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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


8.1. The main characteristic is the development of the country of Europe and America in another period of new history.

The new hour is the historical and cultural system, which has been put together and is now on the cob of the XVII century until the 1980s. XIX century at Western Europe. America. The current system is one of renewal of civilization, economic, social, political, cultural manifestations, historical forms of life of people. At the XVII-XIX centuries. new-European civilization, rosquit, realizable mortgages. З кінця ХІХ Art. there is a period of rethinking and criticism of ideas and values ​​of the New Hour.

XIX century May be invested in another period of new history. Chronological time period - 1789-1880 All the best in capital formations in Europe. Virshalnu role in the whole process of the Great French Revolution of 1789-1799 pp. I governed by Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon Priyshov, born 1799, was given the title of the First Consul by the First Consul. From 1804 to 1815, Napoleon was Emperor of France). The powers of Napoleon economically, politically, and legally, and bourgeois suspension dominated their classic forms. The formations of the course of the Napoleon’s wars were driven by the powers that were before, but they surrendered voluntarily. Promotional coup d'etat, winery mechanized virobility, quicker economic growth in Europe and America. At the middle of the 19th century Classes of national and superelasticity are sharpened, which can lead to the revolution of 1848-1849, the interior is very low in Europe, the United States is huge (1861-1865). At the 80th rr. XIX century in Europe, political stability is established, as it was before the first time (1914-1918).

At the ХІХ Art. promulgate bourgeois development of science. In literature and mysticism, such and such are straightforward, like romanticism, empresionism and post-empresionism. Mitsno to stay in the literary and figurative mystery creative method of realism.