deficit, state bargain growth, state budget balance sheet), internal GDP growth forecast, Banking system, financial market (like joining credit card resources). There are different macroeconomic forecasts for guiding the project to the mechanics of the grocery flow area and the vibration discount rates for reduced grocery flow rates.

2. Particularly respectful is the respect for investment in investing: carrying out varied razrakhunіv at a profit in the event of a rivery of knowledge and internal brains. One of the business plans of the project is the presentation of special presentations, assignments to analysis and planning, which can compensate for and help reduce the risk of crisis in a healthy project. Necessarily evaluate the project on the basis of factors and re-design the project is completely identical factors.

3. With the great commitment of the government, on the basis of which I plan to invest, the entire audit of the business and the evaluation of the business values ​​of the directorate is carried out. This kind of self-help is addressed to partner-partners and participants in the project, because the role in the project is not small.

4. For the most commercially valuable project in the Ukrainian minds є the rest of the marketing and financial operation of the project.

5. The lack of economic situation in Ukraine dictates a harsh pidhid to the vibration of the discount rate when given the groshy streams of the project to the hottest minds. For razrahunkіv in ordinary minds, the recommended rate of discount can be established, for example, from 13 to 18%.

The lower boundary is designated for such warehouses, which are now able to become a member of the Ukrainian economy:

- an alternative is the rate of a potentially profitable capital increase on the financial market (actually really in the economy of Ukraine), while in Ukraine it looks like it is risk-free tools - 5%;

- Rising of risks, inconsistencies with unstable economy as a whole (as an expert assessment of macroeconomics in macroeconomics, it’s critical to include in the project) - 3%;

- Risen of riziku, obligations for a specific investment project (as an expert assessment of the project itself, in addition, through the bankruptcy and not managing) - 5% (more than the project can not be discerned). At the same time, it becomes 13%, which is likely to be taken from the middle profit of small-scale operations on the in-line financial market.

Control food

1. Investment strategy.

2. What are the resources to keep safe with strategic development?

3. How can I analyze investment opportunities of a galaxy or a sphere of intelligence?

4. What are the parameters of the production line I will characterize the investment prospects?

5. Technology for the development of investment strategies.

6. Who has the advantage of strategic and middle-aged strategy?

7. What is the purpose of investor strategy?

8. Do ukіy formі maє іsnuvati іinvestitsііna strategy і pіdpriєmstva? What is a written document?

9. Can Yakimi buti strategichnі tsilі investvestannya?

10. Bring a link between you, so that you can be insured by the investor at the time of strategic development.

11. What is the strategy for the investment plan?

12. What are the peculiarities of Ukrainian minds for investing?

13. What is the rank of the investment strategy of urahovovati specifics of Ukrainian minds?

14. How do you know when investing in the changes of Ukrainian minds?

15. What is the reason for repairing the strategy and how to win?

16. What is the middle ground for strategy?

17. How often can a koriguvati investment strategy be possible? What is the need for robots?

18. What can be an alternative to investor’s strategy?

19. What is the interest in financial assistance?

20. By what method did the virobiotic investor maє analizuvati financial rinok?

21. What can be the most strategic criterion for strategic investment in the Ukrainian minds?

22. Put the formulas for the strategy for the investor invested.

23. What is the terminology for “scenario development”? Can Yakimi buti scenarios for strategy be?

24. What is the strategy of Uzgodzha to be a middle-aged?

25. What is the strategic vision for the investor?

26. What can be done with investor and profitability in investor?

27. What is the term “aggressive”, “protective”, “conservative”, “burned” strategy?

28. Chi є "diversification" of the strategic unrivaled principle of investing?

29. Is it necessary for a financial investor to engage in real investment? I on the way.

30. Hto tse - "strategic investor"? If vikoristovatsya tsey termіn.

31. Why do you want to respect, if you want to say, what about Ukrainian marriage? Strategic investors?

32. Why are you trying to respect, if you say, aren’t you going to receive effective grants for privatization?

33. What about the “portfolio investment strategy”?

34. What is the most profitable Ukrainian economy - the strategic investor portfolio?

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