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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

14.19. Functional-Vartisny analysis

Pіdvischennya efektivnostі virobnitstva deposits od tempіv priskorennya NTP, yaky peredbachaє pripinennya Key infrastructure zastarіlih i novih osvoєnnya, visokoefektivnih vidіv produktsії, mehanіzatsіyu th avtomatizatsіyu virobnichih protsesіv, vprovadzhennya in virobnitstvo peredovoї tehnіki, progresivnoї tehnologії, yak zabezpechuvatime skorochennya vitrat on odinitsyu novih, promising virobіv.

In order to find a reserve for a lower vitrate for a lot of efficient variational choices, the optimal vibe is less than the maximum number of vitals for the first time. About the whole process of completing the report, the bulletin is said in section 2. But Ale doesn’t make a mess once more about the main features of the FVA. So, a functional-vartisny analysis is immediately available to one another in a different way, and more functions, as well as an FVA function and a part.

Pіd funktsiyami rozumіyut good living power (yakіst) ob'єkt. They stink at:

1) the main function, as a bend є designation of the object;

2) the main functions, which is to ensure the protection of the main functions;

3) additional functions, which will realize the main;

4) add-on functions;

5) school functions.

For the reduction of reserves in the construction industry, in the technology of special operations, there are opportunities to increase the number of functions and the possibility of low labor costs. Allow func- tions to win the result of the change of the viola, the return of the materials, the appearance of the new ones, the appearance of the viro, and the look and feel of the traditional traditions.

Evaluation of functional functions may be lower than the group of special specialties, before such a number enter economy, constructor and technologist. FVA should be carried out one after the other for such stages: informational, analytical, creative, creative, up-to-date, provocation. To economize, to take the fate of two etapahs, in the middle of those arches is important є analitichny. Analytical etap of evaluation of the machine can be repaired from the “breakdown” of її to the universities and details. We can see and classify the functions, complete the unit and the details, and describe them one by one on the basis of the awakening of the functional matrix and network models. Functions to extend to the main friend, the main subsidiary and to analyze for the signs: corridor - unapproved (school), industry - unqualified technology of science and technology. An analysis of the functions to conduct and for vitrates at the third place, in order to ensure that the functions and visibility of the elements, as well as require the highest vitrates. Analyze vitrati for materials, for example, for completing virobi, heat, energy, wages for basic robots, for the proper operation. Shchodo functions, in order to bring to the technological sobvartosti, store the calculations in the obligation of rozrahunkovy vitrates. Observe the rosrahunkova’s commitment to keep up with the actual and planned and recognize the reserves of the possible lowered sobartosti. For impotence, there is a need for functionality in an analogous way, browning in the way of expert evaluations. The results of the analytic events are explained by the functional-virtual diogram, the main functions of the main functions in the process of the free functioning and the main functions.

Self-service food

  • The value of the analysis of their products.
  • Yakі zavdannya rozv'yazyutsya p_d hour of such an analysis?
  • How can a dzherel іnformatsії vikoristovuyutsya for analysis sobіvartostі?
  • What kind of indicators are characterized by product compatibility?
  • How can you see how fast it is to save money?
  • What are the special features of a single environment? Product views?
  • Why should I take into account the special analysis of vitrate for 1 UAH of commodity products?
  • Turn around the need and the methodology for lowering the number of separate and non-related products.
  • What is the first and foremost issue of having an oath on the structure of products for lower self-sustainability?
  • Whom do you think of the peculiarities of the analysis of vitrate elements?
  • Why should you take into account the particularities of calculating articles?
  • To name the specific analysis for direct overhead vitrates in the self-contained products.
  • How much is the factor and the price on the material vitality of the participants?
  • Whom do the peculiarities of the analysis of intellectual-style and intellectual-vitality appear?
  • What should I bring to complex vitrates, how should I analyze?
  • Yak analizuet sobvartіst okremich virobіv?
  • Name the specific analysis of the product’s products in the structural analysis.
  • Why should we take into account the particularities of strategic analysis?
  • What are the special methods of operative analysis of self-test?
  • Obґrunte neobhodimost mіzhgospodarskogo (vіpіvnyalnogo) analizu sobіvartostі.
  • Name the features of the functional-virtual analysis (FVA).
  • How can I carry out the building of the reserve reserves of low-maintenance products?