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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


Nayyaskravіche the art method is manifested in the architecture. The architecture of baroque heavy to the ensemble, to the organisation space. Tse maidani, palazzi, go down, fountains, parks terasi, pool skinny. In mіskih i zamіskih rezidentsіyah arhіtektura i sculpture toil єdine virіshennya: perevazhayut plasticity ozdoblennya of trivozhnoyu groyu tіnі i Svitla, paradnі іnter'єri of bagatokolіrnoyu sculptures lіplennyam, rіzblennyam, gilding, rozmalovanimi shades, SSMSC stvoryuyut іlyuzіyu rozverznutih sklepіn.

The early baroque did not find new types of palaces, villas, churches, and ale that gave them the most decorative elements. The Inter'єri of the Renaissance palazzos turned into an enfilade of written compartments, but a bit of respect was given to the master baroque by the courtyard, the palace garden. Parks adorned sculptures, fountains, and grottoes, and the decorative effect was settled by the rooftop ensemble with terraces on cool shields. Less at the period of the mature baroque (the other half of the XVII century) the palazzo is in a decorated dossier with more writing and magnitude.

At your place, you’ll be able to cope with new forms in architecture. The baroque architecture does not tolerate direct linearly sharpened static plains. We’ll go straight ahead to renaissance, but don’t turn around until we get straight ahead at the guest house, which is typical for Gothic, we have more time to see more. The baroque facades are more or less comfortable, the people who want to get erased, read the outline of the office, but there’s no way to go out in the open. The temple of the largest bathhouse of baroque churches to strike the altitude of the boundless dawning sky.

The temples of the mature baroque church (of the other half of the 17th century) have a higher degree of comprehension in writing, a little facade, a lesson of the church’s interior, as well as a theatrical rite of the Catholic service to become an integral part of the process The sculpture is tied to the architects, at the baroque (partly) it is impossible to reinforce the work of the architector and the sculptor’s robots.

In practice, the type of area was formed, simple and forgotten, as well as one monumental equipment and composition of the dominant. The outsider of the whole square was overturned on its own entrance hall in front of the temple. Naikrashte is also the order of the virishiv at the period of the mature baroque Italian architect and sculptor Lorenzo Giovanni Bernіnі (1598–1680), if equipped with the Colonnade of St. Petra in Rome (1657–1663). Tse golovny yogo vitvіr. Glibina maidanu - 280 m; at the center there is an obelisk, the fountain of the whole church is transverse, and the Maidan itself is approved by the colonnade of the church of the order of 284 columns of the Tuscan order of the curtain of 19 m, beautifully decorated with no statues.

Characteristic for the Svitsko architektori baroko is the farthest development of the Moscow palace. With all kinds of impressions of the type є Church of San Lorenzo (1624–1683), the Palazzo Carignano in Turin, having equipped the great master of the baroque baroque, architector and presentations of Guarino Guarini (1624–1687).

In the Baroque era, the baguettes of those who were so hostile to their beauty were ruined: the Church of Santa Maria della Victoria at Rome, the Church of Santa Maria della Salute at Venice, the boutique of Rubens, the Church of the Holy Virgin, the Church of the Holy Virgin Відні, the palace Tsvіnger near Dresdenі, the Winter Palace near the St. Petersburg ensembles of Tsarskoye Selo (architector Bartholomew Rastrelli (1700–1771)). Budivli (churches of San Carlo alle Cuatro Fontane, Sant'Ivo u Rimi) for the projects of the Italian architector Francesco Borromini (1599-1667) celebrated the chimera with plastic and the original form, they were embellished with a number of sculptures and decorations.

It is well known from the architecture of Bula that sculpture is called. The dynamism of baroque sculptures, I want to reassure myself of the renaissance sculptures, the wiklik is not optimistic of the ability, magnitude, and ability of people, but the accumulation of lightness, vitality, I feel unrealistic, unearthly affable.

One of the main genres of baroque sculptures is a portrait. Nasampered, all the robots, figuratively, there were no such things as between the one and the same vitality lessons, becoming established. The prototype and the middle ones bore a glimpse of spiritual and viral imagery (portraits of the Duke of Modensky, Francisco d'Єste and Ludovic XIV, Vicon Bernini). Significantly, at the sculpture of the Baroque era, they posed statues for the Moscow fountains (Trevi fountain at Rome) and landscape gardening plastic.