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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


Aesthetic practice in its various forms on the basis of a productive creative creativity and form is especially spiritually assimilated, in which there is a perfect idea of ​​creativity, creativity, thoroughness. Tse is an ideal idea . In the realm of aesthetic, the ideal is possible to become familiar with the spiritual meta of aesthetic practice.

The word де Ideal of the Walnut ’is similar (see« де Idea ’, понят Understanding’, образ Image ’, у Identified’). I understand how to understand the widest range, the greatest possible degree to the greatest areas of human duality, for example: the moral, political or suspense. Alya, in such a vipadka it’s often about the singing principle, formulations in understandings, such as love, fraternity, freedom are skinny. As long as the esthetic ideal is in place, then it’s a spiritual and practical form, fragments of atrocities to the emotional, sensitive spheres of the people, but, it seems, is placed in a concrete, sensitive way.

Understanding of their own self-importance was better understood than idealism in classicism, and dearly understood in terms of insights. The aesthetics of classicism modernized the ancient antiquity of the story of having such a rank, which of having the nature of the Bulo was additionally known for the ideal. Mistetsvo guilty didn’t bully not nature, but nature, but rule, idealism. Vіdpovіdno up to the concept, the boundaries of mystery were expanded. Even with such an artist, you can create an image that doesn’t mean a real prototype in nature. Of particular relevance has prevailed in the minds of the Orthodox mystic of Europe in antiquity, as in the ideal. І. Kant having ignored it, it’s ideal to be normative in nature, by the norm and in vain for the sake of familiarity: “As an idea I have rules, and the idea is to serve such a prototype as a prototype for re-affirming your copy; I have a mute of mercy for us in our lives, for us to behave the most divine people in us, for some time I myself and all the way to go, I’m right, but I’m not in vain because I don’t think about it 2. ” The ideal is guilty of being buty in the skin vipadka not only of “zagalim”, but of the “individual”, that is, they are presented not through abstract understanding, but without any interruption in the form of a sensitive image.

In estetitsі G.-V.-F. Hegel’s understanding of the ideals has become a central and aesthetic category, because of the other kind of vision, nature and serpent mysticism are spiritual dyalnist people. For Hegel, the mystery is one of the forms of absolute knowledge. The peculiarity of the mystery pole is that, to us, it’s quite clear and spontaneous to see the ideas in images, at that time there is philosophy in the understanding, and religion is in the manifestations. Behind Hegel: “The idea is more beautiful than the ideal, such as the absolute idea, the logic is metaphysical, and the idea has passed until the end of the day”: Idea yak dіysnіst, scho dіstala vіdpovіdnu understand their own form, є і ideal "4.

The ideal of Hegel’s posting is like turning a positive shutter to reality, as well as a creative pathos of creativity according to the vision of the main trends. Vin vistupaє yak onovlyuyuchi power of the historical hour, yak tvlenlennogo concrete-historical meaningful serpent, which includes in itself the enormous grossness, political, moral and interest of suspension.

Aesthetic postal idea is one of the forms of aesthetic visualization. Moreover, the image is not passive, but creative, active, healthy, vidkinuti vipadkova, inconsistent and penetrate into the daily life of the subject. That is a natural idea є in the image of the daily life of an object, apparition, process, before that day of a better order, in order to avenge the form of the development of reality. Such a form є suspension, and the nose - ї ї - - suspension of people, such as succulent usability of suspension. An aesthetic ideal of singing concrete suspensions, for example, “a perfect idea”, I showed through the okremen lidina of the main primary suspension vidnosin.

From now on, an ideal ал ideal є dialectical н unity ’of an active and sub є active д side of a range. The most active side is that it is really true, in order to emerge and develop trendy suspension development, it is irreplaceable that people should not recognize them. It’s stinky to live in life with a little change, which is to lay down the concrete historical minds. Now, there are sub-active sides, then here is the ideal є nothing more, like the most valuable, the idea, the better ones to use the advanced suspension forces. True, the ideal is guilty of wanting, wants the embryo, wins in the very life, first and foremost, when we understand the forms of the most beautiful and know the image in mystery.

Sustainable and ideally ideal for the prospect of development, visualization of interest and consumption of progressive development of people and people. Dіysnіst not "pіdtyagєt-

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xia ”to де Ideal, as if I’m not hard to maintain, and develop into де Ideal. Tse, of course, doesn’t mean that suspension can be achieved within a single ideal year. Aje ruch to the fullest extent to the new rule, so as to amuse yourself at the station at the time of suspension. In the last words: suspension, not reaching the forefront of the ideal, even at the same time protesting, so as to make a joke of the new ideal.

That is why it’s not Vipadkovo’s rivals who call the aesthetic idea the synthesis of a year’s and tomorrow the most perfect. An aesthetic idea is clearly known as a suspension and a moral one. So by itself, as it were, it is necessary to develop the material and cultural life of suspension, to develop the natural dyalnost and that mystery, to historically minimize the natural and natural idea. For example, for the antiquity of a natural ideal, having served the image of a perfect, ideal people, in a harmonious way, the beautiful inner peace and wonder of soul, harmony of soul and soul were renewed. In the era of the Middle Age, a natural idea ruined the sound of the sound of music. The Panuvannya of the Religious Light has led to the fact that the earth is the chuttish side of the life of people that has been constantly belittled and despised. In these minds, the natural ideality revealed the divine sutility, God as the nose of pure spirituality. Winning with absolute perfection, that is all good, all good, wisdom and so on. Lyudina could get closer to the ideal without this world, won’t be able to meet the world’s consumer needs, come to her holy place to holiness. Yak is said in the New Testament, "for if you live according to the flesh, you will die, but if you kill the carnal things with the spirit, you will live."

In history, the development of humanity is aesthetic idea that is unreasonable at the past. All of them, if they were a singing suspension group, they didn’t know any real problems, they fixed the problem. So, the ancient scribes instilled the "golden age of humanity" in the prehistoric camp. Europe educated themselves in their ovations about the suspension of thorough knowledge of the Republic of Rome.

With all the romances to the aesthetics of the aesthetics, the same way as the aesthetics of people is possible, they can get a little more out of the way, so you can consider the main functions of the idea.

Ideal mobilizu people energy, respecting the will, casually straightforward. Why? That’s why we’ve come up with an ideal way to express the dignity of the current Maybuty trend. The ideal is like a songwriter, tuning fork, and in certain falls it is significant, a model of behavior or a system of values. The act of normative ideas is enriched by the significant significant heuristic potential and the daily serpent.

The ideal servant is looking for an effective criterion for evaluating all of this, for which people fall into a very small number of places, and spend time in the sphere of interest. At one’s own business, and at home and their business is realistically ideal: what kind of world is realistically? Aesthetically speaking and revealing the dialectics of the real ideal, more than just understanding the ideality of understanding for people of natural value.

All dіysnіst revenge in their own new possession. І to the whole rozumіnnі won lack, that dyalnіst people are stranded on maybutnє. In the course of business activities, one will be spinning on dosvid, science, and how to give the future forecast, so is the plan for the on-going concrete approach. It’s a matter of fact, fiksuyuchi protirichchya real life yak protirichchya m_zh idealom and dyysnіstyu, to reckon with the virality of their way to re-create the whole process for a special, sub-active experience of suspiciously important problems. The peculiarity of experiencing the pitch is that it stinks to be cathartic and viduvayutsya in the form of experiencing the beautiful, indulgent, well-intentioned, low, tragic, or comical, that is, in the rooted forms of aesthetic experience, and wisdom. An aesthetic idea with a whole spiritual master spirit, a kind of interlacing is more naturally set to light.