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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


The coils of the theatrical mystery of Ukraine swear down the princely doby, if the mandarin actors and moorings have flattered the people with their actions - dances, songs, wait and see that they are relevant.

Learn to allow, that zrazki folk art, as before reached our time, the other half of the XVII - XVIII centuries. Mali Yaknshayshe pobutuvannya in Ukraine.

On the other half of the eighteenth - first half of the eighteenth century. seizure є period of further development of coarse napriktsi ХVІ Art. Ukrainian school theater .

In the course of poetry and rhetoric, they were taught in Ukrainian schools at the other half of the XVII century, we were reached only in the XVII century, and they gave a specific announcement about the oath of knowledge, and we especially taught them mystery The poetics teacher, who wants to read the cobs of recitation, and the viral reading of the teacher of rhetoric, wrote and wrote dramatic works. If you want to create a small, relational and didactic character, that’s why you’ve been able to do it with your friends and children, and you’ll be able to attend a lively meal of happiness.

At the XVII century. On the territory of Galichini in Kyiv, there are images of poetic panegyrics written in the form of recitation in baroque style.

In the middle of school dramas written and extended by the extension of the first half of the 18th century, mostly a musician should be promoted to perform dramas of a holy and long cycle. Acts from them came to us without headings, dates, actions, actions - anonymous and without dates written chi vistavi.

Naikrashchyu Ukrainian drama school type morality є “Resurrection of the Dead” George Konyskogo . P'єsі has a clear picture of social irregularities, hard-working and exploitation of ordinary people with the highest authority, lack of confidence in front of representatives of the government, unjust conviction, and unjust conviction.

Dramas on historical ones became the pinnacle of the Ukrainian school dramaturgy of the first half of the XVIII century. (The Vladimerer Feofan Prokopovich (1705), The Joseph Patriarch Lavrentiya Gorky (1708), The Grace of God ... by an unknown author (1728).

At the tragedy “Vladimer”, it’s possible to learn about adopting Christianity by Prince Volodymyr Svyatoslavich, but just to be honest about the sovereign-cultural dyalnist of the hetman Ivan Mazepi, who was dedicated to TV.

On the other half of the eighteenth - first half of the eighteenth century. seizure is a significant number of long-standing Ukrainian Intermediate. The stinks mean the characters of the characters are warm, lively, entertaining, comedic contrasts and compositional string.

Popularizers of the media at the national middle ground were extremely important for students (students) of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, schoolchildren of the same number of students in Ukraine. Especially the hour of vacancy, to earn a living so that they could live, they stole the intermediation of whist.

At the practice of the Ukrainian School Theater XVII – XVIII art. Intermedium was presented to another row of completely serous drama.

At the middle of the XVI century. The den is a Lyalkov folk theater . The pecher was called the nativity scene, Jesus Christ was born. For whistleblowing, the screen was displayed at the foresight of the double-handed budinochka, and the frogs were brought down from the ruh for the help of the thread. In the upper parts, the scenes were engraved on the larger plots, in the lower parts, the people’s poobutov. Vertavi vistavi vlashtovuvalsya on the trading areas, at the boulevards of the mines of the goats and towns. Diyovimi of the nativity scene whistled boules of villagers, Cossacks, “Muscovites”, “Poles”, Hebrew, pop and that’s the main heroes, widely imagined a folk trick and sound. Nowadays, scenes from the life of the mayor, the panel and the priest often took revenge on the satire, for which the author was listened to by the government officials.

Outstretched the other half of the XVII - the first half of the XVII century. among the people they’ve wondered about the elements of theatrical performances, and are satisfied with the appearance of the front end. The water-hour school theater in Ukraine has a number of baroque features, and moreover, one of these cultural figures has become more and more theater-like. Theatrical elements were one of the signs of the imperious kind of baroque synthesis of mysteries, which is to beat the super-quickness of the most holy people, to reconcile them to the middle-aged recession and to make things happen to people.
It is tied up with a dramatic drama and an intermediation, re-framed in front of a Moscow public, a drama with a stretch of the XVIII century. And especially with the other half of the bull, a beloved species, I am satisfied with the aesthetic needs of the largest folk masses.

Until the XVIII century to lay the ears of the theater of democratic pro-populations in the population of Ukraine. For information about the theatrical mystery of the house, which are the most ambitious vistavis in the 30s of the 18th century. at Glukhovі. G. Kvіtka-Osnov'yanenko write, which is in Kharkiv near the 80s rr. XVIIІІ Art. Having dismissed the Amator Theater, ale, through the presence of a constant sense of respect, and after an hour, having unfastened one’s unconsciousness.

Vidomo, scho in Kiev from the governor’s order of 1789-1790 rr. at the royal palace, (the March palace) the Russian vistavi for "noble fellowship" dominated, and for example, in 1790 - on the cob of 1791 rr. here came the іtalіyska corpse.

Ukrainian theater of the other half of the XVII – XVII centuries Having a clear view of the history of Ukrainian culture.

XVIІ - Persian half of the XVIII century boulevard is an important stage in developing Ukrainian culture. Having continued the traditions of long-standing Russian culture, Ukrainian culture has manifested itself in the minds, such as building up, guilty blames, to bring до ies to recognition, asimilar cultures. It’s known that people were strong, they weren’t saved only by visiting the national culture, but by and by, they were self-confident, with the dominant rice. Rozvitok Ukrainian culture vidbuvavsya at tisnuyu for free from the link with the national-arbitrary rule against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the peak of the yakoy became viyna 1648-1657 pp. However, the distribution of Ukrainian lands between the two empires, the autonomy of Ukraine by the Russian kingdom, the liquidation of the hetman, the fence of the Ukrainian nation, the russia of the upper XVIII century. the situation was important for Ukrainian culture again.

At Kozatsku Dobu, Ukraine sent a message to the middle of the powers of Europe.

Power that zavdannya

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Describe the art of life in Europe.

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What is the type of cultural-enlightenment of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy?

Patron of culture dіyalnіst I. Mazepi.

A certain insignia was scribbled by the polemic writers (I. Gizel, L. Baranovich, I. Galyatovsky), XVII art. to Ukrainian culture?

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Formation of theatrical mystery in Ukraine.