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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.



Aesthetics is a science about the agricultural school of human culture. This is also the main point of visibility from the organic unity of the two parts of science; Yakimi є: 1) the manifestation of the dialectics of the process itself, the specifics of the aesthetic yak will show the appreciated setting of people before the period; 2) artist dyalnіst people.

Offended by partly, I want to be sure, I’m very self-confident. The first one looks at the nourishment of nature, the specifics and creative potential of the aesthetic, the categories of aesthetics are more beautiful, tragic, comically skinny. The other is a part of the art of dyalnost people, structural and functional identity, the nature of artistic talent, type, genre and style, self-mystery. The very history of the formation of aesthetics of an object without an excess can be called a process to make a joke of an adequate match between the meaningful parts. The functional function of the “plastic bridge” was redeemed with such understanding, more beautifully, thoroughly, harmonious, valuable, philosophical mystery. With a stretch of bagatiochem, aesthetics appeared both in the form of “science about more beautiful”, in terms of “science in detail”, and in form “science about the law of developing the mystery”.

I state the complexity of the visualization of the subject of aesthetics, when we reconsider the reconstruction of the history of the problem, having especially curious respect for the specifics of the terminology.

Understanding the aesthetics, it is traditional to bind with the walnut hersetikos - respectability. Prote can’t go around here and such Greek terms as Yektanai, Yestesi, Yatanome, cannot be unnoticed and by the process of formulating a special shutter to the subject. Although I wanted to understand the terms and conditions, I almost understood them, I wondered if they had a lot of nuances in the subject’s subject to the subject, I wanted to know how to hear the rumor, to hear more than before,

Appearance of singing terminology and the most out-of-town Ії all the hooks did not lead to a new science. Aesthetic knowledge was formulated within the boundaries of philosophy as a part of the community. The assertion of aesthetics as an independent science of vidbulosy deprived of the XVIII century.

The emergence of the first aesthetic manifestations of the following words was attributed to these meanings, a kind of long-ago philosopher’s philosophy that infused people’s sensibilities almost into the air. Analysis іх. try klasifіkuvati, viyaviti protiilezhny chuttєvі sily є important izvolnikami filosofskih glances of Pythagoras. Alc-meon, Empedocles, Theophrastus. Grunted at the розhіnh thought-lines, by the nature of respect, you can do it too much at the end of differentiation, respecting almost the beautiful charming, tragic chi comic. From now on, having glorified at the nadras of the philosophical tradition, the aesthetics “vibrated” the subject, the other and the tomb, and the pro-hunks of the old Greek philosophy.

First look, by the way, almost certainly as the basis for the understanding of the singing and natural verses associated with the Pythagorean School - the Philosophical School, founded by Pythagoras at VI Art. BC є. Pythagoras recognizing harmony , thoroughness, beauty, and basing on harmony respecting the number. The harmony of numbers of pythagoreans was found among rosette planets. In the middle of the vision of mystery, we seek the harmony of music. At tsomu, the nature of the whole mystery was heard, the sound of the sound and auditory health of people. It’s impossible, without interruption, to wait a while for the violin music of the yak “mystery mystery”, ale between the periods of life я я нос нос нос нос нос гармон гармон начала начала начала начала начала ф ф для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для. Music in the rosumіnnі є nosієm spiritual souls, won’t stimulate the spiritual peace.

The importance of the philosophical glances of Pythagoras was very important for the immortality of the soul and the possibility of being in love with the soul (metempsychosis). However, for the “revitalization”, “resettlement” of souls, having respected wine, you need to go through cleansing (catharsis), in the form of a certain form of musical understanding, with musical and numerical structure of the cosmos. Pythagoreans introduced a comprehension of tetraktids in the course of the year (the sum of the first three numbers 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10; including the main musical periods: octave (2: 1), quarter (3: 2) and quart (4: 3).

