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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

3.8. Victory of the graphical method in the analysis of the state dialnost

<p> In economical analysis, there is a great role to play so many graphical methods as you need to draw a clear picture of what you ’ll want to significantly increase the results of an economical analysis to a wide range. For proper visualization of the processes and appearances, technicians and techniques need to be encouraged to inspire graphs. Great is the importance of the correct type of graph, scale, and vision.

Graphs, like being victorious in economic analysis, can be divided into two groups:

  • illustrative;
  • rozrahunkovі (analitichnі).

Illustrative graphs are used to increase the results of an economic analysis, to support a further analysis, as well as to increase an increase in performance, and to increase their performance

The graphs are on a larger scale than the singing indicators for the secondary geometric signs (line, straightforward, kil), but it’s smartly artistic figures. Zavdyaki kindly grasped the graphs of dosljuvaniy material є sta bіlsh dokhіdlivim і zrozumіlim.

The graphs may be of great greater significance. On the subject of the tabular material graph yes, I’ll understand the characterization, but I’ll be able to develop the previous appearance, I’ll be able to visualize these laws at the very least, which will help me to find out the number of information. Trends and interdependence indicators are showing up on the graph all over the world.

The main form of graphs, which is to be victorious in economic analysis, is as a whole. Diagrams (for the form) are used to buy stovpchikov, smugovі, circles, square, lіnіynі, fіgurnі.

Behind the serpent, there are different portions of the game, structural, dynamical, graphs of sound, graphs of control . Diagrams of singing show performance of singing objects for singing show. With the simplest diagrams for more and more indicators, є old-timers (Fig. 3.2) and smugovі . For them, encourage yourself to bend corridor by a direct coordinate system. On the basis of the abscissas, the basis (of the same type) is found for all objects. The viscosity of the skin stovpchik is the maximum indicator for the application, which is applied at the largest scale to the ordinate.

Dynamics of average pay of one robot

Fig. 3.2. The dynamics of the average pay of one robot for 1996-2000 (butt stovpchikovo diagrams)

Smooth diagrams to grow horizontally: the basis of smugs is smash on the ordinate, and scale is on the abscissa.

Inodnymi dyagramy por_vnyannya to shy at a square viglyad abo kіl, a square of a certain proportions to a rozmіru vіdpovіdnyh indicators.

A special kind of є figurine diagrams , if they have a clear view of an object , appears at the forehead of an intelligently-artistic figurine (spikelet, cartopline, creature’s head, tractor). Since it’s kind of good, it’s good to stink at once respect for yourself, to shy information more completely.

Structural (sectoral) dia-grams give the opportunity to visit the storehouse of the next indicator, to the right side of the building, we’ve got okremich parts at the back of the indicator. In structural diagrams, the image of the indicator is given to the geometric Vіkova structure of technological ownership of enterprises (butt sector diagrams) richnih figur (kvartіv, kіl), square yakih take for 100 abo for 1. Rosmir sector is designated as a pet carriage part (Fig. 3.3).

The dynamo diagram is designated for the image of the sermon of the past for the prom hour. For you, there are possible vikoristovuvati stovpchikovі, circles, squares, squares and graphs. Ale Naychastishe vikoristovuyutsya lіnіynі grafiki. The dynamics of such a graph can be seen in the vision of the line, which characterizes the continuity of the process. To prompt the linear graphs, the direct coordinate system is bored: on the abscissa axis, the period is displayed, and on the ordinate axis is the period of time for the hourly hour, and times are on a vibrant scale.

Lines of graphs should be widely victorious as well for vivchenny zv'yazkіv mіzh indicators (graphs zv'yazku). On the abscis axis, the value of the factor indicator ( X ) is laid out, and on the ordinate axis, the value of the result indicator ( Y ) at the large scale (Fig. 3.4). The linear graphs in the first and last forms are straightforward and the form is sound.

Dependence of the reliability of the average monthly pay

Fig. 3.4. Dependence of the reliability of the average monthly pay (butt graph graphic)

The control graphs are widely stiffened in an economical analysis for vivchenny zveden about hid vykonannya plan chi pretrimannya normativ. Such a time will have two lines: the planned and actual performance indicators for a leather day (or for the longest hour).

Graphical ones can be victorious and for developing methodical tasks of economical analysis, and better for encouraging different schemes, which can clearly visualize the internal technology, the latest results.

Indicate that you don’t have to exclude the possibility of vikoristannya graphіkіv for vіdobrazhenenya result іn ekonomіchnogo analysis. Illustrative graphs can be used to show the structure of reverse assets, the warehouse of work, the fund to the hour of the robot ownership, the structure of the vitrata to the fund and the fund for the payment of funds, the distribution of the benefit of the company. Victoria graph for the results of economic analysis, except for accuracy, as a precaution of the speed of the text part is explained to the financial part of the business.

Rozrahunkov abo analiticheskie grafiki zdeb_lshogo vikonuyut vіyuyu funktsiyu: vony vikoristovyutsya і for a better analysitichnyh rozrahunіv, і а ік і illustrativnі grafiki. By butt of the analitic graph, we can graph the rosuhranku of the point of no-miss (critical oath), I kind of save you promptly see the difference in the amount of money for the hour of analysis of the total cost of the duty.

Effectiveness of the graphic methods in the economic analysis is to keep the image up, so that you can see the number of graphs, in addition to the graph and the maximum number of graphs. Another important vimoyu є pre-trim proportions. Practice virobil the rule of the “golden thread”, which is apparently with a certain view of the width of the graph to the minimum height of about 8: 5. Not less important is the composition of the graph itself, that is, the nature of the choice of material, a kind of performance. It’s important not to re-enthuse the graph with a great tribute, okremo vidіlyayayuchi nayistotnіshі.