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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


The category of aesthetic gusto was manifested in Europe at the XVII century. as a result of the development of new mysteries of the XVth century - the cob of the 17th century, the old canons and the old canals and the need for universal evaluations of the otts were estimated. From the side, the development of indivisibility, the memorial of the age of Vidrodzhennya, putting food on the power of sub, active, self-esteem of the artistic creation, as if I take into account the aesthetics of the aesthetics. Is it ya ya todi buti z rozumіnnyam vsegagalnosti smaku, yakshcho otsіnka maє absolutely sub-active? It’s difficult to complete such a meal for science of the XVII - XVIII centuries. І special note at the beginning of the work of the Vidatni Nіmetsky Philosopher I. Kant. Kant's successors even zeros croc up to re-establishment of a sweet and irrational scho, which became the basis of a new manifestation about lyudina. The stinks made the taste more healthy and more beautiful, the more beautiful, the better, the more beautiful and the most beautiful.

Kant having ignored scho suttvim with a natural factor, relish ут almost respectful, as a superconducting є spying on the beautiful. Of uninteresting character, the authorities who have the highest esteem and some kind of utilitarian and moral esteem are considered Kant so that they are successors. Almost beautiful to lie at pіdґruntі smak. Itself vіd nogo to lay down the judge of the rest. Proteus, who is mostly judged, is independent of the cherished and indigenous djerelo, to have revenge on one’s principle of omnipotence, but on the other hand, I must be without distinction, then the principle of omnipotence should be taken into consideration by a very natural one. Kant, having respected, almost honored by the satisfaction of wishing to become an all-encompassing associate, as well as sub-active, is a form of the principle of principle that is objectively pure form of an object. In this way, it is esthetically respectful, but almost respectfully satisfied with the subject of dotsіlnosti object.

However, the residual variation of nutritional power is of a discus- sive nature. Usuperech to home Latin Latin words - “I don’t quarrel about relish”, say: we got into a race and got into a dirty race.

Who is the reason for this protirіchchya? Lifetime rights of an individual to individual relish, from one side, and adversity to accept a stranger aesthetic evaluation, from the other? Once in a while: in life є the sphere, de about the smacks just can’t quarrel, more confrontation would be unreasonable. But the sphere of a purely physiological vision is quite savory, but not savory. But soon it’s not gusto, but it’s likened to someone who wants to get a pass: licorice, salty, hot, sour, cold, hot, skinny. Such characteristics of objects don’t mess with suspension, and those і don’t hang around. Interesting people.

Зовсім інше - relish aesthetic. The win is also very indivisible, but it’s the same thing to keep up with the real sphere - the sphere of suspension, social. Aesthetic relish is not due to the natural power of people. GTTiogO is not possible to bring about Tisiofiofziulogichnyh reactions. "There are social, spiritual people who are shaped, as well as more social and social differences.

Aesthetic relish є one of the most important characteristics of a special formation, which is a unique way of self-determination of skin and environment people. Tobe aesthetic relish is not reduced to a healthy esthetic assessment, fragments are not denied ~ to the very estsenti, but the assignments to the list of cultural and esthetic values ​​are completed. To this, if you are familiar with the aesthetic relish, as a whole, there are special characteristics to the individual selection of aesthetic values, and so on to self-cultivation and self-determination.

Honestly, lyudina, the power of almost aesthetic gusto, to choose from the best in singing, to complete, not to be a human being, but a special person. Riznitsya polyagaє in that the position of the indivisible real signs is to become, __ vіk ^ zrіst, the color of the hairy eyes, the type of mentality - the specialty of the volodya, as well as the indi vidual spiritual unity, which are the same meaningful singles.

Formation of special features - the process of trials, which is not so complete, will not end until the remaining days of life. Proteus є vіkova mezh - іd 13 to 20 rocky, if the basic social characteristics of specialties are formed, including aesthetic relish. The value of skin features and the same in non-repetitiveness, individuality. Significant peace can be achieved in terms of formality for the process of singularity and a unique complex of cultural values ​​and spiritual traditions. From now on, the uniqueness of minds is being formed. The first aesthetic relish at all became not only with the tool of creation of such uniqueness, but also with the ambition of the third, active self-reliance.

You should talk about the natural beauty, that is, “redefine the manifestation of omnivorous justice, so as to accept human beings of the same kind of internationalistic and cultural values. , polish natural impudence, spiritsya cultural, moral, professional, utterly special features.

Aesthetic relish є to one’s most respected world, most of all knows and needs to be reached in a special setting for the culture and values. The recognition of aesthetic relish manifests itself in a distinct manner, such as internal and external, harmony in spirit and social behavior, social realizatsii features.

Often aesthetic relish can be planted to the most advanced forms of manifestation. For example, I take a look at the taste so that I’m very good at my university, so at the same time I want to learn more about it, go ahead and learn about it. Quite naturally, it’s not possible to overwhelm all forms of gambling, protec- tion, and aesthetics are not trivial, moreover, there is no need for manifestation, there is a great deal of spiritual diversity. There is also specialty, since Volodya has a natural relish, it’s not possible to have a mod, but a hip, if it’s fashionable, is neutral, it’s deformed, it’s indivisible, it’s pretty old-fashioned to be neutral. In general, aesthetic relish is manifested. Now, with a greater world of vibrations, we can have more forms of behavior and spelling. Oso ^ davostіspіlku-bath є, mabut, the main characteristics of special features. To this very fact, truthfully, an announcement about ludina can be deducted beyond the minds of the spirit of human rights. In the past, people have gradually and indirectly developed and cultivated special social and cultural powers through the recognition and acquisition of singing * cultural values ​​and a natural, natural relish.

