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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

Theatrical mystery

Z 40 pp. XIX century theatrical on the right in Ukraine is more systematic. Activate the censorship of the national corpse and the original dramatic repertoire. Yakshcho in the first half of the nineteenth century Ukraine hung out more than an oracle of talented letters, in a warehouse of a Russian corpse, a theater showed up in Ukrainian (M. Shchepkin, K. Solenik, S. Gulak-Artemovsky street), then there were 50 and then the professional theatrical jackets of the corpse, the founders of such bully P. Nishchinsky, M. Kropyvnytsky, M. Staritsky, I. Karpenko-Kariy, M. Sadovsky, P. Saksagansky, P. Markovich, and in Galichins, O. Bochinsky .Molenitsky and ін. The exchanges of more than a kolkom with the classic poems of I. Kotlyarevsky and G. Kvitki-Osnov'yanenka, the Ukrainian repertoire can be accessed by different genres by T. Shevchenko, Y. Kuharenka, S. Pisarevsky, L. Glibova, S. Storozhenka, O. Storzenka, Gulak-Artemovsky, R. Mokh, I. Gushak, P. Svintsіtsky, K. Ustinovich, O. Ogonovsky, F. Tsarevich and іn.

Spirayayutsya on the short tradition of their predecessors, on the front of I. Kotlyarevsky, T. Shevchenko, Ukrainian dramaturgy of the other half of the nineteenth century. It was famous for its low name and drama, as well as the actor, whose talent was unique to Ukrainian culture, by combining the development of the national spiritual bridge and the national and spiritual video production of the Ukrainian people. Among them are Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky (“Marusya Boguslavka”), Marco Kropyvnytsky (1841-1910, “Give me your heart, bring him into captivity”), Mikhailo Staritsky (“For the Two Hares”, “Sorochinsky Fair”, “Rizdv'yana nich” ”), Ivan Karpenko-Kariy ,“ Naimichka ”,“ Beztalanna ”,“ One Hundred Thousands ”,“ Martin Borulya ”). Significantly, the bouv drama sidewalk of P. Mirny (“Limerivna”, “Povіya”), I. Franka (“Stolen Happiness”, “Teacher”, “Kam'yana Soul”), B. Grinchenka (“Stepoviy Gist”, “Clear Zorya” ”), L.Ukraine (“ Lisova Pisnya ”,“ Boyar ”).

Recovering from the Persian Amator Corpse at the 60s Rr. in сlisavetgradi, Ukrainian actors have arranged high professional theatrical teams, which are on the cob of the twentieth century. in Ukraine, about 20 were blown up, and at once with amateurs, it was at least 300. The main streets of the Ukrainian professional theater were prominent Ukrainian actors M. Kropyvnytsky, M. Sadovsky , I. Tobilevich , L. Kvitka , M. 3ankovetska , M. Staritsky , P. Saksagansky. Heads of the Ukrainian Buli Theater: fight against Russification; the form of a shabby shutter to the Ukrainian people of the same culture; the destruction of socially significant nutrition is skinny.

At 1864 p. near Lviv bulo the Ukrainian theater “ Ruska Besida ” was founded, a kind of charming O. Bachinsky .

Ukrainian Theater Kіntsya XIX - the cob of the XX century. for their subject matter we’ve gone too far. Ale tіsniy zv'yazok with popular culture robbed the yogh popular. Academician M. Grushevsky has so much appreciated the importance of the Ukrainian theater on the international table: “For a wide audience with unstable books, the Ukrainian theater is great. Ukrainian corpses came to their senses all at once, augmented by the hour, they became all ransacked by their rivals ’, not relying on the wretched repertoire’ on the top of their minds; Moscow people ”.

Self-control and self-control

Roskazhit about the form of a historical look at the person and the art method he invented with him.

Reraise the basic principle of the realistic method.

Name new genres in European literature of the 19th century

Give viznazhennya creative method of realism in the European educational mystery.

Name representatives in realism in Ukrainian literature.

Rose about the form of Ukrainian national self-bridges.

Describe the health of the Ukrainian suspension thoughts of the nineteenth century.

Why do I respect T. Shevchenko as a fellow-countryman of the popular culture of the Ukrainian people?

Write an essay on one of the topics addressed:

The role of intelligence in the national-cultural Ukraine.

The moral and social themes in Ukrainian literature of the nineteenth table.

Dyalnist of the Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood.

Ukrainian suspension thought of the 19th century: a development of science and philosophy.

Socially democratic democratic creativity of Mark Vovchok, I. Nechuya-Levitsky, P. Mirny, I. Frank, Lesya Ukrainy, P. Grabovsky (behind the vibor).

Fundators of new Ukrainian literature in Galichinі: M. Shashkevich, I. Vagilevich, Y. Golovatsky, M. Ustiyanovich, A. Mogilnitsky, O. Duhnovich (behind the vibor).

Ukrainian painting of the other half of the 19th century

Victory of ethnographic elements in the Ukrainian architec tural study of mystery of the 19th century

Confused Ukrainian professional theater: I. Kotlyarevsky, T. Shevchenko, M. Staritsky, M. Kropyvnytsky, I. Franko, M. Zankovetska, V. Vinnichenko, L. Kurbas, M. Kulish, Y. Yanovsky (behind the vibrator).

Ukranian mystery of the rest of the nineteenth century

Russian music of the middle and other half of the 19th century

Gromadske life of Rosії 40 - 60's pp. XIX century

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