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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


Having turned to people, to moral and social problems, mysteriously stimulated the cynicism of a special kind - dramas among two different kinds: tragedy and comedy, with two more natural categories - tragic.

Aristotle, the analysis of the daily poetic recognition of the human world, to the point of introducing the drama, so the signified significance. Trains, write more for the poetry “Poetical mystery”, philosophical and earnest for history, more to say more about the world, but more about history - more about one. By itself, power dominated the drama, for example, in the meantime, it’s not just about real life, real history of people, but about the reason, it’s just a shame. Development of a dramatic commitment to the recognition of the laws and rushinih forces of human behavior. The most important achievements of the dramatic mystery є the manifestation of the protest of yak rusіnі sily human іstorії.

A dramatic mystery arose from the Ancient Greek on the ground of cult saints, due to death and the resurrection of the god Dionis. Sorrow for bringing death and joy to the sound of Sunday, emotion and vocation of emotion - these are the main changes in the minds of the dramatic ones, which were already formed in the ancient masters. Otzhe, drama - ce peredusim dіya. Diya of the hero, special features, in the way obyazykovo є conflict, so that the situation is safe; Diya, wait to come to completion, Oskіlki maє yakus tsil, naykhai navіt fіktivnu chi uyavnu. To the best of our knowledge and practice, such as the laws of the dramatic language for the tragedy, so for the comedy.

The dramatic mystery winked at the form of the tragedy, and then comedy and comedy. The new watch has given us one more kind - a drama at the university meaningful words. Visually familiar with these kinds of dramatic mysteries, Hegel nagoluvav after such nibilshih significant Ії features: the basis of the tragedy is the conflict, which will relieve the substantial forces of people and suspension; it’s possible that it’s because of confidentiality between freedom and humanity and the need for freedom. In comedy, navpaki, conflict of obligations with sub є active activity as a secondary meeting, as I can do it, I’ve been mercifully sutty. The drama at the university has significant words є mean the middle and middle of the tragedy and comedy, the mother is without modifikatsiy.

Classical forms of tragic conflicts, included in the creations of the mystery, to talk about the purely rozumіnny people by protecting people with freedom and human dignity, to protect people.

Ст Historically, the first form of tragic conflict є conflict of life and death. The tragedy of death could be less than the same as that of the more immortal immortality of the human race, since it became less possible to suffer from the loss of history, because the tragedy of self-sufficiency was aesthetic in historical form.

Prote is the true tragedy of winika in a situation, if in the center of tragic kolizi - it is especially good. Hegel, at the heart of everything, I understand the sacrifice of misfortune and tragedy: at the same time, you can squander people’s life without a lazy sleep on your side, without any kind of guilt, just in time for you, death is skinny). Justify that tragedy is imposed on indi viduals as on the basis of special especialties, which are hidden on the basis of which it is possible that we receive yours; As such, it’s justifiably true, since I was reminded of guilty 16.

Ozhe, depriving the special hero of the hero’s goal of tragic number - the number of freedom and necessary. Rosemary between freedom and the need to signify equal development of social practice and historically specific forms of social activity. If you really get bogged down to ancient tragedy, then you needed rock like a rock, a share, so that you won’t notice that you don’t forget about singing. Oskilki share - since it’s okay to make sure that the cause of the negative tragedy was unknowingly the reason for the negative cause, and the more and more tragic guilty of the hero.

The hero of the tragedy of Sophocles "Edip-tsar" was taken at the tragedy of the collection of special people through his ignorance. On Fivi, de tsar д Edip, Apollon was violent є plague, schob

16 Div.: Hegel G. Aesthetics. T. 3.P. 578.

punish the forward king Lai. The unit is taken in vidshukati vbivtsyu, abi vidvernuti vid mіsta karu. He doesn’t know how old the old man is to beat him dearly with Fivi, I’m King Lai, who’s the rightful father (I’m the only one who owns his father, Poli-Ba, King of Corinth).

Rozgortannya dії tragedy - tse rukh v_d ignorance to knowledge, to the form of tragic blame. The water hour is the time of purification, because it’s not a vidmov’s appearance (even at the beginning - unknowing), but you should take it for granted. Usvidivshshi, schinn himself winnie at the backstage of the city, Edip bring at dyu virok, take it right to drive on the cob of tragedy - the opportunity to take part in the wigney.

