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Culturology - T. Gritsenko


Abstraction (lat.Abstractus - vidocrony, vidirvaniye) - directly at the modern mysticism of the twentieth century, scho a whole vidmovlyaetsya vid realistic image of objects and appearances.
Avant-gardism (fr. Avante-garde - advanced zagin) - an up-to-date term for the designation of innovative strains in the art of the 20th century, for the distinctive characterization of new, unconventional interests.
Acmeism (gr.akme - peak, rosquite, third step of something else) - modernistic flow to the old cob of the twentieth century. Acmeisti voted vidhid vid symbolism with the fourth mysticism, the encrypted word meaning, pragnenyam turn to the light of reality. Poetry-acmeist is characterized by philosophical problems and social issues.
Body-art (English body-art, mystery of body) - one of modernist directness, representatives of a kind who look at it completely, like material and creative work, a lot of fun, shy of tearing, going into demonstrations.
Hyperrealism (all kinds of gimper, half-life and realism) - flowing into the imaginative mystery of the United States and Europe, representatives of Japan reluctantly rely on photographs for the help of picturesque and graphic interests.
Dadaism (fr. Dadaisme, vid dada - childish conic, hand-childish babble) - modernistic flow in the literary and creative school of mystery of the West in the twentieth century. Characteristics of dadaism: anti-esthetism, zumisny primitivism. Dadaism is the successor of surrealism.
Dodekafoniya (from the gr. - two-hundred and nine-sounding) - composition technology, is based on all 12 of the most equal, functional, independent colors of chromatic gams. Operate the sound material in such a way as to ensure that the sound does not repeat itself, often resulting in chaotic, chaotic sounding.
Existentialism (lat.existentia - religion, buttya): 1. Idealistic philosophical flow, I would like to prevent the occurrence of bootytism, we really need to respect less than that, to insist on the lack of independence. 2. The flow of literary modernism. Vinikla in mobile rock, extended hours and hours of Other Holy Events. Characteristics: sub'ktivism, indivualism, pesimism, the prohibition of violent violence.
Expressionism (French expression - virality, supremacy) - directly at the European literature and the mystery of the first ten of the twentieth table. Head in the expression of a rotten subversion of the subtle manifestations of the Mitzvah, scho was enlarged by a pull to irrationality, zostroennoe emotion and grotesque.
Kinetic mystery (gr. Kinemos - rukhoviy, rushіyniy) - directly at the mystical mystery of the 50-60s rock of the XX century Representatives tsyogo straightforwardly magnified to shut rukhomі designs, went into the light of efektivy.
Kinomistetstvo - mystestvo viddvorennya on the screen image, so as to see the hostility of real reality.
Kitsch ( n. Kitsch - cheap products, nesmak, verkitschen - cheap to sell) - directly from the current culture, lotteries for the mass market, which is characterized by primitiveness, lack of identity, razvazhalnost; masova products, amused with relish and rozovranovanie on the best effect.
To the conceptual mystery is one of the current avant-garde, what is more of an eye to the artistic creation of a demonstration of ideas, to understand the concept. The representatives of the organization are involved in the creation of traditional art and are drawn to conceptual objects, which can be done in the form of ideas and projects and supervised by letters, texts, and serious interventions.
Cubism (fr. Cubisme, type cube - cube) - modernistic style in the Western-European model-making cob of the twentieth century;
Masov’s culture - right at the culture of the other half of the twentieth century, redemption for accessibility to the wider faiths of the population, low spirits of sprynyattya, decency.
Minimalism (lat. Minimalis - the least) one of the directs of the mysteries of the 60–70s pp. The twentieth century, create some kind of amusement of the traditional decorativeness, most often be reduced to the simplest geometric shapes. Minimalism of representations by the head office of sculpture and painting.
Modernism ( fr . Moderne - present, new) - the name of the artist is twentieth century. The modernism of the authorities has been broken up with the ideas and artistic principles of the classic mystery, the creation of new artistic forms and supreme interests.
Neo - realism - direct in the Italian film and literature of the 40-50s pp. XX century The neo-realism рис democracy and humanism, the respect to the life of simple people, the manifestation of the documentary basis for the creation (the principle of virnost fact) are the vis-à-vis rice of neorealism;
Op-art (eng.op-art, short-form optical art - optic mystery) - straight from mystical modernism of the 60s pp. The twentieth century, which is more detailed in the painting and decorative effects of simple geometrical forms, which are soundly framed for the optical effect.
Performance (Eng. Performance - Vikonannya, Zdіysnennya) - one is direct from the modernist mystery. Winik in the 60s pp. XX century Warehousing of the vikonanna is supposedly planned in front of the public. Gladachi obmeshuyutsya passive roll, and do not take part in action.
Pop art (born pop art, popular art is popular) - neo-avant-garde direct in the 60s. Twentieth century, scho on the protivag to the abstract mystery of the masculine nature. Mitsy tsyogo straightforward victorious at their compositions pochutovy subjects, promyslovі vіhodhodi skinny.
Postmodern (those who are now looking for modernity) - straightforwardly with the current culture, which has formed in the 70s. XX century
Symbolism - modern literary direct kіntsya ХІХ –ХХ Art. Winik at France. The symbols of art were seen in the image of real life and by the method of their creativity, they respected the gift of the consecrated beauty of light. An artistic symbol was placed on the stony image of the stench, so a number of meanings should be avenged. They sensed themselves over their creators of musicality, soundness, and they respected music with mystery.
Suprematism (lat. Supremus - naivishchiy) - і a kind of abstraction_ionism; create suprematism by combining colorful geometric shapes (square, tricot, colo).
Surrealism (French surrealism, literally - suprarealism) is a modern flow in literature and mystery of the twentieth century;
Totalitarianism (French totalite - sukupnіst, povnota, vid Latin. Totus - uves, tsliy) - a form of sovereign rule, which is characterized by the reign (total) control of the state over usima spheres of life of suspension, liquidation of democratic freedoms.
Fauvism (fr. Fauves - wild) - one of direct modernism, for a kind of power, the same style, “aggressive” colors, decorativeness, plastic deformation.
Futurism (lat. Futurum - maybutnє) is an avant-garde direct in literature and mystery, representatives of which have become magnetized to take the mystery of maybutny, they have promoted classic art fiction, promoted idiom fiction, urban form, land.
Hepening (Eng. Happening - Podia, Vipadok) - straight from the modernist mystery, scho winik from the 50s pp. XX century in the USA. Basically hepening is a vision of the artist as unplanned in front of the public for that fate.