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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Infrastructure market. Model Market

Infrastructure (in Latin lat. Infra - pid) is a compo nent component of a bicameral economical system. Shchodo market as a self-sustaining system, infrastructure - as a whole institute, scho service attendance and to familiarize with the functions to protect the normal mode of function. The infrastructure is committed to ensuring civilization, the nature of the activities of the market sub-sectors, the elements are not related to the sub-contracts, but are born out of the market-specific submission itself.

Element and Functionality Infrastructure Market

The main elements of the infrastructure of the current market є: exchange (commodity, cash, funds, currencies), their organization is arranged in the middle; auctions, fairs and general forms of organizational over-the-middle intermediation; credit system and commercial banks; emіsіyna system and emіsіynі banks; the system of regulation of the occupied population and the center of the sovereign and the uncontrolled employment of the occupied ones (birzha pratsі); information technology and the business community; podkatova system i podatkova іnspektsіya; system of insurance of commercial state gifts and insurance companies; special advertising agencies, information centers and agencies for the supply of mass information; the chambers of commerce, the largest, voluntary and state powers (associations) of the business community; mitna system; professional staff for hiring; commercial-vistavkov complex; system of food and medium economy; auditing companies; advisory (consulting) companies; huge and state funds designated for stimulating business activity; special zones of the military zone (high economic zones - VEZ).

Functions of the market infrastructure such as: participation in the participants of the marketplace vidnosin at the realizatsii of interest; accelerated efficiency and efficiency of the robots of the market sub-sectors based on the special specifications of the economy and the type of economy; Organizational design of marketed vidnosin; protection of forms of legal and economic control, sovereign and suspension regulation of business practice.

The infrastructure is shaped into a specific form. Zokrema for the market of work (power) is characterized by such an infrastructure: exchange service (service service); center cooking training; loan fund; commercial centers of training, retraining and pracovlashtuvannya; state fund spryannya pіdpriєmnitstvu; pension fund; funds of mercy. Here it is important to mean, for all the differences in infrastructure, behind the vignette of commercial centers and charity funds, we are committed to the fate of the state.

Specialty in the system of elements of the loan infrastructure for working force. In particular, before the Law of Ukraine “On Occupation of the Population”, the Institute of the Institute of Infrastructure and the Economy will call it “State Employment Service”. There is no need to process the sale of goods by working with strength. Mostly, with the help of the legislation, servants are obligated to take care of the work of the population, they rejoice in the sovereign service of work without interest, and the food about the price of working without being violated.

The main tasks of the service of employment in Ukraine are: analysis and forecasting of food and propositions for working power, information about the market of working power; consultation okremikh gromadyan, owner of business and that organization about the possession of robots; the region of Vilnius working and community, who can be covered with food and drink; I helped the populace at the well-received robots, and the robots at the good-needed frames; organization of training and re-training of the masses; nadannya servant z pracovlashtuvannya i proforіntatsіі zvіlnenіkh robіtnikіv і unoccupied population; registration of unemployment and admission at the intersection of their competence and assistance (consultation); the fate of the prospective promising and accurate programs of busy work.

The order of borrowing services to the work market is of great importance to the State Fund of Employment, which is to form for the promotion of the budget from the budget of the retail market; outside enterprises and organizations, cooperatives, voluntary outside organizations, communities, foreign companies, foreign companies. You have to go to the Victory Fund for financial support for professional population, for joining children and unemployed people, and helping them to help you; reassignment of interest-free pointers without work for busy pіdprіmnitsky dіyalіnstyu; Organizations of pre-work robots; utrimanny robnitiv in the service of employment and vikonannya іnshih functions, pov'yazanikh iz sotsіalnym zahist right of the people of Ukraine to praci.

Functions for the singing model. Riznomіtnі yogo characteristics give the grave viokremiti kіlka type і (models) market.

A wide range of competitive competition (such as pure, competitive, purely competitive) performances of singing companies, one-time products, more rapid entry to the market, and more access to all of them. I want to thoroughly compete in a pure view - a show even older, but you can still give a butt to your favorite products. There are a large number of nearby sellers, who want to standardize the goods, the price for which you can see the benefits and offers.

Нуюsnuyucha competition can appear incomplete. Pіd tsim rozumіtsya rinok, on someone who doesn’t seem to go round want only one mind of purely competitive. For incomplete competition, to pan the monopolies and oligopolies.