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Aesthetics - Levchuk L.T.


It’s the death of the former, who, having found an ancient period, develops the mystery є the mystery of the first people anyway, as I can call it the first mystery. For the sake of visual-insular dyalnost, it was spiraling on the figurative image, but with great zasterezhennymi mozhe buti was called a mystery. First, before that, I was amazed with overwhelmingly practical, utilitarian needs. On the other hand, the picture of creatures on occasion showed that they worked, as a matter of fact, to achieve a better result, for purely practical needs - like a task for training and going to a methane list, performing ritual singing, and learning more about it, guilty boules to secure success.

Chimala was almost masters of the sight of the period of the last paleolith, because the period of love of people on large creatures, sorry, did not save - the stench was severely lost by the hour, if people switched to a productive state grant. It is impeccable that the image of creatures and people wait for matrimonialism and maturity for people culture, the realist pathos of paleolithic painting - the unique and unique, the more familiar, the more complete style.

The magical nature of the primordial mystery of such authority and sculptural images of women, the so-called neolithic Venus, the cult of the mother-ancestor and the keeper of the home vognysh, ritual dance,

The culture of the era of barbarism (which is called “neolithic”) of the Bula is based on a productive state gift, as a principle the image of the people and the people was minded. The transition from the mandate to the life of life has created new material and spiritual needs, and later, the first ambush for new forms of artistic creativity. The rudiments of architecture, the so-called megalithic equipments - four clockwork from plates (dolmens), vertical, sparse curved reliefs, steepies (menhiri), stovpi, restoration of the redstone stone roofing (chimneys), torn people’s social space, who’ve been able to fully see the unseen physical and derelict, all the people lived in the fake. Clay victoria for home cooking utensils, and with the help of the wines of the potter’s wheel they called to life a new gallery of remotes and mysteries - ceramics. The mastery of ceramics, which, due to its genesis functional and imitative, has become the most elementary type of applied mystery, while in the process of development it was redone in one of the most abstract mysteries, having lessened the large sculptures. The very peculiarity of the ceramics, the absolute collapse of the форм форм forms gave the right to some kind of American mysticism Finkelstein to take the ceramics “crystallizing human thoughts”. Ceramics and metal (bronze, silver, gold) became the main material of the mystery. The axis for which the skarby skifsky kurganіv - kіnska zbruya, zbroy, clothes and embellishment, dishes - є objects of applied mystery.

The mystery of this historical period with the precept of unity and syncretism of utilitarian and artistic elements; Protea itself already reveals the most important elements, doesn’t have any problems with the practical designations of the subject;

Why did you break into the mystery of quiet hours? We change the zoomorphic form, the tall and the created ornament, and schuvstvo having swelled in an abstract manner. The order of the creatures and the graves of the image of people was presented at a clever mind and schematized. Also, the image of people was more familiar from those that the image of the people themselves wasn’t formed and looked at as much as possible.

One of the first crooks to the artistic prodigal pool of the test of order, ordering and grouping of monasteries of the unfolded suite with an auxiliary rhythm. Vidchuttya rhythm of power in people is so itself, like a word, a rumor, a dotik, however, a bit more complicated it appeared figuratively to objectify it. Mi shilnі dumati, scho tse vidchuttya bulo pov'yazane peredusim with rukhim rhythm. Sonic priishov is significantly higher. In paleolithic depictions, rhythm is not vіdchuvaєmo zo-іссім. It’s declared that it’s already in neolithic memory, it’s open like a magnet in order, organize the area (on ceramic viro) and space (in architecture). The hand-painted dishes of different ethnic groups, vidovno, cultures, I can forgive, like ludina wanted to understand their lively hostility, grouped and stylish objects of such appearance, it’s easy to repeat the geometric patterns. The rhythm of the line, the color, the form of the nibi picking up the rhythm of the hands of a hand, yak steadily rotated the rhythm of the hour of the lap, and then the rhythm of the potter's wheel, it is possible to navigate from the super-working juicy mood.

Rhythm, rhythmic incite as elementy spacious and organically significant authority in finding early forms of architecture, redefining cult; the rice has lost the basic and characteristic of the old offensive architects of old times.

Then after an hour, if you changed your mind and poetic creativity, scho was grounded mainly on mythology. The form is syncretic, the form of the bridal pool in the image of the individual in the vision of the most specific personification and spiritualization of the past, as well as real. The basis of the mythological personification of the forces of nature and the manifestations of suspended life lying anthropomorphism. The very ability of the mythological people of Bula is tied to the nature of the human movement. The both authorities have one particularity - metaphorical, which is explained by the significance of one apparition for the shrimp of the Inshy. Metaphorically transferring the significance of one subject to the last one with the rozumіnny іkhnyo іznish gave zmogu piznavati iznachati newer and newer thing. Zavdyaki metaphorical movi, as well as the principles of anthropomorphic bachenia, a little love of the people, could rejuvenate with the forces of nature, a good place in the realm of ministry, and then practical. The metaphor gave naymenuvannya to a new yavisch, and later, she shy the little thought accessible to the rivals, developed it. Tobto the metaphor came not only to yak zasib virazen, but to yak more important than the small art.

Mistetsvo, like Ya Mova, tisno pov'yazane z mіfom itself zavdyaki metaphorical ministry. Myth, mov, and mystery of the first non-disjointed unity, which, moreover, has progressively broken down into three independent views of spiritual creativity. This is the same spiritualization, as I have my own word, sovereignty also images and forms of mystery. To that, imagine the mystery, as the magical and mythological image, the magic of the people. It’s only me who, and later, I’m mysteriously vidivyutsya vіd spіlnogo with the myth pіdґruntya і and repair to develop in the surroundings of their strains, then as much as it doesn’t mean, because you stink rose. Mova є knowing the number of people, won the form є understanding and judging. Це відбувається тільки for the minds of words and words, words and words of uninterrupted access to abstraction. And then there’s a mystery of words, literature є such a sphere of spirit, I don’t know much, but not only not losing my visual power, but first and foremost in development. The very word here is a new sense of life, even aesthetically pleasing, not tied to myths.

Mifi is being deprived for the mystery of her skarnbnitsy plots, images, fantasies, the dzherel of poetical nathnennya. Know that we know the wonders of the long-standing Greek people who won’t be guarded by the fact that they won’t be able to compete with winners in Russia, tragedy of those who lived in Europe, and tragedy in Europe.