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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. The laws of a penny obigu. Інфляція

Falling into view is the specific nature of pennies and quiet functions, what a stink to see, to ensure that the laws of a penny are obsolete.

With gold price and money, if a penny-credit penny is heavily exchanged for gold, there are a number of pennies, necessary for circulation (KG), to lay down the total amount and price of a penny. It is possible to familiarize yourself with this formula:

groshovy obig

de SC - the sum of commodity prices;

K - the sum of the price of goods sold by a loan;

PL - the sum of payments for borg goiters;

VP - the amount of mutual payments without repayments;

O - the turnover of the groshino single.

The main elements of a penny obigu are: commodity masa, scho relocating to obigu; Riven price to comrade; shvydkost turnover of pennies. If you don’t rely on the price of a toddler, lay down the number of pennies in circulation, but on the other hand, you can count the pennies, then relocate to the offense, lay down on the page of the pennies. In addition, it’s not necessary to lay down pennies on the other side of the list, and on the other hand to lay down pennies on the other hand.

With the function of repeated pennies, there was no need for more pennies. The role of the regulator is here verbatim zbіgalasya with the function of pennies as if I were in trouble.

For the sake of circumstance, apart from reprisals, I am trying to buy and papered-credit pennies, and I have to pay attention to the law about papermoney pennies. The essence of the yo poleg is that, in the sphere of goods, the sphere is guilty of expensive gold pennies, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the commodity exchange.

Zavdyaki funktsії pennies as I want to pay has become a powerful belt of credit pennies. All at once, if Borgo-goiters are obliged to fill in obstructions and payments. The number of vi-div credit pennies postіno zrostaє. The order of banknotes (a bill of exchange for bankers), checks for the remaining hour, credit cards are widely practiced.

Інфляція g> : daytime, reasons

Vikonuyuchi funktsii miri vartostі, zasu-bu obigu і zobu zberіgnannya vartostі, pennies vіdіgrayut important role in the market economy: stink the service circle of resources, goods and income.

For the minds of inflation, the wartiness of the pennies is very real and the zeal of bagatelism for the pennies of the penny of the doctor is economical. Yavische інфляції відомо Analysis. In suspension of Rosemary information - there is a whole range of pennies through those that have a small number of pennies, so that they can be re-circulated, I will transcend the amount of commodity prices. P. Samuelson viznacha іinflatsіyu yak perіod ignorant growth in prices on comrade and factor virobnitzstva. M. Fridman pіd іnflyatsіyu rosumіє stіykiy i bezupinny rіst price, scho vistupaє everywhere yak groshy phenomenon, the reasons for too much grokosti pennies are absolutely obedient to the release of products.

The main reasons for the inflation : disproportion in the national statehood - more than enough for living and living, more for drinking and more, less income and vitamins of powers; monopolistic tendencies in economy and pan-monopoly; ruinatsiya gold standard; the overwhelming growth of the deficit of the sovereign budget and the sovereign borg; unstable economic policy.

For Ukraine, all the reasons for this are considered, especially the presence of economic policy. You can navigate through it, and it’s economical policy during the period of galloping inflation-1992-1994 pp. Zovsіm Bula on Sunday. Until the officials who want to stimulate inflation, have the following: significant Vitrati, great Vitrati for management, unbalanced investment, total gain, the manifestation of the great middle-nickname.

Іnflyatsіya, yak usually only be sold to negative sotsіalno-ekonomіchnih naslіdkіv: dezorganіzuє vnutrіshnі i zovnіshnі zv'yazki, viklikaє Creasy Reigning fіnansіv, spriyaє іntensivnomu pіdvischennyu tsіn practical to OAO All goods, scho znizhuє zhittєvy rіven population znetsіnyuє trudovі zaoschadzhennya negatively vplivaє on commodity Process exchange, relax motivation of highly productive practices, strengthen social and political work in suspension.

Mainly straightforward fight with information :

  1. Viluchennya zavivih penny signs in obigu. This method of improving a penny obigu called diflyatsіyu.
  2. Conducting nullification, if the signs are penniless, the signs are canceled, and replace them with a good name (a new entry).
  3. Devaluation, that is, because of the lower exchange rate of the penny single power, the power is absolutely penniless single.
  4. Turning to the front of the bucket for the purchase of small signs is the name of the revaluation.

In the era of the panuvannya of the gold standard, the Inflation of the Bula is epic, and not an all-embodying clown. Nowadays, there is a constant need for competition in the world. Infectious and credit pennies.