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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 4. Law vartostі і yogo role of the development of commodity distribution

The law that regulates the distribution of commercial goods by way of the exchange of goods with the maximum amount of goods in them is abstractly necessary and is called the Law of Vartosti. Win н the basic law of simple commodity distribution.

The law of the correctness of the internal and the necessary requirements of the suspension of the necessary goods, goods sold for the sale of goods and services for the wisdom of the public and the promotion.

Law vartostі viddvoryuє: internal required and available calls between indivisible and suspended working hours; internal and necessary sound and media prices and goods; the manifestation of stylish sounds between the same type of merchants through competition, for the sake of securing the return of a single consumer for the other; internal calls necessary for the work of the virobnik goods (suspension of the necessary working hours and with the minds of the virobnic); the revelation of the style of sound between drinking and proposition; exchange of goods, that is, exchange of goods vіdpovіdno to kіlkostі takosti vitrachenoї on them suspension is necessary.

The majority of the laws of art of the basic law of simple commodity distribution is manifested through its functions.

Functions to the Law of Vartosti

Mechanism in accordance with the law of virtue in the minds of the spontaneous statehood of the allowance of allowance. Відхилення цін від вартості є with their own barometer, which will show disproportionality in distributed suspension. As a matter of fact, in this sphere there is a lack of suspension and drink on the product, violated here, not satisfied, the price of the product is overwhelming. As a rule, a certain amount of money is being invested in a bagato. Suspended goods and offers for sale. I rely on them, the price is lower than the price. Protein vidmina vid zhayichaynogo barometer, sho tolki showing the weather, but you can’t get it on, the mechanics of counting the price is not only constant, but the proportional, ale y ry znaryaddy ikh of the elemental regulation.

It is permissible that in Denmark a moment on the market, having appeared at home, is drunk on choboti and lowers - on costumes. The price is to overwrite the wart, and the costume - become the lower for the wart. All the same, before it’s possible not to gain full vidshkoduvannya vitrat his pracі; Shevtsi, on the other hand, take pride in being confronted with Dodatkova, I will extend part of the suspension. For such minds, one can inevitably recognize the overflow of praci, capital and zbit areas of the world. The number of shevts to be lost, the number of shevts to pass. Kіlkіst chobіt, which is suitable for rinok, zrosta, and costume - to change. It is also possible to know that one has a drink and a position, to get a higher price in a better one.

In the process of practical development, the spheres of interest in the residual money bag and the center are as high as the price of goods. Through the versification of the law, the law of separation and redistribution of goods to suspension consumers, regulating the establishment of proportional values ​​between the different areas of the law.

At a leather galaxy there is either an excess of proposition over drink, or instability of proposition over food. All in all, fragmentation of overflowing from one sphere to the other is not a sign; Tsey process v_dbuvaєsya verseіno. To the extent that the proposition with the drink can be better, and the rozbizhnist is the most sound reality. Timchasov’s proportionality is reached more than a whip of the post-mortem destruction.

The spontaneous nature of the law of law and the entire mechanism of private law for private contracts should be reduced to permanent taxes in the economic position of goods. Among goods and merchants are inevitably more competitive struggle. As long as the price of the product is increased, then play the tellers of the whole product, and then program it (buy). As a matter of fact, lowering the price, then, on a one-on-one basis, try out the violinists, and buy the game. Beyond the signifi- cant difference in price, you can see that you’re more significant, at first I’m ready for quiet people, in some cases I’ve got more for less, but you can’t get more money for sale, but it’s very good that yogo sіm'ї tidings isnuvannya.

Yakshto navigate to comrade for wart_, superachnost mіzh іndivіdualnuyu and slіpіnnі іnhіdnіyu pratseyu lead to differentiation іnobіrobnikіv. Of these, in some cases, on small goods, lower suspension, at least one sale of goods for a single suspension, you can win a wigrash and get paid.

Merchants, indiviual vitrati of these products for the suspension of necessary, on the other hand, at times the sale of goods for the suspension of the product is recognizable zbitkіv. Становx the campus has become shorter than ever, the life has come to go down, and the virobility is almost unaffected. So virobniki zbanktuyu zbankryutiut, stink to amuse themselves be any interests virobnitstva, and from the same, the first livelihood for rahunok pratsі in his own lordly gratitude.

The stanitsch is quietly a commodity-worker, in some indivisible vitriots that are in need of one, are characterized by constant instability, and fragments of a suspension of necessary working hours are not unavailable. Yak t_lki krasha groups more often than not, the main mass of goods in a given genus, the value of vartosti to decrease. Now you will have to wait one hour, then turn around in a short group. The middle group is to appear on the position of the goods, in some indivisible doors, to redefine the suspension neobhodimnee, but inevitably appear at the station of state thanks.

In this way, competitive struggle, superexposure between indivisible and suspiciously necessary pracet is inevitably brought up before a part of the goods and goods are sold and the scales are viral; Reshta is going to go wild.

Protecting the middle of the individual and the suspension of necessary pracey ш rushіnoy force to develop productive forces for the minds of commodity virobnitsva. Wonderful rovirobnikіv pіdvishchuvati productivity pratsі grudge with a thorough technical technology and organization virobnitzstva. The competition is competitive, the hour is very clear, the strengths are strong, the goods are worn on hats during the performance of the technical ones. In addition, rosary is inevitable.

