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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

14.15. Strategic analysis

Rinkova’s economy of transmission, who’s skinny lyudin, turbulent about his good deed, kindness to his homeland, graciously, by stretching out his life to save an economic vibe, to take good care of you for free. Schob achieve the most important results, almost every hour and at the same time assess all.

On the results of dyalnosti people, food, company, galuzi vplivnє internal and external middle. The internal treasure є dzherel power of business, zovnіshn - dzherel, to live with resources, which are necessary for the potential of the internal potential. Zavdannyam strategіchnogo analіzu Je svoєchasna i correct otsіnka balance mіzh pіdpriєmstvom i zovnіshnіm seredovischem, vіdpratsyuvannya visnovkіv about those yak Got dіyati pіdpriєmstvo in dovgostrokovіy perspektivі, dwellers in the Minds konkurentsії of іnshimi organіzatsіyami dobivatsya pіdtrimki balance in obmіnі of navkolishnіm seredovischem and vіdpovіdno zabezpechuvati stіyke іsnuvannya pіdpriєmstva .

Strategic analysis, victorious bagaty arsenal of ways and methods of economical analysis, computer technology, economical, legal and economic (water and water) external and internal organization), technological policy and economic factors.

When analyzing, wait for the insurance to be arranged as follows:

1. Zovnіshnє (purchasers, post-iters, competitors, the market of working force) and internal middleware (mutual managers and employees, personnel and organizational power, and the sphere of activity) absorb one by one. Zmіni in one obov'yazkovo lead up to zmіn in _shomu. To that end, all the factors should not be carried out okremo, but at once, systemically.

2. Riven in the water okremich factors and straightforwardness.

Strategic analysis of the products and their products is carried out with the help of forecasting the direct development of further development of enterprises, enterprises, economic regions, galleys and national gratitude as a whole. Vіn zabezpechuє vibіr naioptimalnіshih maybutnіh rіshen. A particular strategic analysis є those who have a lot of routine procedures and a lot of creativity in a new room. The theory of strategic analysis is formulated on the basis of the coherent practice of successful development, management of the company, visualization of management schemes and stability, so that I can show that I can achieve successful results. In other words, the theory of strategic analysis can be helped by companies, companies and businessmen to achieve positive achievements.

Economic reform in Ukraine is moving from a clearly new phase - a better investment in the sphere of material virobnitsva. At the great and middle capital, the field for speculation on the market of valuable servers was quickly speeding up, and the nature of capital directed in an effective galaxy of suspension virobility is obsolete. In these minds, the initial management function of the accounting department is in real terms and conditions of service. There’s no need for uninterrupted "visibility" at the factory and at home, at the speed of working, at the same time.

By ministries, departments, enterprises and companies, strategic analysis of their own products and products is secured for learning the main ten-year trends and factors in development. Win has become the most important attribute of the control system on all of the rivers. The results of strategic analysis are victorious for predicting Maybut development, folding plans, diagnosis of management, when there is a causal mechanism, the dynamics of social, economic, and

On osnovі danih strategіchnogo analіzu pіdpriєmstva i fіrmi before skladannyam BIZNES plan i threading planіv rozvitku viznachayut rіven bezzbitkovostі skin mind produktsії, results on osnovі sum pokrittya, priymayut rіshennya about zbіlshennya chi zmenshennya obsyagіv realіzatsії vsіh vidіv produktsії, about tsіni realіzovuvanih tovarіv, іnvestuvannya zasobіv, dotsіlnіst credіv, about lowering the number of †‹вЂ‹ wartings through the up-to-date virobnichy programs, a ceruvanny zbutom products, vibration technology and technology virobnitstva, vibration alternatives to robnitstva supply Chi Zi side.

The key to the theory of strategic analysis є such categories: operational importance, the risk of zero bitrate, the profitability margin and the stock of financial stability.

To adopt strategic decisions, you need to be in charge of information, more business, company, and you can know how to pay and go to bank.

Strategic analysis of technological peculiarities yes the ability to transfer reserves of lower rates, more science and technology for new products and for modern technology and products.

Vin spriyaє vivіlnennyu reserves in the planned lowered sobvartostі products. At the stage of storing prospective plans and projects of primary plans, the need for storage is lower than that of vitamins and product liability (tab. 14.3, Fig. 14.1, 14.2), a drawdown is carried out for technical and environmental factors.

Before stockpiling of planned estimates, a draw-out of the koshtori su vitrat for viral products in the workshops, calculation of the latest products and the daily vitrat for the main statistics of the main virology is carried out.

The essence of the plan for lowering the number of necessary factors due to technical and economic factors is that we want to change the value of the hryvnia to the national product market, as well as the same number of basic products (reworked). For strategic planning, take Vitrati of Front Rock for base, for offensive rock - Plan Vitrati of Skin Front Rock.

The base amount for the hryvnia of commodity products multiplied by the oath of the product for the planned period and with such a rank is the number of participants for the protection of the basics of the basic period in the fixed prices and the best price.

