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Investuvannya - Shchukin B.M.

5. Investment project

The project є the organization form of the implementation process of investment. I have a clear understanding of the middle ground as a strategic plan for investment and investment, so it’s practical to implement a step-by-step operational measure of it.

In order to better protect the project, the project is understood, the investment project has two aspects: a document and a specific investor’s need for realizing their investment.

The investment project - in a special way, the documentation was prepared, so as to maximize the description and description of all the features of the May investment. Such a rozumіnnі project є documented іn investment plan.

An investment project - a whole complex of projects, which are welcomed by an investor through the implementation of their own plan for increasing capital. The investor’s duration may be optimal for the achievement of the supply of resources with the sharing of hourly, financial and material resources.

Such a vision has given me the opportunity to provide more accurate and more accurate representation of the power of the development and investment of the investment project. At the presentation of the understanding "investment project" terminology "business plan" designate a special document, which is necessary to take revenge on the economic plan for the implementation of the project that yogo obruntuvannya. Business plan є warehouse and investment project.

What is the meaning of the investment project, the plan of the investor’s plan to invest in energy efficiency? Investment. It is possible to do so, for the purpose of the plan the investor (whose project manager) is within reach of the best results, and the same for the daily plan (project) of the investment. The project is to introduce system and organization in the process of investment.

The development of investment projects in order to develop important points to establish a methodological basis for the project. Before them, the following zarahuvati:

o comprehensive presentation of the investment process (marketing, organization, finance, work hours, hours, parameters, how to become one system);

o urahuvannya zv'yazku project іz zovnіshnіmi Minds (Kraina camp Economy, regіonalnі, galuzevі osoblivostі project sumіsnіst produktsії project of market analysis in-line mill, uzgodzhenіst of mіstsevoyu іnzhenernoyu іnfrastrukturoyu, mіstsevі Minds i spіvrobіtnitstvo of bodies Vladi, ekologіchna sumіsnіst, sotsіalna bezkonflіktnіst project vіdpovіdnіst situatsії on the misstate market pracі);

o integrated assessment of the effectiveness of the project on the basis of the results of the project (the project) and the investment of the project, the social effect, and the promotion of the economy of the whole (remaining great projects);

o Urachuvannya Maybutnoy unappropriateness to the project and potential risks (even the project at this time will take a better forecast);

o Urakhuvannya of alternative options for victorious capital of the investor and the most significant part of the grocery streams at the clock, the collection of methods for bringing groshy streams to the last minds of the oblast;

o present the forecast model to the project with the maximum detail and specification (for the most part for the skin, real project);

o Urachuvannya of social minds and the realization of a project that is for the hairy staff, so for the traditional social medium;

o Urakhuvannya important aspects of management aspects of the project for the Maybuty project.

Design to classify for bugs with signs. The main means of them are:

o period of realization to the project (short-, medium-, pre-construction projects);

o introduction to the latest business and viro business (a project that is already in business, a project that will be implemented on a “business”, so that a project is completed);

o introducing up to the main fixed assets (the project of expanding the distribution system, the project of modernization, the project of technical re-equipment, the project of reconstruction);

o the scale of the project (tactful and strategic design, such as the first, significant commitment to the active sphere, the oath of duty, the formation of power);

o form of real assets (project investment mainly in circulating funds).

Period of an hour, with a stretch of a certain desire and realization of an investor’s investor’s investor, to become a life cycle of the project. Win up to the typical type of investment invested:

o the form of investment investment;

o development of the concept of investment (specifics of the assignment, vibration of the product to the project, designation of the reference finance, vibration of the project participant, advance evaluation of the marketing and financial plan);

o development of the project as documented plan (detailed investment plan and plan for the entire life cycle of the life cycle of the project (Fig. 5.1);

o pre-investment analysis of the project (vivchenennya potential capabilities of the project, assessment of the reality of financial plans, innovative projects, profitableness and profitability);

o nesting chi danny іinvestitsynogo ob' йkta "pid key" і pidgotovka to the cob yogo exploitation;

o Exploiting and investing and turning through the accumulation of a continuous flow of investments from the project cost. Tsey etap maє I will name the project payback period;

o reject the net profit for the project (ponad invested in the project koshti);

o Investment project (dismantlement of fixed assets, sales of reverse assets and other assets, wide organization and legal supplies of financial and state assets from the project).

Indirectly, this can be done more fully, but in any case, there are three possible ways to do this: forward (the development of the draft document and the investment plan) (investment form) gosodarska exploitation of assets and regularly rejecting the flow-through business, the right to turn on the input money).

Participants in the process of investing риди all legal and physical individuals, involving material and financial loans from the investor in the implementation of the project (or service) to the project. Stink они the main, except for the investor, the parties to the draft agreement as a documented plan and specific concrete balances of the investor who is realizing it.

Investment Development Technology Investment Plan

Fig. 5.1. Investment Development Technology Investment Plan

Investment Business Plan

Fig. 5.1. Production

Investment project

Fig. 5.1. Production


Fig. 5.1. Zakіnchenchennya

An investment project is needed for an investor, for partners, for lenders, to form a part of the invested capital. For the daily project, the subject is the subject of negotiation and appreciation and investment by the investor, partners and maybutnim lenders. But at this stage of realizing investment without explicitly documenting the project, coordination of efforts to participate in the project is not effective. Coordinating the role of the project, it’s logical, progressively to replace the actual arrangements with the participants, the plan is not a third-party project, but it’s not a matter of importance to the investor.

Investment project as documentation. Investment plan. Warehouse of such documents.

1. Economic description- business plan and materials for the first round.

2. Technical documentation.

3. Technological documentation.

4. The contract is superconducting, so that the set has already been concluded, but the preparation of contracts has been concluded, and there are more and more forms of closed contracts that are possible and real participants in the project.

5. Expert supervisor of meetings for expert visnova, evaluation of any of the most recent forms of visas of the world (physical or legal issues), competent in evaluating those manifestations, in order to implement the project.

6. Inland documents, third-party documents, general characteristics, general characteristics: participants in the project, situation on the market, installation documents for enterprises, legal documents, financial statements, legal requirements, financial statements Yakі pour on the project.

The project as a plan investment investment is important for this stage to take the initiative to launch the project. The reality of concreteness and thoughtfulness of the project is to lay the foundation for the investor’s abilities, the specialties of the investor’s sphere and the honor of the Ukrainian rules and minds.

The project also included the most comprehensive information and information for all investors and partners: partners, bankers, employees, employees, employees, government, shareholder.

The economical aspect of the project in the business plan is to accept the structure of distribution, although I can see the fall-out of the main and regional features of the project investor and any partner. As a rule, a business plan for an investment project is stored at 10-50 and more descriptions, comments, rozrahunkіv, obruntuvan. The tidy warehouse of the investment business plan has been brought below.

Mutual call between them and the fig. 5.2.