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Investuvannya - Shchukin B.M.

The main position of the project

1. The main provisions of the project: summary

Tsey rozdіl є we concentrate on the main project ideology: production, investment, technology, financial flows, marketing strategies, participants, very interesting results. The meta of the first distribution - for the commemoration of the hardship of redecorating the project, and hunting for the fake knowledge of the project.

First of all, to invest in the project on a regular basis and one by one, to open the project to the main aspects, plan a second project to be implemented.

2. Marketing plan for the project

Zavdannya marketing plan for the project - predicting consumption for products and possible prices for the market, a secure zbutu plan. The whole cycle of forecasts in the forecasts of the improved market after entering the new product project and the regular projections of the forecasts of the product market for the project.

Predict the drink in advance of the permanent corriguvans already in the course of the realization project. Forecasting changes in technology, income from living expenses, prices for syrup and raw materials to finish unintentionally for the results, especially in the long run. The marketing plan is to blame for the mother’s sufficient supply of resources in the estimation of Maybut’s food, because the unsubscribed distribution of the market’s business was not negatively attributed to the project’s profitability.

They themselves despise the first-rate strategy, which is almost certainly the next time you go and go to neutralize the significant changes in the situation on the market:

1. A description of the market’s brightness to the product project: o a description of the product project;

o more than ever with the best products presented on the market;

o competitiveness of the product to the project;

o opportunities to compete with the product of the project.

2. Submission of the Maybut market to the product project:

o assessment of the competitiveness of the type of market;

o participants in the market;

o analysis of the situation on the market;

o dynamics price on the market for the remaining two rock;

o price factors;

o administrative_elements on the market.

3. Analysis of the product project:

o product availability;

o need for products;

o assessment of the platform capacity of consumer goods (population);

o export of products;

o think for export (tariff rules);

o forecast for a project on the clay.

4. Analysis of the proposition:

o oath virobnitstva;

o virobnik products;

o importeri products;

o oath to import;

o cooperation with the import and domestic agency;

o tariff rules for import products;

o predictions of the proposition for the project's glibina.

5. Obruntuvannya strategic method of realizatsii products:

o channels of realizatsii;

o methods and priyomi realizatsii;

o recommended price policy;

o organizing advertisements;

o rinkova strategy.Pid hour of marketing marketing distribution:

1) Newsletter and comprehensive marketing approaches to the project;

2) the fragmentation and affinity of the product project. Reputation of enterprises and products;

3) the correctness of the vibrator of price policy;

4) a plan for selling goods to the market;

warehouse of investment plan for business plan

Fig. 5.2. Investment Development Technology Investment Plan

rozdіli іinvestitsіynogo business plan

Fig. 5.2. Zakіnchenchennya

5) the effectiveness of the sound of the seller and the buyer. Organizing robots from living (especially posting) products to the project;

6) organization of products;

7) a description of the market for the product project and the possible reaction to the product project;

8) vikoristanі method predicting a drink. You can compete with the side of the goods-deputy;

9) organizing the investment in the market for the adaptation of the product to the project; 10) assessment of key factors in the success of the production project (yakіst,

sales organization, the possibility of new products, reputation, business, advertising, vitro vironitsva, price, financial stability).

3. Material and technical protection of the project

So it’s the very same strategy for the project, to have the best possible safety and security resources for the project. Potentially, it was not only the production line mill, but the first one to predict the total (for the project) market for the entire clay.

Pid calendar plans for viola tions are prepared for analogy for the detailed calendar plans for the material and technical care of virobnitz skin products presented in the virobnitz plans. The stench is made out at the form of the checkerboard matrix, de liva part of a place to find the nomenclature of the position of the material and materials, which are necessary for the highest number of days (chi for winter). For the most part, consume syrovini, materials, complementary virobi and take minimum inventory requirements, there are plans to procure syrovini, materials and complementary vii for a month. When you receive the most optimal rozmіr partі postachan with urahuvannyam most bridges of transport delivery and vartostі transportuvannya.

The optimal amount of stocks for leather goods and materials is indicated for the best prices for warehouse plots. Optimum flexibility in such a range of material resources, for any safety reasons there are a minimum number of vitrats (automatic transport and storage) for a single material resource, but I’ll post it. Varto vrahovuvati, who wants to get a skin pre-adolescent treatment, will need a capital contribution, and transport will be cheaper, so we have a bigger party.

Monthly plan for technical and technical care of virology stockpiled for leather goods, complete sets of viral products for the designated number of months, which are delivered on a monthly basis, and the delivery date is (delivery number). One of these monthly plans will be the work of the service of technical and technical work: the arrangement of agreements with the work posters, the organization of transport and the provision of the input, the control of the resources, the organization of the necessary technical assistance.

As with forecasting zbutu, for resource-based security of the project, we are important to forecast the price of the necessary material resources for the project. Donations in the evaluation of the resource resource protection of the project can be implemented at the end of the project, such as the best possible time, if the project is more open, it’s possible to predict and predict.

When analyzing the sensitivity of projects, it’s very easy to understand the factors that are typical for those who want to get the most out of the project. They have to forecast the realizable value of the project, and on the other, the forecast is based on the main source. The flexibility of the project’s profitability at the time of 1% change of factors is for the project the most average factors (project ownership, project openness, project openness, staff availability, product cost) Pardons for forecasting the price of zbutu and price for material resources may be available for investing.

The official price of the resource security and the price of the product project The form of the reserve of the product cost, which is limited to the sale of the same price and the price of the product sold. Those same things come together with the trend of the latest sale price and the resource. Bazhano, for the forecast price, the sale of the product to the project was growing faster, the price for resources was lower. All the additional stock of financial support to the project.

Robots for securing the project with resources beyond equal importance for the project are to receive only robots for securing the realizatsii products.