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Culturology - T. Gritsenko

8.5.4. Postimpresionism

Roskadayuchis, empresionism having generated at the very same place of protection, as a result, we went over the captivating landscapes to “synthesis”, to painting the spirit. Artists who are known in history as postimpresionists — Cézanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin — didn’t mean anything by the program, but the method by the skin, since they were more creative, more and more. Post-painting is not afraid to be intellectual, not trying to theoretically draw up its own artistic names.

Paul Cézanne, having distributed his creative hat with empresionists and all life to his name, signed pictures, having finished the “Teaching Picappo”. By taking part in the first year of history in 1874, after visiting Provence, he left alive by himself, strained bagato pratsyuvav. Ale Cézanne is not a supporter, but one is more reactive and empathic as a way and a manner of painting. Cezanne didn’t miss the creative work of folding folding: portraits of close people, friends and beautifull self-portrait, landscape (“Take care of Marni”), still life (“Still life with oranges and apples”), tipi portraits (“Kurets”), hourly plot ( in the picture ”) - there is spelling, freezing and zerezhengenostі. But at all times there is no etude, and the completion of the twip, picture: nature, people are portrayed at all their own values. The essence of the new thing that Cézanne was struck by is that the color does not convey reality, the color manifests itself in the geometric structure of natural forms. Instead of obvious vipadostivost іmpresіonіstіv Cezanne prіsіt almost masi, plasticity, clarity of forms, steel, carbaznuyu vraznіst ("Portrait of the artist's team"). Ta boules on the whole hat I go. So, in practice, I’m almost invisible (don’t see clearly what kind of fruit the image is, for example), ay zmalyuvannі people are awesome abstract and soulless, more than an artist isn’t able to convey the spiritual light of people, they’re able to convey the subject matter. The most beautiful side of Cezanne is color. At fake yogo art conception cubes were moving.

“Great Dutchman” Vincent Van Gogh ( Vincent Villem ) can be called a post-empresionist. Ta Bán Gogh - the most realist, more often recognizing the virnist skin principle of empresionism. Vivchati nature, behind Van Gogh, demanding, nevertheless, a new thought, “to paint some pictures that are ready to be remembered”. Bog Gog rіshuche vіdkidav firmament, nіbi mystistva baiduzhiy subject of the image. I nevertheless, Van Gogh recognized the experience of technology and technology, it became a new city, a city of honor, a palette of public roads (“Road to Overflowers”, “Chervonі vineyards”). Yogo mystery is not spooky мил to spontaneous miluvannya, it’s amazingly shaky, a glance, more than Ban Gogh in his paintings filled the souls of the soul of an extremely ordinary people. Yogo creativity is about ten years old, and the most important thing is to keep the rock. There are troublesome, untrustworthy people who, as a result of which, when he had adjusted his paintings, they grasped the grasp before the light and the penetration of almost self-restlessness, restless restless, painful tugs. Van Gogh triumphantly imagined the super-hype and the injustice of life, the desire to put people in a new place (“Walking in love”, “Self-portrait with great eyes”), a th to nature. Pіd yogo penzlem image of simple objects ("Bedroom") matched by drama. Bin olyudnyuv light speeches, nad_lyayuyuchi yogo vlasnuyu girkoy hopelessness. The interior of the exposition of yogic paintings is reached by special ways of imposing farby, hourly zigzag-like, and often parallel strokes, like the “Khatinah”, the earth and the hatinai are smeared by brushstrokes, just walk the same in the simplicity.

Fields to Eugene Henry Gauguin it was more than thirty years of age, if, having rendered service to the bank, having considered systematically, he would take up painting. The productive period of life on Taiti. Pіd vlpom іmpresіonіzmu Gauguin virobiv vlasnu manner. The artist spіvrobіtnichav with poetry-symbols and vvavav himself symbolism. Gauguin didn’t stumble in “pure idea”, skilki weren’t satisfied with that naturalistic tendency, like Ya vin vidchuvav at empresionism. The historians of the mystery call on Gauguin no less with symbolism, and with the broadest, for example, XIX - the cob of the XX century flowing, I will call Ya distal primitivism.

Gauguin was browning borderlessly forgiven with a pattern, the formation of objects from one’s deliberately flat, the barves are clean and beautiful, and the compositional may have an ornamental character. Vin namisno pavuvuv perspective, having painted a wrong way, like to revel in a human eye, and like in hot want to reprimand everything in nature. Gauguin rediscovering the real nature on the decorative barvisty vіzerunok. Yoga Movement is hyperbolized. Vin pіdsilyuv іntensivnost tonіv, bogo yogo Tsikaviv not kolir singing grass, and the color of grass ignited. The artist didn’t browl with the latest models, but overlaid the caliph with flat plains, in contrasting portions. Kolip vin rozumіv symbolically. Be the subject of Gauguin’s victories for that, so that you can choose a self-contained, independent view of the TV model, one that can be fully abstracted, I want to take a look at the interior of the artist.

Self-control and self-control

To name the main principle of the art of direct impresionism.

Expand the character of the art of direct articulation and ideology of positivism.

Name the main representatives of empresionism in European painting and sculpture.

Yakim buv creative method artist_v-іmpresіonіstіv?

Yakim Bulo stavlennya painters іmpresіonіstіv to color?

Show the character of the spirit of philosophical song and voluntarism and creativity and empire and post.

Write an essay on one of the topics addressed:

Empresionism is the first place in painting and sculpture.

Creativity of prominent mitzviv-empresionists: E. Manet, C. Monet, O. Benoir, E. Degas, K. Pisarro, O. Rodena (behind the vibrator).

E. Zola and the French.

Element іmpresііnіzmu u creativity of Ukrainian writers: Lesі Ukraіnki, M. Kotsyubinsky, O. Kobilyansky.

Creativity of the prominent mitzviv-postimpresionists: V. Van Gogh, P. Gopen, P. Cezan (behind the vibrator).

Add a speech:

We’re the first representative of empresionism in the educative mystery to get involved ...

Golovnim at the mysteries іmpresіonіstіv Bulo ...

Empresionism residually viviv painting on ...

Light of imperial painting - total light ...

The program іmpresіonіzmu naykrashche delivered three articles ...