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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. The system of economic laws. Mechanism of the economy of economic laws

The problem of interchange and interconnection of economic manifestations, processes, laws - one of the best ones in the political economy. Holovne in nii - the fulfillment of economic laws from the point of view of their daily lives, state of affairs, subordination and the state of economic systems. Nevipadkovo is the subject of a political system of economic laws, which govern the laws of law, rozpodil, exchange and exchange of benefits for the individual development of suspension.


Saving the law, wait for the turnaround of the daily vidnosin, as a result of productive forces. For the sake of understanding the “economical law”, please follow the laws of the Philosophy to formulate the law in order to increase the number of cards: first, the law of superelevation is clear; in a different way, whose name is to become apparent about the necessary, causal-inferior deposits; in the third place, the remainder of the turn in exchange between the cloisters (processes), as a result of which one of them is pouring in on the other hand.

That is the economic law, as it was envisaged earlier, the turn is the best, the internal, the steel, the cause and the next, regularly repeated the calls and the deposits are more economical and the processes.

It is economical, yak bend law, avenging more directly, and not a particular hat. The water time is economical, violated by law, visually recognized, I’m not directly ready for recipes. Yakshcho people recognized the need to economically need, then by themselves, they can make it possible for the sake of one of the victorious people.

Economical laws do not use one kind of one, but in a single system, together with each other. The skin of them is characterized by less than the other aspect of the sound and the function of managing less in the range of economical processes, appearances.

The nature of the economical laws makes it possible to zoom in on the situation, because of the stench not to blame the absolute character of the diy, but the tendency to appear. All this is explained, in the first place, tim, shcho d'ya be-yakoy law to be baptized from the last; in a different way, like the leather one, because of the most ecomic laws, so the whole system as a whole, the inside is superlative and the price is clear; in the third, economical laws appear in different forms. By virtue of this stench, it is through vіdhilennya vipadkovіst.

The review of economic laws requires a prism to zoom in and I need to understand and understand such terms as the “mechanism of economic laws” and the “mechanism of economic laws”.

Under the mechanism of economic laws and rules of law, the accuracy of sound and accumulation of deposits and processes of economic life in self-development and self-regulation. MECHANISM Іх вікорстання - Це realizatsiya of the most complete minds (recognition of the laws, setting the goals and the designation of the gentry osh reach skinny).

The two understandings are not the same as you should, so I resist. To point at the point of zoro to the names of mechanisms is meant to put the sub-active factor on the forefront, and the active activity of the economic processes to another. Protesting the Veda to Fetish Economic Laws. The water hour is at a glance with the mechanisms of the pole at the interoperable and sub-active factors. It is especially peculiar to become specific rice, to characterize the functional mechanism of economic laws, and to the mind, to regulate sub-activity in case of vikoristan. The basis of such an approach is to lay the foundation of the active and sub-active and interconnected.

The analysis is a mechanism of economic laws, it is important to curtail respect on the basis of its functionality: oberactivity, systemicity, super-verbalism. The substantive nature of economic laws means that, in the first place, people can’t do it and they can be one and the same; in a different way, it’s stinky to be sure to know people; in the third place, in order to economize, it is imperative that you want people who are not. However, the validity of these laws does not mean that the suspension of powerlessness in front of them and the guilty plea of ​​giving birth to them. People can recognize their needs at a given objective need to realize their practical dyalnost. Such a possibility is laid down in the very nature of economic laws.

From the point of view of form and method of the future economic laws, they must be recognized as nature and sphere of society. People are waiting for diyali and diyatimut svіdomo. But if you are specific about the socially-economical mind, then the power of the laws of the world is unequal. Before such minds, to the best of my mind, the next step is to bring success to our own forms in the form of organization - form of organization and form of rukh.

For the minds of scientific and technological revolution, the potential and potential potential are reduced, the suspension character of the praxis is lost. More often than not, it is economically necessary to function through the activity of people. Remain unfeasible without nature. Therefore, please give me your attention to the fact that the mechanism of other economic laws is subject to the restriction of the laws of nature and the importance of nature in the process of publicity, because you need not only a limited amount of industrial knowledge.

Prior to the mechanism of economic laws by the organic part, the process of entering is included. Win in need of such a logical lancey: economical laws - economic categories - interests - organization of state formations, so that you can see more economic days up to the next day.

Alone of one knowledge, navigating the most important and most effective, is not enough for an effective victory of economic laws in practice. For the sake of the necessary suspension, you can find yourself in the hands of certain specific state minds with various laws.

The Mechanism of Victory of Economic Laws without Intermediate Obligations of the Laws of the Functional Law Glibina tsyogo ts'yazku suttvo signifies the nature of economic development. There are three possible options: 1) you can legally regulate the awakening of economic vimogs, while the same one stimulate the development of the economy; 2) if you have a law that you shouldn’t overlook the trends of economic development, so that you’ll fool the economy of economy; 3) for your understanding of the law of awakening, often vidpovidayut okremim straightforward economy, all the same for dynamic development on these voltages.

In the case of victorious economic laws, it is important to be careful not to lose your methodological strength, and specifically, socially and economically think and develop the productive forces of suspension. Suttnogo znachennaya zya obyavleniya nabuvaє in the transition economically, as long as the socially-economical mind is characterized by specific rice (for example, crisis, not less than economics, and the first sphere of suspended life).