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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

14.14. The building of the reserve reserves of low-maintenance products

The analysis of the products to be completed is regulated by the reserve reserve and the low cost of entry, which is directly linked to the history of the reserve reserves.

Znizhennya sobvartostі odinitsі produktії i vitrat on 1 UAH

1) the oath of oversized products;

2) liquidation of unproductive vitrates and non-fulfillment of returns for elements and calculating articles, better materials and labor supplies, and more technical and technical supplies.

Zbіlshennya vipusku produktії spriyaє znizhennyu її personal ad-hocost for the market of economical and smart vitrates. At our razrahunok you can get more than 704 thousand products. UAH, at 8.38%, the price is lower than normal prices. Rozmіr znizhhennya sobartostі is known in such a way. The plan for the promotion of pre-production products is becoming 568.5 (704 • 80.75) yew. UAH The pitoma house of intellectual-vitality vitrats in private products became 23%. Zagalna zuma znizhennya sobіvartostі dorіvnyuvatima 130.8 thousand. UAH:

Zagalna znizhennya sobіvartostі .

Unproductive vitrati and misrepresentations are manifested in the process of analyzing your products for vitrats. For this kind of training, you’ll need to uniquely tune the grocery of the same reserves; including economic savings, gained a total number of specific visits, and reducing negative impact on the effectiveness of high-performance products. It is necessary to protect the maximum number of indicators for an hour, in the open, the maximum number of methods of assessment and the oath of oath of virobnitz.

On the basis of the analysis conducted, the factors were added, they were added to the list of products, and reserve the reduced vitrates. For the whole table 14.21 is comprehensible.

Reserves of the planned underestimation of their own products to become 422.1 thousand. UAH, at least 6.22% (422.1: 6783 • 100) of planned sobartosti, so that vitrati per hryvnia of production could have become 79.09 kopecks. against 84.06 kopecks. Ninі. Tse great reserve.

Table 14.21

Pidrakhunok reserves iznizhenniya sobvartostі products


Name Reserves

Suma yew. UAH


Economy of intellectual and post vitality for the understanding of the oath of responsibility for the launch of production



Concurrent misconduct and unproductive vitrates

- material


- pay salary


- go on social visits


- Utrimany


- shop vitrat


- vtd marriage




A virtual mental wisdom of the manifold reserves of lower productivity and product productivity based on the attainment of science-and-technology progress. Reservation of new technology, comprehensive mechanization and automation of viral processes, up-to-date technologies, up-to-date up-to-date technologies, up-to-date production, up-to-date reservation and reservation.

In order to get home, you can have success at Maybut and not have to spend a lot of time on the reserve reserve for the large amount of products and low rates for the last, periodically conduct a strategic, internal, functional, annual.