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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

7.4. Analysis of income and value of folders

With the development of marketplace practices in the practice of the state dyalnosti pіdpriєmstv usіh forms of moisture postіyno zbіlshuєtsya oath vikoristannya valuable folders. Otzhe, analizuyuchi financial results, special respect for the treasures of the need to turn on income from the valuable folders.

The main types of valuable folders, which are victorious in private property, ц action, regional registration, certificate certification, bills of exchange.

Aktsії vipuschayutsya by means of enterprises and bahatma іshmi sub' субkty state donations. Classification of actions for the types of moisture - imennі, on the occasion, simple and privileged.

The name of the act is to belong to the hairline, the nickname is that it is meant to be assigned to them. Vlasniki imennyh aktsіy can be but like a bunch, so і pіdpriєstva.

Aktsії on the predecessor does not take revenge on the invader.

Privileged actions give the right to pen-and-hold gain of fiscal dividends and participation in the distribution of active assets for the purpose of thinking, but do not give the right to vote.

It’s simple to give the right of voice to the elders, but they don’t have to give them a damn, but they can pay a damn indemnity, and even for a small dividend, they can be insignificant, and even so.

Obligatsії vipuskayutsya central and state authorities, government. Vlasnik in the establishment of the lines obov'yazkovo vidshkodovuyut nomnalnu vartіst oblіgatsіy with the payment of fіksovanogo vіdsotka.

The certificate of success - the whole papyr bank institution. I see the company as a huge man, like about giving them a singing sum of pennies at the time of the hour of zberigannya. Contributors may claim the right to be scored on the entire line of all contributions and sums.

The promissory note is mainly for a commercial loan, which is to be hoped for in a commodity form for purchasers as if it were a payment line for the sale of a comrade, overseas service. For nadanny vidstrochki purchases rallying late signatures vidotok.

The main factor was the compensation of the market of valuable servers, especially by the stretch of the last hour, the mass privatization of the state enterprises and the transfer of them from the joint stock company with the second share. For market minds, valuable documents пап the head tool for getting better, without which the expansion of virology, the growth of profitability is practically impotent.

Pіdpriєmshstva - the hairworms of the priesthoods gain song income. For sound financial results, you have to show them in the income warehouse for financial operations. Revenues from financial operations (behind the minus of financial payments) form a profit from financial operations, if one part from a share є a profit from valuable folders.

To the main zavdannyam analysis є vivchenny warehouse, structure and dynamics of the valuable folders and income in them.

For analysis, add the analysis table with this form:

See the valuable folders

Minuliy Rik

Sound rіk



wart, yew. UAH

pitoma vaga,%


wart, yew. UAH

pitoma vaga,%

at pet vazі

at vartostі

The analysis behind this form can be given to the bagato of house features not only about the structure of the valuable folders. So, as a rule, there’s a large pitoma house for bills of exchange, which means that you can read more about realizing loans on a regular basis, so that you can immediately get enough money for the turnover of the reverse assets. With a penny, you can pay more than the actual number of times the turnover (the number of days) for the sum of the one-time turnover for realizatsiyu.

Dokhіdnіst aktsії become two factors:

  • otrimannyam part of a redundant return to business (divіndi);
  • I am able to sell the prizes to the stocks at the stock exchange for the price, the best price.

In the process analysis, indicators are indicated: sum and dividend rate (norm).

Rivine dividends and the course of action (the course of wartiness of the action) are formed in full with a dash of factors - internal and external.

Prior to the internal factors to bring the amount of net profit, the amount of lines of payment and the amount of credit; up to standard - the annual rate of interest for the loan, the average interest rate and position, the state of the state and the depreciation policy of the state.

Akcij course ( ) rozrahovuetsya yak vіdnoshennya sumi divіdendіv ( ) before the betting odds (ST) multiplied by 100.

Akcij course .

Rozrahunki the course of action for the price of the formula may be more practical for the minds of stable economy, for the constant consumption and proposition.

Ale divіndandi can’t be quite accurate for the criterion of the rosrahunku course of action. In such vikadok victorious indicator of net profit, rozrahovaniya per share. Існує direct deposition between these indicators and dividends. In the process of analyzing the amount (for a little rock) of dividends, the rate of the share, the net profit per one share, the temperament is displayed, but the rate is lower.