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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


6.1. Visiting and chronological periods of the Renaissance and Reformation

The terms "Vidrodzhennya" and "Reformatsiya" characterize the singing period in the history of Western Europe. Tsey perіod viznachayut yak perekh_dnu dobud vid Serednyovіchchya until New time. Vidrodzhennya - understood more broadly, it is necessary to determine the value of the whole.

The reform calls to look like another way to develop a well-known European and small city in the territories of Central and Eastern Europe (so-called Pivnichny Vrodzhennya).

The term "Vіdrodzhennya" (FR. Renaissance , Italian. " Rіnashіmento ") was introduced into the coop at the XVI st. Italian painter and historical mysterious Giorgio Vazarі . The successors and accomplices of Vazar’s at the end of the year have contributed the most significant: in the first place, they interpreted the same way as before the ideals and values ​​of antiquity; in a different way, ototozhnuvavalsya with Christ Sunday - Sunday (Great birth until the new life after the death of citizens and death). At the XVIII century. the prominent French philosopher Voltaire and the enlightenment taught the period to the Middle Ages, respected the cultural tradition, and the period XIV - XVI century Bouv, to ıhnyu Dumka, I will complete the just vidrodzhenniya science and mystery. With easy hands of French educators of the XVIII century at the national level, the anti-historical scheme is closed: ancient culture - Middle-aged (zupinka in cultural development) - vidrodzhennya of ancient culture and culture engulfed (cob of new history).

Doba Vidrodzhennya will rejuvenate two tables - XV and XVI. However, the “prelude” is fixed even from the 14th century. - by the first "people of Vіdrodzhennya" to respect the philosophy of the philosopher and poet Kola dі Rіncі i the poet Francesco Petrarch . It is customary to respect the same, that “at the doorway” of the good, standing there is a prominent Italian singer Dante Aliguri, who is called the remaining poet Serednyovichchya and at once is the first poetry of the New Hour.

“Epilogue” extends to the cob of the XVII century - remained the representative of Vidrodzhennya vvazhaetsya іtalіysky writer-humanist Tommaso Campanella . In Italy, there was a lot of trials to do, and in the rest of the countries there was less ten years, the remaining period of the last and the highest period of the Reformation can be seen on a limited basis.

At 20 - 50-rr. XVI century cultural life is not less than Italy, and the last of the Ukrainian cities can be repaired as new, and call Yak "good mannism." Відповідно new style is formed. In the Italian literature, the style of " Mannerism " took shape before the cob of the Counter-Reformation. Vin vinik is one of the most legitimate laws of internal protection of production. Literature of Pivnichny Vidrodzhennya before extinction of man-ism, but counter-renaissance to establish the whole low scribe in France and English. Tse poet Pleiades, Montaigne and Shakespeare .