In the context of the analysis of the subject of aesthetics, merit is respected by the point of dawn of Alkmeon, a prominent likar and natural philosopher of the first half of the fifth century. to її. є. To get involved is that Alkmeon will take into account the Greek, a kind of delimiting of the first and last years, which is the most important process - to combine the most important nerves to the organs that are sensitive to the brain1.

Almost boules were an object of theoretical interest and Empedocles (490-430 pp. BC.). At first thought, the lower level of respect is almost the same as the principle of "better understanding." But the very unity of "vidchuttya - almost" is the same form є more widespread - Love and Vorozhnech. Tsі si Empedocles having recognized as nematerial, ale spaciously marked. Pereminimist overstatement of tiєi chi іnshoї from them I will consider a cycle іnd svіtovy process. Empedocles, in such a way, no less promising the tradition of vivchenny of nature and the importance of respect, and securing the catharsis, nakoloshuyuyu on the moral and ethical nature of the process of purification.

At III Art. BC є. Theory of Pochuttiv nabula completed the viklad for that hour at the pratsach of a prominent long-time Greek priest, Philosopher Theophrastus, a sincere representative of the peripatetic school. Pochuttva reveals the sight of the philosopher of power of the pre-Litnitsy praci "About vіdchuttya", "Ethical character" and "About piety."

In the arsenal of arguments, I’m almost honored in the historical process of formulating the subject of aesthetic science and respect the principle of “golden brace” - geometric and mathematical proportionality, when I have to say so, there’s nothing to be wrong with it. In the geometrized form, the principle was to look at the same way: 5: 8 = 8: 13 = 13: 21 = 21: 34 ... Long-time science has respected, basically, the subject is geometric, the part is proportional, and the proportional, I celebrate the hostility of the dawn. The Parthenon of Greece, the marmur colonies of such a temple stretch the whole principle behind the “golden thread”, є to be the same as the most enduring sight of practical restraint of principle.

Mother’s words of respect, a theoretical and practical interest before a golden haze, did not exclude themselves from the use of a long-standing aesthetics. In the era of Vіdrodzhennya, the rule of the “golden netting” was seen as a binding law of architecture, painting and sculpture. Theorists

Div. 1: Fragments of the early Greek philosophers. M .. 1989. Part I. S. 23-24.

At that hour, we were magnetized to know the absolute, ideal geometric basis of beauty. Typical of this is the treatise "On Divine Proportion" of a certain Italian mathematician L. Pacholi. The introductory remarks of the Conclusions, according to the rule of the "golden thread" are to mean the aesthetic value of "us earthly objects." In accordance with the principles of the “golden fray”, slіd, prote, pardon the pardon of absolute absolutization. The slice of the geometricization of the beautiful mechanics is more difficult to understand, the proportions are proportional to the lower and the lower the side of beauty, the formalization is.

The water hour is rolled up until the rule of golden weakening is needed so that you can vote on important people in the form of esthetic respect. Існує кілька hypothesis, in order to explain, why do you need 5: 8 є the basis of mathematical proportionality? I’m seeing a little thought about those that have a 5: 8 aspect ratio to take advantage of the horizontal and vertical cuts to see the people of the house. For the sake of hypothesis, I can help you, especially the Greeks came to the principle of “golden weeping” through the love of the human eye, because the nature “gave” people direct and without harmony proportions.

In recognition of the term, the ethanomic, the ethnetic, they straightened out the sound of the understanding, the object of esthetics seemed to understand the meaning through the significantly wider and more comprehensive understanding: thorough, proportionate, harmonious, more beautiful, more beautiful. The very bagaty znachitelnogo tlumacheniya understand the aesthetics of sponuka us to the necessary vidnoviti іstorіyu becoming the subject of science of aesthetics, as well as old and old. The first couple of artistic writing and mastering of knowledge can be found later in mythological texts. The majority of those who are becoming esthetic knowledge are not bound up with a specific region, but rather with the power of long-standing philosophies, such as China, India, Arab Muslims, and the rest of the country.