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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.


Vivchayuchi I will give a topic, it is important to learn and understand: in the first place, the economical serpent Vitrat virobnitztva and you see; in a different way, the logic of interchange, vitrat virobnitstva, variety of goods and their value; in the third place, by a kind of analysis an analysis of vitrate, having poured on to take a decision by taking measures on the market; in the fourth place, economical nature is a surplus, good day, see, the norm, as well as a theoretical theory of surplus.

§ 1. Sutnist, serpent і see the vitrat virobnitstva

Be yaki virobnitstvo, wait for it with vitrates, oskilki tse - the process of vikoristannya factoriv virobnitstva, yakі vtylyuyutsya at the target product (goods, service). Ostanny, as vidomo, is characterized by a living wartime (labor) and labor labor, so that the singular cost of living is settled and live. P_sumku stink і to become a wart product chi service. A part of the fourth edition, as a result of the consolidation of the rights (concern of virobnitz), before the process of virobnism. There is no need to transfer goods to wiggles and wartosts of material vitrates. There is a lively life of people, a pure product - ponad vartosti transferring material vitrates to the goods. Zrozumіlo, the process of virobnosis is uninterruptedly repeated, and it is more likely to be less expensive, if the factor is violated. The part of the chart, the advance is paid for the continuous function of the radio, the sign is the window of the radio.

Social and economic zmіst vitrat virobnitzva

It is necessary to separate suspension Vititi and Vitrati enterprises. Clarity of material vitality of improved rights (wartime of living interests) and vitality of living (necessary and good), which characterize the variability of goods for suspension, to establish suspension .

Succulence of material vitrés of improved price and that of parts of live (necessary) capital, of form, type of goods for consumer goods, are called vitrums of consumer goods.

Schematically shown in Fig. 1, it can be clearly seen that, in principle, vitrati of suspension is to redistribute vitrati of households by the value of the value of the additional product (gross margin).

Thus, vitrati pіdpriєmtsya (pіdpriєmstva) on the sale of goods in the unclaimed vitrates of suspension.

The structure of the product

Fig. 1. The structure of the product

Vitrati virobnitstva - all worthless costs of food (company), so I can show you how to manage for something new products (goods, services). Prior to such vitrats, the elements of viral factors should be assigned, as well as in the given process. The main ones are: Vitrati for payment of living expenses (pay for residents and children); Vitrati on dandy and utrimannya virobnichyh budevel, as well as machines - possessed, verstativ skinny (preoccupied); Vitrati for payment of natural resources (land, water, cinnamon copalins), which will have to be paid for at the same time as materials and materials (subject matter); Vitrati for payment of energy (naphtha, gas, electricity, electricity) and energy. - also subject matter in praise.

The material-speech structure of the world’s world of economic development has the same parameters as the elements, since the role of the main ones is functional. The tendencies of such changes are magnified by scientific and technological progress.

For real state practice, there are good reasons to explain the form, as well as the self-contained economic category. The basis of this process is to economically reduce the number of state-sponsored sub-entities (requisites) and the need for securing simple interventions. The consumer goods and merchandise are very economically and economically one kind of the same factor as the factor (s) of the product and the product (product) torn by them. At the same time, at the boundaries of the boundaries of the same form of power, for example, the sovereign sector, and more so the private sector.

The water hour of speech speech is Vitrat virobnitva on the low stages of economical development of the mother’s suspended form. So, in the minds of a simple commodity virobnitztva, the vitrati vimiryutsya vartіstyu living material factors virobnitstva. At the same time with vitrats of the prazdnosrednogo іndivіdualnogo commodity shop in the form і sіpіlno necessary costs stink zbіgalissya vartіstyu goods.

Vitrati virobnitstva yak ekonomіchna categories uplisuzhuvalsya buhatma vchenimi. The first hundred and thirty minutes ago was blown away by representatives of the Labor Theory and Social Council K. Marx in the third volume of Kapitalu. Having seen the capital expenditures, the expenses for capital expenditures, wages, materials, syringes, bedrooms, and depreciation are important. Tobito vitrati virobnitztva - the sum of expenses is reduced (reclaimed) and those parts of lively goods, which are necessary for the appearance of a singing product with the need for accessibility with the reached level of virologic distribution. Beyond Marx, the capitalistic virati of virobnote є the siliceous often frequent suspension of vitrines for the virobnitz product (yogo vartostі).

