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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Evolution of pennies

The evolution of pennies is a twofold process: the sound of a penniless system with a metal base; open step and open turn up the okramih function of pennies and specific forms.

For ordinary minds, a penny to serve is not gold, but credit-papermoney pennies. What is the purpose of bullying? Quite simply, gold and season didn’t ruin the vikonuvati’s ability to function as much as vartosti, and oskolki won’t ruin their power. Ale vidbulisya important serpents in the new minds of the function of gold yak pennies.

Evolution of funky functions like peace of mind is tied to the process of demonetizing gold, so as to erase precious metals (like gold, gold) of penny functions. So, wedlock ceased to be better than ever, for example, in the 19th century, and gold - in the middle of the 20th century. The process of demonetization of the image of the development of the commodity-penny mechanism, its organ forms and tools.

The international legal closure of the demonetization of gold has disappeared in the statutes of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), upgraded to a certain type 04/01/78 put up of the official price for gold and the second member of the IMF. Previously, gold was vandalized internally with credit pennies, but did not exchange for gold. In the sphere of international economic vidnosin gold is less expensive between functions: the insurance fund is insured іnflyatsії; I need a secure loan (for paying off bargaining for payable balances), as well as a reserve of liquid resources.

In the minds of a rapidly disbanded commodity form, the process of value-fixing is more likely to be seen in your own gold base and to be based on credit pennies, so as not to mess up the full internal wartost. Prove it to you: the price of gold is shaped by the spate of speculative food and the price of virobnitz; Ruh price of gold vidredeleniye vid zmіni buying and buying and converting currencies, including the number of dollars; Zmіna commodity prices not vіdpovіdaє Zmіnі prices on gold.

The hour of the first light of the gold was left behind. Tsebulo first stage of demonetization of gold. In bagatokh kraynah prinimsya rozmіn banknotes for gold. All the same as a whip in the maintenance of the gold-gold standard (a penny system, for such banknotes, it is not gold coins that are used, but gold in golds). We will pay the gold standard gold standard (a penny system, for such banknotes it can be exchanged for girls, or foreign currency). In 30 reels, there was a big rozmіn of banknotes for gold buv of pinnings in all capital countries and was not seen anymore.

Another step in the demonetization of gold was further away from the weakening of not only the actual, but the formal formal ringing of papermoney pennies with an official gold reserve, which was tearing to the end of the rock. Ozhera, now the course of papermoney pennies does not lie in a virshalnoy world of gold reserves of the country.

The process of evolving pennies of a distant new impulse with the lowest possible strengths of social wisdom. In the wake of gold credit, credit penny earned a fake deed from a tidy new phenomenon - the process of consolidation of the turnover of a significant part of nosy в of groshy functions (banknotes, checks, etc.) and credit card verification.

Let us now step through the process of evolving pennies by becoming a VIP debit card holder, and now we have expanded a wide range of automatic systems of automatic cards. For the sake of the system of roses for the help of the EOM, I will call "electronic pennies." It is possible to switch between the news and information in the grocery industry to the electronic momentum in the new generation in automation and the computer regulation of the penniless business.

The system of electronic pennies includes a number of elements: an automated rosrahunk chamber, an automated cashier system and a thermal system, installed at the points of purchase of goods, as well as above services. The Rozrakhunkova Chamber is automated, it is a measure of banks, and it is the only obyuslyuyuschy center. The cashier automation allows you to carry out a number of penniless operations: gaining pennies from the bank rakhunka, accepting extra payments, and paying. In order to thoroughly modify the attachments, except for the kind of ready-to-use, you can have a look at the ready-made roses, view the checkbooks and comprehend the latest cash-and-grocery operations. As soon as you have started to start the process of getting ready for yak, I’m going to take advantage of the big ones, then at the same time, the process has practically lost the lower range. Debit cards are allowed to be issued in case of payment upon payment of telephone rozms.

One of the new banking technology innovations is a smart card (smart - see English km.tliviy, rosumniy). For your rozmіrami, the novelty doesn’t include all kinds of traditional debit cards, it’s easy to accommodate in gamants, alike you can mount them in a chip, based on that you can check the quartz crystals completely. The reappearance of such a “microcomputer” seamlessly on the rozrakhunkovoy document is to introduce a new introduction into yogo vikoristannya. A smart card on a daily basis is an electronic checkbook. Vidovidniy bank to deposit in the secret zone of the памї пам в пам пам в ост ост ост про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про про.

The system of electronic smart cards is of a specific nature, allowing you to talk about bank cards as well as basic, basically, simple credit cards. Credit cards issued by the bank and that client during the system of bank cards of the Bank of Belarus shall be brought to their logical conclusion. Victoria of bank cards allows you to start all the banks in one system with this order, which, browning personal computer, the client can draw razrachunki on cards of a be-a-can bank of any country svіtu.

Zmіni pushed around and funky pennies like a hassle of nagromadzhennya. The stinks ceased to play the role of the elemental regulator of the groshovo masi in obigu. It is possible to clarify that when you use non-standard penniless signs in gold, you cannot automatically switch from a non-controllable ticket to obig. Tse bulo is lighter under the gold standard. I’m selling gold for the next year to have funded goods, albeit on an interconnected scale, I want for the wisdom of economic and political instability, gold is available for me, my private insurance fund is private, and I have no reason to reserve them To that state and private gold reserve, as the most common is bagaty. On the markets of gold, there is a rosim of credit pennies for gold. The magnificent scale of the accumulation of the stagnant - the fulfillment of the role of the yakobu, the assertion of the belongings. Loans and pennies can’t be passed around; functions cannot be changed. Ale I am pretended to be a representative of the Wart, that’s why I’m penniless in the role of the function. In the minds of commodity virobnitstvo Denmark, I registered my groshov form and the service staff process (virobnitstvo, rozpodil, obmіn, spozhivannya).