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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

14.18. Porvnyalny analiz sobvartostі

The next analysis is even more significant for the development of reserves of lower prices. Vin podlyaєatsya to vnutr_gospodarsky (vnutrіzavodsky) and mizhzhospodarsky (mіzh pіdpriimstvom). I’ve got to know the head of the internal factory factory analysis: I’ve got to know more: I’m identifying technologically identically workshops and brigades, but they have the same number of children. Viyavlenі vіdhilennya to talk about the effectiveness of the practicalities, the development of the robots of the workshops, the ability to reduce the number of hours for the selection of the positive access to the latest workshops.

The Moscow State Portal Analysis vivchaє indicators of self- sustainability okremich pіdprimstv, scho viroblyayut odnor_dnuyu production but the same details. When analyzing, I recognize the results of the work, adding to them the knowledge in science and technology, in technology, technology, organization of resources, and the rest of the world.

I’m more important to inform and give more articles on calculating analogous virobi, nodes and details. So much more is needed for evaluating the reached number of events for efficiency and effectiveness of science and technology visits, for more reserves, and more opportunities. Porvnyalny analiz sobvartostі є even more important for conducting FVA (functional-cardiac analysis). An infusion of ideas at the level of technical development, cooperation, organization of the most important factors for further analysis is possible to see the same structure of the same products. You can also buy more vitamins for 1 UAH of commodity products at consumer goods, which can be used for analogous products. Portion is completely complete with business, as well as high performance indicators, technological organization of virology, so that we will be able to keep ahead of the schedule for business. Porvnanny need to spend on articles calculation. Reserves of lower prices for products are displayed at hourly intervals for calculating the terms of reference for articles of rates. It is not out of place to be factual, but the normative calculation. Also, explain in detail how to understand the technical, technological organization of virology, and how to integrate virobility. For a better understanding of the data of a specific analysis, we’ll need to fully apply the graph to the graph.

Analyze direct vitrati, cream of articles for articles of interest, both need to conduct a detailed technical and economical analysis of materials, for example, for purchased sets. Analyze the norm of vitrate, fallow rate of viktorovuvanih materials and methods of processing, as well as recycling and repeated vidhodіv. To estimate the advantage of the rigorous technological processes, as well as to demand the highest vitrate of heat and energy. There is an influx of the factor price on the production of material vitrates, the reasons for the great price and transport and procurement of vitrines.

There is also a need to increase the amount of wages and salaries paid to employees, to pay the required labor costs, to pay the required labor costs.

Viyavleni reserves for lowering their own products and products for the group:

a) missed opportunities - unproductive vitrati, lack of gratitude, irregular robot, impaired technological technology;

b) direct reserves of reduced participation - vіdhilenny sobіvartostі for rakhunok nevikonannya scheduled visits, yakimy transferred to bring sobіvartostі to іvnya advanced pіdpriemstva;

c) long-term reserves - lower reserves of lower rates to the highest level of advancement (not transferred by plan).

d) strategic reserves for the market share of the technical technology of competition, the organization of technology and practice, and the quality of products.