The formula vartostі product (W) vіn meaning:

W = C + V + M,

de S - the vartity of the living interests of the virobnitstva;

V - the variability of the product needed (the equivalent of the equivalent pay);

M —vartity of the pre-adduct product (increase in wartostity and wartiness of the necessary product).

Zvіdsi - the formula of capital vitrates of the virobnitz, yak maє such a viglyad:

K = C + V,

de K - capital, advances paid by the owner of the business.

Ale Marks rose in advance of capital expenditures and virocreasing of the required output vitrates of virobnitsva. Ongoing - the price of one-time ready-made products for one-time expenses, which is related to the advancement of capital, is a kind of basic process for the first organization of the viral process.

We are important as a science roadway for the farthest achievement of the problem, and the economic science was the renewal of elements C and V in one category "Vitrati Virobnitzva". At the time of the next verkhovuvati, meta dosledzhennya in the author of "Kapitalu" Bula specific. Vaughn began to learn from us all over the world to expressly reprimand individuals with paid rights, violated in the category of “capitalistic vitrati virobnitsva”.

Marksov’s theory Vitrat virobnitz є concretization analysis of the process of creating a vartosti, which, as already stated, was interpreted as the result of the suspension of necessary goods, incorporated into the goods. For the maximum cost incurred, Marx viroclimated vitrati on virobnitstvo goods. Okrіm nih, vіn takozh analіzuvav і vitrati, pov'yazanі with realіzatsієyu goods. All in all, I advise you to clean, make sure that you buy and sell without delay (pay a fee for the sale of goods, do the shopping, advertising is empty) and add up (transport, packaging). Marx, in order to ensure that the product is approved, approve the Vitrati Virobnitztva and Vitrati Obigu, which in fact is a promotion of the process of Virobniztva in the sphere of obigu, so as to add Vitrati.

With the previous vitality of the Marx Violations, we reckon up to the main problem - an analysis of the assurance of the average norm in addition to a relatively large capital.

Zakhіdnі doslіdniki (including the first day) are looking at Vitrati virobnitstva pid kutom zora pidpriєmtsya-gospodarnika. To meet the theoretical requirements, one more time to opt for optimal strategy firms is met only one meta, as it is now vidmiviv K. Marx, - to get back to the principle of gaining equal income for a skinny single unit (dollar, franc., Mark. a clear factor. In this way, the very successors of the market gospodarhood rejected the very result - the adoption of the average norms for a profit. At the time, the political economy has come closer to mathematics, and often there are hardships in the development of one and the same tasks in different ways.

Rinkovanie (capitalistic) economy and socially-economical vitality show that it’s not only costly to save money that they don’t have to pay more for their living; Aje vіn akumulyuє all officials of the law enforcement agency.

For the minds of the socially-driven market economy, the rivals of democratization, the recognition of active and partner forms of state donation, the first step is to “protest” the middle price and capital. Before the speech, antagonism between them K. Marx and that of the last post-soviets absolutized.

The other half of the XX century. in more than one country, we’ve got more and more people who got more and more civilized, so that we’ve got more socially and economically.

Such an economical theory significantly dampened and concretized and analyzed the analysis of the virology, which knew its image in the first literature (div. The author’s name is called, the role and role of vitrates and virology are not just looked at in the abstract-theoretical, but in the applied aspect - like storage facilities, which are formed in a market based on the basis of the offer and the position. Pid to understand the “Vitrati virobnitsva” stink of rozumіyut economical vitrati, as well as include payments to the owners of resources, so as to guarantee a stable supply of their resources for the vidovnogo virobnichnogo process. Before them lay down the call for vitality, paying for the grease of the post-bosses, the neighboring ones, and also the internal vitrati, in order to compensate for the self-dependent state resources. (One element of the inner vitrat, from the point of view of the treaty to economy, is the normal way, so I can take a look at the vineyard for the function.)