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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Form vartostі

As already indicated, the goods are one of two authorities - the living wartosti and wartosti.

Having survived the wart and the wart, you will have to interrupt the internal identity. Wart is not a good pose for a good wart. At the same hour, the whole прот нdnіst of protainations. Vikoristannya one power authority product wiklyuchє overnight vikoristannya one power authority. Yakshcho, for example, the merchant vikoristov suit к as I wish for a special experience, then you can’t immediately stiffen the costume itself as a wart.

To the merchants of the bajduzha, the very kind of goods of the viroblyat - choboti, strength, igniters, costumes, etc., fragments of the same type of living visions can live but wartost.

For the natural form of virobnitzity without interruption and end-to-end singles and violated ones - virobodnstvo of living news, which is necessary for satisfying special and virological consumers. The commodity gospodarodstvii virolyat in order that, in order to nasamkіnets to add the necessary good wartosti. Ale is a meta insha. The skin goods producer doesn’t have to live until the wartiness of the product has been violated, but the yogurt, the health is exchanged for the whole comrade. By an uninterrupted method of virology, articulation and ideology.

Evolution formvartostі

Zmіna non-intermediate mark of virobnitztva will accelerate the sound of messages between virobnitz and living. For the natural statehood of living wisdom, the spheres of virobnitz have been relentlessly approached in the realm of living. Mіzh virobnitsvom i vіdzhivanyam іsnuv direct and uninterrupted sound.

The commodity gospodarodstva through two nature of the products in the world is the place to be. In the remaining pidum, the whole amount of commerce may be given to my appointed representatives, the satisfaction of consuming and consuming enter into the sphere of virological or especially special living. Alas, the goods must not be immediately sought from the realm of realization and realization as well as the wart. Before Tim, I’m to “enter” into reality, to win through the realm of exchange and realization of wart. Ongoing process є necessary front-end smart sale of good wartosti. At this time, realizatsiya product like wartost and that good living wartost do not come out for the clock, not for the clock. The goods can be sold at one o'clock in one hour, and with the last hour in the last hour.

Yakshchko through some reason for realizing the sale of goods to be obscured because it is still very immovable, then the process will be ruined, the leather fragments are not sold, you cannot buy the necessary goods for sale. Protecting the living wart and the wart in this time in obvious and rudimentary forms.

Leave the goods without entering into the presentation of the goods with the previous goods, so that you have the opportunity to be overwhelmed. Prior to the process of exchange, it is possible to verify the quality of the goods, which have been purchased on the basis of the same product, but it doesn’t mean anymore that we ourselves have guaranteed and violated the guarantee. Shchob p_drakhuvati i viraziti vartіst goods, the need for us before the nobility, skіlki in the new suspension of abstract prazі. But before the process of exchanging this nobility no one can.

For an extended commodity statehood, the character is Groshov’s form of Vartosti, and Viraz’s Vartost's commodity is in pennies. Prote Groshov’s form of vartosti is the result of trivial historical development.

Theoretically, with the first form of vartosti, the Bula is simple, but vipadkova, the form of vartosti. The simple form of vartostі mozhe buti is inverted by the formula: Tx = Tu. The name of the wartost form is simply that it means that here there is a single product with the same number as the wartost one product. Vipadkovoy won є to that, which is a particular product itself, virazhatim vartіst goods, - then on the right a vipadka. A simple form of vartostі vіdpovіdaє to this is the history of historical development, as long as it is exchanged, but it has come into being.

The form of admission is one of two poles: on one there is a product, on the other hand there is a manifestation, on the other hand there is a product that serves as a material for virazu wartosti. The first product is sold in one of the official forms of wartost, so that its turn is in the form of a good product, there is a complete product, a natural form. Other goods are of equivalent form, equivalent to the first goods, to serve as material, in a certain way their turn. The first product vіdіgraє is an active role, the other is passive. Viraz vartostі one product obov'yazkovo admittanceєprotilezhny pole - the last product, in a certain turn vartіst. Thus, a unique and equivalent form of vartosti is the essence of simplicity.

For a simple form of presentation and presentation: the goods shall be placed at the presentation to the full, complete presentation. Here yogis are not violated and total and proportionality is achieved with all the necessary goods. A simple form of vartosti protisto okrema is equivalent to the form of vartostіnshy product.

At the world, the development of a commodity exchange is in order to change the form of a simple form of vartosti, but of a flare up, form of vartosti. Okremiy a product can be repaired; it’s not possible to turn into one goods, but rather a whole series of goods that can be violated with the following formula:

form vartostі

de Тх to protect goods-equivalent goods: TA, TV, TS, etc.

With the development of commodity products from foreign commodity products, goods are violated, in a certain way, for all they exchange all their goods. I have a new comrade, I’m going to have an official form of service, I’m going to serve my own house for a product, I’m going to an equivalent form, I’m equivalent. Vin bends in them their own vartnost. From now on, a comrade can fix their turn in an addiction to one product, one in the following formula:

product availability

This person has a thrice of whistleblower in the role of the foreign equivalency, vin в tim material, and in such a way he has his own warty companion. Zavdyaki tsyomu all comrade to gain one form virazu svoєї vartostі. Thus, the form of vartosti is flushed up to ignore. Inside One of the most common products is abstract, abstract and basic ideas are known for the form of viraz. All comrades turn right now into one live match. Abstract, embedded in them, appear in one kind of concrete praz, and suspended prazya in one kind of private praz.

