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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

6.2. Social and economic spiritual re-creation in Europe, XIV – XVI centuries

Historic Tlo Dobi Vidrodzhennya

For the country of Europe, the doba of the great shocks, the most experienced and most experienced period in history. 24 grass 1453 RUR the Turkish sultan Muhammad II stormed by recognizing Constantinople, the capital of the Vizanti Empire. Tsya podiya marked the end of the middle period of history * 28. Highly Greek Greeks, who have flowed in all the holidays of the Turkish zagarbniks, settled in Nimetchini and France, ale the head office in Italy. At Zakhidna Europe’s hour, it’s “drowned at the blood” through the middle of the week. England didn’t take a hell of a superachka, she shouted poetically the name “The Red Chervona and the White Trojan”. In France, King Louis XI has chopped the heads of certain basal vassals - with such an order they win by “tidying up” the number of French dukes. At Nіmechchin’s, they trampled the bagatel’s princes, as if they didn’t recognize the emperor’s possessions, the country was experiencing horrible times. On Pіreneysky pіvostrovі the struggle was also sharpened. Don Carlos voroguvav іz the most powerful dad, the Arragon-Navarran king Juan II through the maternal decline. The Castilian kings fought an overwhelming struggle with the giants: they remained dominated by the new independence. Italy was torn apart by power, so by strangers. Vaughn was interrupted at the station’s station and was stocked up with princes and republics, but they vibrated one in one of the earth’s valves.

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In Italy, the process of suspension development is passed. Here the trade was in progress, and the capital was rolled up. In vidnosinyh s susidami, the power of fist law was suppressed by diplomacy. Above that, since the ancient civilization fell, the rosum has become popular again. Versailles dvoir, scho vvazhaetsya іdeal bliskuyuschego slustilstva, buv t_lki v_dbliskom іtalіyskі vitonchenostі vdach. The Academy of Philosophy, installed platonic Beneti in a special hall, were installed in the Italian Bula, they dealt without this order, picking up the shortest representatives of science and mysteries.

Otzhe, zovnіshnі th bulky vіyni boules іstorichnym aphid doby Vіdrodzhennya . Revolutionary evil, reckoning with a permanent formation, a new solution was forked in Niemechchin near the Great Selyansky district 1526 p. The first ruch in the chas with Thomas Müntzer, which was first at the European bourgeois revolution. At tsomu XVI century the second friend of the bourgeois revolution was in the Netherlands, as a result of the approval of the capital of the capital.