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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

6.1.1. Svitoglyadny foundations doby Vіdrodzhennya. Renaissance humanism, its evolution and characteristic signs

The main reason is that the recognition of Vidrodzhennya will expand to the whole European culture of the XV century. The first part of the 16th century, the pole for that, with the strong boules of the internal tendency cultural process. Everybody has an hour everywhere to expand to a new humane sense of self-determination. Saint Vydrodzhennya Buv Indoctrination with an intimate harmony in harmony, in the strength of the will of the people-hero, in those who have people - the world of all speeches.

The idea of ​​renaissance of cultural renaissance of humanism.

Humanism Vidrodzhennya - that’s why I’ve got the best of Chergu, newer things to be received, more understanding of all the great people, of healthy life, wrap around them for the benefit of all the treasures of nature. Renaissance humanism is also a newer topic about people, a new thing, a leading role in the sphere of human knowledge, a new science method, which has been added to the development of natural sciences. The term "humanism" resembles the Latin " humanus" - human, human . Having appeared a new complex of human sciences - studia humanitatis. A lot of grammar and rhetoric, traditionally weave in the middle of the system, learn the complex and learn new disciplines: history, ethics, philosophy, poetics, pedagogy. With these galaxies, knowing how professionally the new firmware of the Intellectuals - Humanity is going to take care of. They would sing poetry philosophers, philologists and historical scholars, individual individuals and clergy. Humanism vіdkinuv usі zovnіshnі authority. Win against the self-appointed self-sufficiency. The ideological basis of the new artistic conception has become the concept of absolute freedom of God’s singularity.

For humanism, it was characteristic of the state of pragneny to the viroblennya of new social and ethical ideas. The gentry of humanity voted nobility for their liking, but for the intellect. The stench has shanuvali special merits, but not noble titles. Oznakuyu humanism was also more critical than putting up to the present camp of the Catholic Church, which is especially important, the life-time inconsistency of the monopoly in the intellectual activity of the suspension. Humanism categorically without spoiling the church. Vin stjerjuv the priority of the rosum according to the vision of the authority of vir. From now on, characteristic of the characteristic humanism раг pragnennya to humanity, the creation of good minds of life. Humanism can be repaired Todi, codi ludina is repairedє think about your role in light, about meaning and meta of your life.

Self-control and self-control

1. Do you want to see the chronological period of the Renaissance and Reformation?

2. Explain who has the essence to understand Vіdrodzhennya, Reformation.

3. Why should the term Vidrodzhennya extend to the whole European culture of XV? ear of the XVI century?

4. Explain the meaning of the term "humanism" from the point of view of philosophical visibility.

5. Why do people of the age of Vidrodzhenny respect the middle age of “barbaric” and “wild”?

6. What is the reason for the Renaissance humanism?

7. Roskazhit about the evolution of humanity.

8. Yaka nova rice humanism? Whom did she feel?

9. Yake spіvvіdnoshenny mіzh humanity and antichnistyu?

10. Prepare for the Humanity and Renaissance.