At the beginning of history, the role of the capital ekvalenta was reinstated by the comrade - thinness, grain, grain, etc. on the marked etap. But the role of the capital ekvalent is marked by the one marked. All іnshі ekvіvalenti vitіsnyayutsya. The form of vartosti is overturned onto the groshovy form of vartosti.

Groshov’s form of vartosti is characterized by the fact that all comrades are constantly changing their wartility in one commodity. In the remaining amount, the role of the igneous equivalent is closing up for gold. Oskilki the role of the ecclesiastical equivalent is almost always worth gold, while the old penniless is a special commodity, in which you can turn around your wartiness and comrade. Vartіst, bent in pennies, called price. If we say that the one whose last item is 0.5 grams of gold, then we turn around the money for the form, which means the price. Otzhe, price є designations view of the latest edition of the wartost.

Why did gold itself become the most irreplaceable equivalent? We will transfer the won - the product itself, the product and the product.

On the spot, gold bullo is a mellow, ordinary commodity. It’s like until all of them got through the vipadkova, I’m flushed up and I’ve ignored the form of vartosti. Boules of historical period, if the variety of gold was turned around, for example, in thin lines, it is fallow, there is a certain kind of commodity in engaging in the role of an illicit equivalence. the igneous equivalent. Before the end of the day, the zealous foreign equivalents are formulated with the natural form of the designated product, the goods (gold) are minted for pennies. Trivial hour for pennies in the rim regions of the world іz gold at once funktsіonuvalo і srіblo. Ale in the other half of the XIX century the role of the igneous equivalent will solely win gold.

The natural form of noble metals, their natural power, is more likely to come to an end with the suspension functions of the foreign equivalent. In the first place, rіznomanіtnі bells and whistles of metal and metal may be the same. Tsya power is especially important. The substance of the vartosti, the vidomo, the one is one, the one is abstract. In addition, for those who want to buy goods, it’s better to go to such a product, if you want to have one and the same thing more than you need to, behind the wagon.

In a different way, the noble threw the power of the right and the last. Tsya power is also necessary for virazu vartosti in the foreign equivalent goods. Riznomіtnі comrade may change the value of the value for the rest of the time, so that the goods as an out-of-range equivalent can be completely increased by the number of parts.

In the third place, for noble metals the power is portable. Porіvnyano with іnshimi goods gold to my temple. Insignificantly behind the wagons of gold bullion, there may be greater variety of significant salable mass. Rosette of commodity distribution and wider scope of economical sound and portable portability of gold is easier.

Fourthly, the noble threw the power of the trivial zaberezhennya.

From now on, the natural power of gold and the medium should explain to whom the whole comrade is more beautiful for those who can see the functions of the foreign equivalent. The ale of the Wiklikan’s pennies was allegedly not by the natural powers of speeches, but by the significant suspension minds of virobnitz.

A product, which has become the result of a spontaneous deduction of an exchange of groshima, that is, an igneous equivalent, and nabuva of special suspension powers. Gold is like a commodity zagagali mє zvichaynu ож і є арт арт - - - - є the subject of prazі in virobnitstvіzіznomіnnyh virobіv, valuable embellishment. Yak is a small commodity, gold is mine, besides that, to Dodatkov’s good wart. Being an obscene obstruction obmіnu, gold can be butted out to be any kind of goods. Tse - zagalna right now vartіst penny about the product. Thus, having survived the wartiness of a penniless product, so be able to move on. Yak goods are penniless; as a special stink product є seamlessly suspended form of wartosti.

Intrashnі superechnostі goods

At the merchandise of merchandise to a friend and a penny, to find out what is the latest manifestation of internal protection by living with the wart and the wart. All comrades can say that they have vartosti, and pennies are like that vartosti. Shchab viraziti his vartіst, leather goods are guilty of forward peredvoryatsya pennies. Tіlki zdііsnivshi tse, bring the goods, scho vіn є not tіlki with a lively warty, ale y wartіstyu.

Vartіst goodsіv dіstaє in pennies self-form іsnuvannya. Having sold their goods, leather goods, and lobster possessed wartiness at the forensic visibility of pennies. Vartity is here in a self-contained form, having stepped up to see good wartosti, and a club with a fresh nose. At the same time, exchanging for pennies means that right now there is no need to give the product a good name for its own wear-and-tear, "discount" in and out of the process of living. Selling chobots, Shvets, amuse themselves with good luck, ale winnings, wartime viglyad songs and pennies. Having lived up to the idea that you’re going to see what’s and what’s the nabu-va of self-sustaining rukh. Inside the government, the goods are protected by the sale of the card and the card through the exchange of money at the same time at the same time, the new form is completed - the form of protest is between the goods and the grocery.

With the appearance of pennies, commodity light of their own specific form of virazu wartosti. A penny is like the world of abstract suspension. Specific pratsya is private, included in gold, at one and the same time, without interruptions in abstract prazi. Leather goods - a product of private products - are available at a fraction of a penny for suspension in business. Pratsya, vitrachny yogo virobnitstvo, to be recognized without a trace of suspension pratseyu. For additional pennies, you are welcomed to intervene in the loss of vitra suspension of goods, goods in goods.