The increase in productivity of products leads to a lower range of products, and higher prices. Tse, in his chergy, nadaє a new way to increase productivity of pracis. As a rule, with natural forms of statehood, thousands of people could have lost the old, “children’s” methods and methods, routine technology, then for such goods and services such a lack of immunity. The development of productive forces, increased productivity is dictated here by the very nature of economic vidnosin. For the progress of the development of virology, progress at the development of productive forces is reached much shorter, less with a closed, natural statehood. The function is given to be called the rush force of the elemental development of productive forces. At a suspension of goods and products, you have to try for a market. Tom be-yak rіch nadіlyaє be dominated by goods. The vartіst of the remaining one is so much of the same "natural" power, as the vartіst. Proportion of exchange of goods with different goods is like the dominance of goods, not just the same proportional value, which is covered by hairline. Beginning of greetings, shto say speeches of your own independent views of the people of the law. Moreover, people flock to fall asleep in speeches and inseen speech by speeches. There is one more rozmіr of suspension vartostі, on vіdmіnu vіd іndivіdualnoї, purchase price †‹вЂ‹ on the same time vartostі - all of the most official officials, so as to pour on the share of goods and goods.

Vidnosini of people nabuvayut form vidnosin speeches, and speech nibito to gain a suspension of power. For example, new wartiness - just the same way as two products, speeches. But while these people are curious, they’re scribbling, people’s writings: speech and speech are one with one and the same in human rights, included in them. More goods є on the day of the restoration of the praci people, who are at a glance comrade. The proportionality of the volume of speeches is not better, as the form is indicated, I will manifest and realize the proportional proportional suspension, which can be avenged in these speeches.

Mi z'yasuvali, scho for the new wart to shout the wart, as a materialized prace. For all systems of suspension vidnosin speech buli products prazі. Wait for the occasion of this rosumni praci. The merchandise of the state thanks to the improvement of the maiden м zmіst. Pratsya okremoї individuals in such a state of gratitude are significant and are a part of succulent suspension prazіlki in speech. For the same reason, there is a recognized designation of suspension products. For the sake of suspension, the power of speech, as they did before, can’t be zoomed out by the fact of physical vitrati praci. On the river’s territory, only one praxis is vitrachit, and in the course of time, one can see the most important, suspended, necessary ones. Vartіst є speech form and recognition of the product suspended in viral product.

Commodity form of allowance, where people don’t join stozhki themselves with a drive of speeches, but they themselves are through the speeches, at the speech form. Oskіlki here є a single form 'zvyazku є private іdnosini goods іnobrobnikіv drive drive them speeches, іstilki іh suspension іdnіnnі vіdnosini inevitably hint at the form іvdnosin products іх pracі. Rechova’s form of virazu vitrate suspension пра specific і specific, dominant suspension of goods and goods. Rechovoy є, in such a way, is not only brand new goods; there are one type of goods in one, in the same world itself. There is no doubt the power of the product. Zovnіshnі form svogo virazu i rukhu tsya power to come at the latest vartostі. Remain є form virazu vartosti product. Vartіst, at one’s own house, є in the subject, speech form of bootti of abstract pracі. Viddovno to tsogo nyakoy іншої іншої a form of manifestation of vartostі, a lot of new, so that a new view of speeches, it is mute.

Commodity Fetishism

They didn’t take the side of the vartost’s side, you won’t be able to take a pose for yourself (an economic blessing). All signaled praxis are abstract, so suspended, suspiciously necessary - to understand the nostalgia, how much you can smell in the speeches. People may not know one, not one, not one, one, but also enter into commodity vidnosini, yak і speech vidnosiny. A pose with a lot of speeches can’t be more than one hundred persons, you can be better than you are, you can get more than one speech.

Congratulations on the speech (price on speech) of the goods to the merchant and the buyer, tomorrow you can learn more with new proportions, to add to the ambitious self-reliance of the process.

Oskіlki zberіgayutsya privatovlisnitsky commodity vіdnosini, a lot of speeches from the official є official, scho vnoznacha share of goods and goods. Ale tse zumovlyuyetsya nature of these tribal vidnosin people. Tim is waiting for the hour for commodity producers, especially for the nature of speeches, for speeches in their own right to make slurry rice. This is called commodity fetishism. Yak vіdomo, pіd fetishism rozumіtsya cult of inanimate objects. This time has a comrade, which is a product of human praxis, hand-held by people, people are given special special powerful powers. Bulo b nevrno to bring commodity fetishism t_lki to the apparition of suspension svіdomostі goodsirobobnikіv. On vidnomu vid fetishism zagagali, de inanimate object without pіstavdi nadіlyaєsya supra-natural authorities and that can be more vіdneseniya іnlіkom to galuzі svіdomostі, commodity fetishism ma є active basis. Vidnosini people at the commodity virobnitsvy, who can take advantage of private power, can’t effectively be unable to mother a mother-in-law form of viral, except for speech. To the very same point the speeches were delivered by an official, who signified the share of people. Це і є on the active basis of commodity fetishism. Rose of commodity fetishism, sub-active submission do not liquidate the basis of commodity fetishism.

By stretching out the bagatovy history of its development of commodity virobnitstvo evolyutsіonuvalo is simple to capital. Remained year-round transformation into a socially ornate market economy, which is typical for significant number of countries. Here, on a hat, I’m progressing two prototype trends: to expanding virobility, from one side, and zvuzhennya from the first. The perspiration of tendency is zoomed in on the lower mounds of the suspension of pratsi and the increase in the number of economically vidokremileny gospodaruyuchyh sub'ktiv. Tendencies to the highest level of interest are identified as the lowest level of concentration and centralization, as well as greater levels of regulation and plan for a regular company (corporation).