The economy is lower than the average cost, the second year is the technical and economic factors, the most important are the viral obligations, the second is higher, the more expensive the winnings are. The economy of the post-hryvnias for the hryvnia is different, but one unit of the product is more expensive than a single piece of fuel for the total cost of the product and the first half of the capital of the main stocks. To summarize the lower number of bets for the winter and the longest vitrates, we must complete the previous bills, sign up for the sale of goods in the minds of the planned period, and also at the same time we have the basic time.

As a matter of fact, in the planned sales cycle, the price for syringes, materials, energy, heat, prices for commodity products, and then for analysis of special needs, are there special special groceries.

Technical and economic factors, which can be incorporated into a form of personal membership, divided into 4 groups: technical level of organization, organization of standard and general terms, liability and structure of products and that.

To the first group to introduce these basic factors: mechanization and automation of viral processes, improvement of advanced technological automation control systems; modernization and production of operating technologies and technologies; more comfortable construction of details, high-tech and high-tech centers; winter of characteristics of virobiv; improving new effective types of syrovini and materials; Polypropylene by cutting blanks; lower allowance for processing; Improving new recipes Polypheny, vikoristannya materіalіv u virobnitstvі, vikoristannya v_dhodіv t іnshі factors, scho pidvishchuyut technical riveni virobnitstva.

Pererahovanі come in included in the plan to improve access to science and technology from the people of the state. The plans include specific terms and conditions of cutaneous visits and changes in economy and lower standards for material resources and payment.

The reserve of low self-service products for the groceries is the right to go for the formula:

The reserve of low maintenance products for the razkhunok zdіysnennya zadіv ,

de Ep - economy in the planned rocі, yew. UAH З0 і З1 - the required amount for one unit of production, the maximum number of days to enter, UAH; К0 і К1 - a large number of products that are prepared for the cob of basic rock one day before the first call; middle sales for a single product in the base center - mid-market vitrati per unit of production in the base center; Kp - the number of products that are prepared in the planned sales.

The economy of the material vitality of the technical technology of the virology system is for the formula:

The economy of the material vitality of the industrial technology of radio technology ,

de N 0 і N 1 - normi vitrate of syrovini, materials, energy, heat per unit of production up to delivery of the entry; Ts0 and Ts1 - the price of the single material resources in the same period as the first call; K1 - a large number of products, which are prepared for entering and ending in rock.

Short-term vitrat on the basic, supplementary payment of pratsі vіdrahuvannya on the social insurance insurance virakhovut for the formula:

Short-term Vitrat on the basic, additional payment of benefits and social insurance in the social insurance ,

de T0 and T1 - labor costs for single products in normozhiny vidpov_dno to i pislya zavlya_vadzhennya zadiv, C0 і C1 - the average annual tariff rate of vidpov_dno v і pislya zavlyadzhenzhenu zadiv; D - Dodatkova pay for the skin category of robots,%; c - the norm of health insurance in the social insurance; K1 - an oath of products, which is prepared at the time of checking in and out of the rock.

Firms and enterprises with their own low-season products and low-cost products for a round-table, high-tech and high-tech competition, you can learn more about national and international wines.

The great thrust on the lower rates of self-friendliness of a friend of a part of the factors: the more comfortable management of the radio; specialization and cooperation; local office hours and working hours; polishennya organizatsії material-technical postachannya; winter structure and firepower and polyphony; liquidation of unproductive vitrates; short-term vitrat marriage and other factors, due to the organization of virology.

Injection of specialization on the economy of the economy signify the formula:

Ec = (C0 - C + T) K1,

de Es - economy for rahunok special_alizatsii, yew. UAH С0 - due to individual products, UAH; C - wholesale price per unit of products, UAH; T - transport and procurement of vitrati per unit of production, UAH; K1 - the number of products gained for cooperation with the planned period.

The amount of economy in marriage, unproductive vitrats is expensive and the cost of these values ​​is 12 times higher for the base company at the rate of increase in obedience to the viroobnitsva of commodity products for the planned period.

Up to the third group of factors, which are to be spent on lowering their own products, to provide: a quick update of smart-vitamins (except for depreciation), and a wickedness to the oath of products; Polypheny Vicorostan of the main virobichnyh funds і pov'yazane s zim vidnosne change of depreciation; Zmіna product structure (vimivannya more labor assortment).

Up to the fourth group of factors to introduce: winter standards for extinguished vitrates for preparing and mastering virobnitz; Vitrati Maybutnіh perіodіv; Zmіnu normіv vіdnovlennya znosu іnstrumentіv і pristosuvan tіlovogo priznachennya.

On the basis of the strategic analysis carried out, the knowledge of the potential winners of the lower prices is stored, the planned availability of all products is determined, the number of products and plans is planned to be rolled out in UAH 21 (table 14).

In brigades, workshops of those structural structural enterprises, they need to constantly analyze the virology vitriety, to regularly appear to be irrational, to borrow, unproductive vidatas and to inadvertently enter for their use. For tsikogo vikoristovuets operational analysis of virologic vitrates.