Yakscho Well zvernutisya to pіznіshoї Epoch, zokrema to tvorіv Shekspіra, i porіvnyati sutnіst tragіchnoї kolіzії Edіpa king i king Lіra, then no especial trudnoschіv udaєtsya viyaviti uniquely vischy rіven іstorichnoї svіdomostі scho th vіdbivaє sutnіst dіalektiki Svobody i neobhіdnostі in lyudskіy zhittєdіyalnostі.

King Lіr is absolutely strong at his indivies іndivіd - wіn gospodar power. The Holy Kingdom is the kingdom of nothing, except special will, not determinate. The tragedy of King Lira - heir to the first special dії. King Lira’s share is especially clear that there is freedom of other people, there’s a greater number of people, and later on, there’s a great deal of room for them. Shakespeare will ruin its tragedies first and foremost. I will destroy nutrition about nature, the right of people to live and to take action - that’s what they mean, that’s what’s special.

The development of the mysterious worldview, the appearance on the historical arena of wide social beliefs, the growth of special, cardinal goals have become more visible for the more tragic reasons, since F. Engels is more than a little bit of a janitorial practice Therefore, there are two types of options: a) there is no way we can save historically for the sake of being heavily covered by old historical forms; b) surround the animals until they are satisfied with the historical truth, they are just as important as they are, since the share of all reference heroes can be tragic. It’s such a piddhid that I’m able to discreetly and confidently relate to the tragedy of the tragedy, that is to say the tragedy of the old order, that I have to rely on my rightfulness and the conquest of the new, force, healthy overpowering energy past. As a rule, a hero who has done everything in order can be confused with his own interest, so long as you don’t understand the significance of your activity, and you must be sure to make sure that you’re better informed. From now on, the active side (think) of one’s energy and one’s activity is sub-active, one’s tearing down (one’s obvious ability) and one’s one ignorant process, a certain sign of the dynamics of historical development of humanity. The hero in the process of visualization is represented by a series of ordinary ideas, which is consecrated by the singing world of all-the-vital, substantial meanings.

At the XX century Zakhidna aesthetics has changed its expression about the tragedy of the classic rozumіnnyam. Courage zeredilshshogo zde_lshogo on internal experiences of the past. Historical society, social Osseredok wants and I’ve spoken like necessary, all of them have been honored with basic furnishings, so as not to overlook the days of tragic conflict.

In classical systems, tragedy was apparent in the overlapping crosses of the most important and ideal, real and new ones, old and new orders, and old people and the “cunning” of the light of heart. Іstoriya nіbi novnuvivala tragedy zmіstom. Creativity of the new mystery and author of the most natural theories to insist on the cause of global importance, as I think about the tragedy of human life. To find the stench of її in the seemingly constant, outward minds of the soul. At the time, it’s dear, right now that the rosumіnny of tragedy is marked by extreme pesimism. The wretchedness of the indivisible isn’t, the defeat of the people who are constantly considering the people, the greater the amusement of the right and the wrong cosmic fairness, as well as the fact that there are a lot of historical reasons, That є try to perpetuate the tragedy without yogo positive rozv'yazannya abo vispravdannya.

The supreme point of transformation of the category of tragedy for Western culture of the XX century it is possible to respect the form of the “tragic respectfulness”, since it became dominant and resistive and weary look at life. Mi-gel de Unamuno, having written the book “Tragic Life in People and People” (1913 p.), Giving them the most accurate and historical appraisal. For the whole hour, if the circuit was seen, Ksila rozumu, the relocation was given to the experiences, not the thoughts, the intellect, and not the intellect, the logic of the control, and not the control. The book “Tragic Life” ... Unamuno was prompted for the scheme of barring the zagal and abstract, re-overshadowed philosophies, as well as one more lack of clarity, unhuman humanity and blood.

New elements, proclaimed “Tragic life…” - redefining greatness, greatness, lack of knowledge, specific people, positive attitude towards culture, positive assessment of foolishness, holiness. The very stench, the elements, the guilty boules of the new minds of the new world of classic rosumny tragic. With the help of a detailed understanding of the sacrifice to indulge in the tragic, so that the life of the one can be recognized by the tragedy - the awareness of the indivi However, the logical evolution of the “tragic vision of life” and that test of osmisleniya ended in a naturalization of absurdity (it couldn’t be a booty), it’s due to the total viability of a significant, last-mentioned hero. svєrіdnim recruiter, on the share of a visoka visoka mіsіya.

