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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Criteria of historical history of economic development

The universal law of economic progress є advancing the transition from lower to higher levels to develop productive forces. In the history of Europe’s suspension, we have to choose one, and as a result, they acted one by one. Formed and vіdpovіdnі criterion vіznachneny zikh etapіv. Find the right visibility for these benefits: formative, civil, technological.

Conceptual type of economic development of suspension

Formatsіyna of the concept of all-round appearance of the rosette of the suspension of the virology and the spread of human suspension. The development of suspension is based on the development of viral goods. Productive power - such taka lanka, yak viznacha all the development, ale dіn not silvery, but in full supply with viral foxes; All dialectically related to the one way virobnitsva. Productive power - dynamism, revolution side. The stinks signify the development of virologic vidnosin. At your house, virobnichі vidno-blue absorb on productive force. Oskіlki productive power dynamically, develop more quickly, winery guestbook conflict between these parties. Violnichny vidnosini perevoryutyutsya with the ruin of the forces of productive forces on their galmo. In order to meet this conflict, I’ll need to replace the old virological needs for progress, as I will understand the nature of the productive forces. To clarify this, I will need an effective need to develop suspension, and I myself will have to realize the social law of social and economic law - the nature of the viral behavior and the nature of the development of productive forces. From the first law to the law of the future socially-economic formations.

Socially-economic formation, for the named concept, to become a way of virology in an adequate way with an adequate super-budding, different and characteristic of the forms of people’s activity.

In the history of the development of humanity, the majority of social and economic forms were formulated, and they were formulated one by one, and they gave themselves the same meaning: primary communion, slave communion, feudal communalism, capitalism. The order of them in the 20-80-ies of the XX century. at the whole row of the country, the center of the SRSR, the territories of the Central and Central Europe having lost the socialist spirit.

In tsivіlіzatsіynіy kontseptsії nagoloshuєtsya to ensure scho cutaneous type tsivіlіzatsії pritamanny spetsifіchny to drain її rozvitku domіnuyuchy ob'єkt vlasnostі, yaky in particular svoєmu vtіlennі naypovnіshe vіdobrazhaє sposіb vzaєmodії s Person of nature, dosyagnuty rіven suspіlno-produktivnoї Sealy її pratsі i vіdpovіdno formatsіynі osoblivostі privlasnennya zasobіv I result of virobnitstva.

For the advancement of people’s development of humanity with such an object, it was a natural treasure - the land that is indispensable for the first and last generation, as well as for the first time, people are infused with the submission of the first priority. For these minds, the members of the first suspension assimilations — of SIM, family, community — were thoughtlessly put before a mid-way middle-house, as before a natural change of mind.

On this agrarian civilization domicile property of moisture as well as land. In order to promote the development of suspended productivity, the company progressively redirected from the collective basis of the recognition of people on the basis of specialization of the virological activity.

At the time of the development of industrial civilization, the view of machine virology, the first home property of moisture has become the human object of the viral symbol and the symbol of praxis. The need for higher concentration of industrial interests virobnostva zamovlennuyu acceleration of shredding between the world and the government, vidriva robotic power of productive minds of productive victoria. Forbidden to interrupt virobnitstva, vidchuzhenі vid vidobo ili forces, scored the capital form, scho perevodilsya on the basis of virobodnichny vidnosin industrial suspension. Vpidno to tsogo private power on the side of virobnitzva has become the pan-form of the economic system of capitalism based on the market of vidnosin.

In the post-industrial structure of the virobnitz, fundamentally new processes are being developed in the vidnosinas of power and the development of an ordinary technological revolution. We are going to talk about those that are dominant in terms of moisture and information, and how much they spend in their hands overwhelmingly intellectually.

The logic of the current economic development of the image is the effectiveness of the economy of the bagatelike economy of the market type, the function of the base on the basis of the organic different forms of control and the different regulation. The water hour, from one side, to democratization of the vidnosin of moisture, and from the other, - to be separated by an economical space and a range of functions of the classic forms of private-capitalism, which is fully approved.

Technological method of virobnitsva - thanks to the need for materials, technologies, energy, information and organization of virobnitz.

Milestones between technological methods of virodnimi vidokremlyuyut one type of one great etapi istorії human civilization. The transition of one such method of virobnitsva to the leading rank is represented by serpents in the nature of the interests of the people, progress of science and technology. For bagato, thousands of years of development of civilization, science, technology, technology went through a folding and super-slavish way, as it were, you could see such headway.

The first stage of the technological method of taking care of the cob is the winnings of the first fret, and then you will see the most significant praxis. Vin okhoplyuє bagato tysyat rock'v іsnuvannya people’s suspension and end at the beginning of the eighteenth - on the cob of the XIX century, until the winding up of the machine. Technological method of virobnitztva for the whole time, as a rule, is based on manual pricing. From the present point of view, this is a busy alternative of extensive economic growth, the main factor behind the vitra of energy pool is Lyudina herself. Science and technology at this stage have developed in a single environment.

Another stage of a new technological method of virobnostva, having come into being from the end of the 18th — the cob of the 19th century. Characteristic for the new Bulo are those who are based on machine tools. The virological functions of the immediate state gratitude began to be closed for valuable property. At all times per hour (right up to the nineteenth century), the virology became slower, the suspension was lost.

On the cob of the 40s of rock XX century. the dominant way is the detail and the operability of the one and the same form, and the material basis is the complex mechanization and automation of the virology.

From the middle of the 50s, the beginning was formulated to form a new technological method of virobnitz, which is based on automated practice. With its productive period, it is possible to outgrow the scale of the okremich of national powers. The detail and the uniform form of one-and-one prazi is different for each other, as it is among the borders of the national powers, so at the international scale.

From now on, the technological method of virology characterizes the development of suspension virology from the point of view to the wide range of concerns, science, technology, technology, energy and information protection methods of organizing virology.