Aesthetic relish makakozh i osoblivu modifіkatsіyu - artistic relish. To develop one’s base on the basis of aesthetic and one’s mutual attraction to another. Artistic relish is shaped only by means of silence, mysticism and significant meaning are signified by the artistic blessing of people, which are known to them, historical principles of creativity, and mysterious knowledge of the world are known. true, presented at this time in artistic form), then the artistic relish has become the subject of a super little thing, for the most part it’s been presented in a very simple way, understanding itself “relish”.

The number of superfoods is not only possible, the stench has become necessary, therefore, values ​​have become insignificant, so as to become the very spiritual structure of human characteristics and the essential ones for the character of special self-sufficiency, and so for the character ofindividual living. From now on, specialty is as much as possible and is embedded in the suspended world of quiet values, as well as to signify a system of spiritual spirituality, social security, and consume a sense of life.

Such a world, as I see it to the point of being special, aesthetic and artistic relish can characterize the likeness, sympathy and antipathy of social wisdom in any class. Aesthetic relish, deliberation with a complex of slurry furnishings, and in a class stratified suspension wait for your own likelihood of class likenesses, values ​​and values. Є One natural aesthetics and likeness, like bullets to all nations of the world, to usable groups, not to them. Shchodotsky M. Cherni-shevsky, for example, having shown with resentment, how much viddirnyayut etaloni zhinochochy beauty fallow vid viz ryznyh minds of life, and after that, a vid of social rozsharuvannya on the Sort.

“Do not bother, loudly, rosumously, but do not want to pretend to be irrelevant; Tobto about good smaki don’t quarrel.

Insha rich, if you are going to talk about gusto, pretend to be irrelevant. Let us reassure ourselves of the mysteries of creation. An artist, like a vidomo, a vistupa, not a kind of his own special name, a vikoristovец mystery, so that through his work he will be charmed and profiled by professionalism and virazity suspension consumption, value, likeness. To this very thing, create a mystery, most often, to set the subject as a superechka and a discus. An artist, as a rule, is the first person to blame on a slogan for negotiating new appearances of life, but for health, reappraisal and recognition of values. With this in mind, the process of engaging in a joke of new visual and viral interests, an artistic movement, as well as carrying out a single word of navigation.

All in order to evaluate the artistic creation with the help of a folding and an ideal. Yakas porivnyano spіlna dumka viroblyaєetsya more than a stretch of trivial art-critical discussions. To this very thing, it’s not the only thing you want to do for your natural aesthetics, but know that you’re literary and critical discussing the art of creation, exchanging thoughts with unimportant readers or cheaters. Aesthetic and artistic relish are not deprived of the invariable stretch of the life of people. Vіk, a lively way, the fervor of artwork people to polish and vidochuyut см см relish, and a little stink of a healthy preservation is likened to, anyway, robbed people with patience and bagatorny.

Although I would like to respect you, it’s not only nesmak, omnivorous яд antipodes of good savor. With a greater world of shuda, you can enter the creation of relish. Going about it myself about gusto, oskilki swearing on respect, likening and likening. It was made possible to protect the children of antiquity and to determinate themselves with the social furnishings and supremacy of the antisuspension, the inhumanity of the secrecy of the indivisibility of the social group.

Vinikaє nutrition, how do you want good and savor? What is the real criterion of relish? Nourishment is different. Chastin as a whole impersonate the judging relish sub є active, and for the necessary presentation of the need for an active criterion of good taste. If you want to relate to others, I don’t need relativism, I’m kind of familiar with all the sorts of righteous, there’s dogmatism, I’m clear of the rules and the rules of good relish, and I don’t have to choose a different kind of food. Aje Dobriy smak є the same bagatovarny, like idioms, because smaki rіznomanіtnі that minlivі, stink can be numbered in numerical options. That all of them can be seen one way one, oskilki іsnuyut about the active criterion relish.

Judgment of aesthetic gusto, as I have already experienced, is a whole appreciation of authenticity with natural esteem, needs, interests and interesting people. From now on, there is a natural relish. Є Unity of the subjective and sub-active-so that in judged relish it is not only the image of an object that can be seen, but that it is subtle, which can be seen). In the new world, one’s self-esteem is respected, the intellect, the culture of the sub-community, the community, and the social camp.

Suddenly relish spiraling into one's own intellectual mechanism - hellshch.shch ^ іtsіk), so that I can get rid of creative manifestations, so that I can make it possible to clearly image (thoroughly, objectively, unconscious) This is because of the mechanism of aesthetic judging, but the judging of relish, then the specific form is recognizable, because I can help through a little more natural recognition of the fact that I haven’t been recognized, I have no formal knowledge of it. In other words: it’s a natural intuition (creative creativity) є a special intellectual process, such that it’s possible to get the most out of the way for the right people, I can do it correctly (often for the most part).

The essential basis of the super-river is shchodo smakіv є not just anarchy, svavіllya of special, group or otherwise likened. Basically, this super-little thing is true and non-true in suspended life, true and even hinny values. Virishuetsya tse nourishment for the lives of slavery, all the sake of history. From now on, the super-small girls are more interested in the moment of the all-zagal process of developing the suspension of this self-recognition, recognizing the sense of life and the special life hat, who is guilty of virishity for himself the skin of the people of Lyudin. And all this can not do without pardons, Omani, khibiny poshіkі crocіv, manifest viruvan.