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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

14.17. Intra_gospodarsky analiz vitrat

Nini bagato pіdpriєmstv at his warehouse є maє kіlka pіdrozdіlіv. Structural products have to formulate and analyze products according to the methodology, as before, it was seen earlier. In addition to the methodology used in the construction industry, special features of the system and indicators of personal products and vimogas of the internal state insurance system are insured.

Structural products for the valuation of products and their products have the following indicators: vitrati for a unit of products, for 1 standard year, for 1 UAH of goods and a total amount of workshop goods. Dinamiku znizhennya sobvartostі obrakhovyut on pidstvі vitrat on a unit of production and on 1 UAH of commodity products.

I would like to state the State Health Insurance Committee for dermal treatment for high-grade vitrates without the need for urachuvanny vitrates, technologically technologically advanced workshops and vitrats for the manufacture of food products. To evaluate robots of skin, take less than vitrati, form themselves without any delay under the control of your labor collective and lay down the actual results of the robot.

Gosprozrakhunkova vіdpovіdalnіst for vitrati pіdrozdіlіv on virobnitstvo products іznachaetsya through:

1) the detail of the vitrats for virology for the past month in the sections of these articles, as well as entering before the state insurance committee;

2) recognition of fiscal assessments of material objects and services (identical assessments - for the plan for the sound);

3) to the established and consolidated systems of internal factory relations: the order of the complaint and the sanction of claims by the state insurance companies and the state of insurance at the state insurance companies.

Details of the plan and the complete plan for the completion of the meeting are carried out on the basis of the complete plan and the maximum number of parts, as well as the availability of the latest parts and details. All the reasons for this and the vinuvattsіv vіdhilen and mobilizatsіy reserves іvmenshennya sobvartostі products.

The details of the vitrate on the bottom of the bed lie in the type of the bed, the specificity of the technological process and the stage of the stage of the middle stage.

Products and services of the latest manufacturers, sales of materials, purchased goods, components, energy, and others cannot be included in the state insurance results of the workshops, crews for their actual deeds. Actual Vitrata mothers to assess for their planned planned meeting.

Vitratu materіalіv pіdrozdіlami pіdpriєmstv change to wartіt repeatedly vikoristovuvanih vidhodіv for the actual prices of õh a possible victorious. All right, respectful pre-delivery lodging prior to disposal.

Vіdhilennya od norms vitrat materіalnih resursіv scho utvorilis of blame іnshih pіdrozdіlіv for otsіnki gosprozrahunkovoї sobіvartostі neobhіdno include in gosprozrahunkovu sobіvartіst pіdrozdіlіv-vinuvattsіv, spіrnі power schodo vіdhilen i vitrat rozv'yazuyutsya pid hour spetsіalnogo rozglyadu pretenzіy on zasіdannі ekonomіchnoї komіsії.

The analysis of vitrate pay for wages is carried out for team outfits. Vidkhilennya actually pay wages scheduled for vinyatka pay for simple reasons for the independent reasons for the brigade, to lay down the whole of the organization of the virology and the rights of the public, and that is included in the payment of the state.

Zagalnogospodarskі vitrati not to lie in the middle of the night and in the state insurance service, I don’t turn on. An intra-state analysis is carried out for regional and operational information, and you should look at that as soon as possible.