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Economic analysis - Bolyukh M.A., Burchevsky V.Z.

14.13. Intensive Complex Vitrati

Of the most comprehensive complex vitrities, you can see the following self -sustaining statutes: lose your marriage, spend more time on the preparation and development of new products, new technologies, and technologies; vitrati for warranty repairs, warranty of service products, science-based robots .

On the article “Repeat marriage”, the cost of the remaining parts and parts that are rejected, the quality of the components, the quality of the materials, the availability of the necessary rates, the need to change the costs of the installation, the for the sake of yogy possible vikoristannya), getting married with os_b-vinuvattsіv marriage and postachnik_v zg_dno with claims for posting nedobroyakіsnyh materіalіv. So, for our mental pіdpriemstva zagalnі otrati vіd marriage (div. Tab. 12.12) became 34 yew. UAH

Analyze the statutes “Repeat marriage” to carry out, intermittently correct the number of residual rejected parts, the amount of marriage, the total amount of marriage and the total cost of the goods in absolute terms; recognize the dynamics, straightforwardly of the forms of marriage and the second warehouse parts.

Dzherelyami analizu є danі analitichnogo oblika and posaoblіkova informatsіya.

Reasons for marriage are manifested in acts of honor, in cases of marriage, in marriage, in advertising, in repairs, in technical repairs, in technical inspection and maintenance. Short-term marriage at the office є a reserve for lower maintenance and higher prices for products.

The analysis of the most comprehensive articles should be carried out, most often actual and planned, as well as planned, re-qualifying for the actual oversight of realizatsii. In such a way to recognize the absolute vіdnosne vіdhilennya (saving chi re-spending). Dzherelami analizu є analitichny rozrahunki koshtorisu, regional accounting records, indicators plan. Do not wait for a shortened vitrate є reserve of lowered sobartostі products.