That axis comes to the snake of the tragic heroes come superman, hero detective, adventurer. Tse does not mean, art. I don’t know the tragic collisions, the threat, the threat of a new world, an environmental disaster, overpopulation and a minor problem, the most vulnerable people can’t tolerate, but there’s a big deal to come. The power of “buti chi not buti” sounds the same way for okremo people, so for suspension, for people as a whole. Addressed out of the blue, regardless of race, global status, social status of people. I zrozumіle vsіm. From now on, the essence of the tragic nabuva is often the greatest viddink, viddivyachi higher thirst until the desire for historical interpersonal freedom, to fight for maybut, until the affirmation of ideal life.

The real story is not only the tragedy, but the comedy, the third drive to K. Marx, writing, first history, and going through the numerical phases, taking away the life form to the grave. By the remaining phase of the all-holy-historical form of comedy. Such a clean history is necessary for people to have fun parted with. 17.

Smіh, like vіdomo, zvіlnyayuchey dіє on ludin, and almost humor invade one of the most noble people ’pochuttіv. Quite naturally, comic and smyshne are not one and the same, as not all smyshne are comic. It remains a product of a diverse human culture, a healthy look at oneself, a glimpse of their everyday interests. Komichne, as a tragedy, due to freedom of people, to the unrestrained power of being above oneself, over dominant interests. Hegel, having won the scholarship of the comedy - come, in a kind of ludina, as a sub-actress, I felt like the Lord of him, who is so important for him as a day-old servant of society and health; All the light, how much you want to ruin yourselves are your own. Protecting the significant number of forms and the number of people who want to guess critically with a rooted mind, aiming at the number of things. Honoring humor, as if it were more natural, it’s more natural for people not to be given such kind of people, to be very kind at once at the same time a sign of special features and an old indicator of the dynamical spring of people and fantasies. For the І. Kant, the humor of a positive meaning is the very same health, talent, justice without a hitch for those people who have a good mood, since it’s not so good to judge everything, but to navigate in vain, ale, it’s good, for the rosum’s principles.

Honoring humor because of the necessary needs, it’s not only the writers, the artist, but the reader, a look. People are trampling around, as if I don’t see the number of votes, so I don’t feel like humor. Tsikavo, for example, Yak Gogol, having analyzed the performance of his comedy Revizor, identifying the reason for the failure of the director. Peredusim, vvazhaє Gogol, didn’t care about the actor’s pidibrano, a kind of zlebiv Khlestakov zvichinym nonsense, not out of sight of the right nature komizmu hero. A writer of humor, who had better success sooner than a rap, yakby for the role of Khlestakov was named the most reluctant actor who had overthrown him in the fact that Khlestakov was spritful, reasonably well and good, if only I would be happy to 18 not a lie for a craft, you must forget yourself, more clearly, and you must lie to those you speak about 18.

It’s important that you want to know how to protect yourself from what people are laughing at. Naybannalіshі speeches can see the smіkh, ale so laugh so much over the significant, giboki appearances, as though they appear to appear as if they are non-existent, as if to express the voices and the more frequent people. Smich Todi є less than the manifestations of a self-satisfied practical rozuma, a sign of who we want to reach rosy, abi rozpіznati contrast and vidchuti yourself vishim for comic hero. Buvaє is also a smush of knowing, preschool, smіh vіd vіdchayu skinny. Well, on the whole, the authorities are endlessly good and happy with their crazy madness over power protests, not the total experience. Zashkarubliy rosum is not up to the point that I have a big problem with it, if it’s the smallest smiles for the insects.

Come together to take care of the situation, as long as you yourself are insignificant and unimportant in good faith with the look of great earnestness and significant preparation. Ale yakshcho lyudina and not reach the end in his vipad of his own mind, then nothing at all, the flippers won seemed to be completely insignificant, but didn’t bother to live on. Comical ситу і situation, if indiivid take care of yourself the most supernatural zavdan, alya absolutely unbecoming to tsyo. The number of teams I am competing with is for the rachuk of the newest order, for the protection of interest and character. Schopravda, it’s not guilty of admitting excesses of khibny protirіchchya, lack of clue and dumbness.

Smich є a necessary element of the comic, who usually know how to learn more and more, and what’s water and soul is the discharge of a look, a listener, a reader and others. Dzherelo komіchnogo - no price, but value, and the first half, the goal of the door. To that, smіh suprovodzhuик vikrittya nіkchemnostі, who pretendє to yakus mean, smіh zmіtsnyuє gіdnіst people.

Comic є rіznomanіtnim, márіznі steps and і-forms of superelevation, such as, secrema, like humor, satire, sarcasm. Usi stink є know more about the shortage of people’s social processes, ruinous hibny іlіuzіy people to themselves, because of the way of holding the celebration of the idea through the censure of the old, that’s what it was.

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