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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

Rozdil 3 Sub'єkti of the market economy


Given that it is given by those, it is important to mediate respect for such nourishment: characteristics of homemaking like a sub-economical vidnosin; Іх double roles in economy; budget sіm'ї, dzherelakh її income and structure іх vikoristannya.

The characteristic peculiarity is given by those who, because of self-indulgence as self-control, the main problem didn’t wound up before, and I didn’t know much more about it in the first reading.

§ 1. The home statehood of the subekt of economic vidnosin

The middle of the participants is the state grant, the economic theory of the Kremlin, the three main groups of sub-economic issues :

  • home (simeinі) statehood;
  • enterprises (enterprises) of various types, forms and state special specializations;
  • a state with a rozgalyuzhenim device management and zahistu.

Understanding "Domination"

The first (base) sub'kt of economic vidnosin є home statehood. In the economic plan, there is a rosum of a group of people, who are responsible for the birth of the mother’s hands and keep the state thanks for family cohabitation. To that very understanding, “homekeeping” is close to understanding to the family thanks to the tradition of rozumіnnі: sіm'ya - all people, due to their native sounds, have more money and more money (you can save more).

From now on, home statehood is the only place for state donation, it is possible to stock up with one group of people, one month living, one budget, and one’s good living .

Home state grants to post for independent resources: I work for strength, good health, and also capital, the land is thin. Formuvannya in the home state gratitude of living consumerism - the need for stimulating stimulation of the development of the economy.

Home statehood є in one of the most active sub-sectors of economic viability of the suspension, fragments of it in the first to cherish the first economical consumption, form the first economical, to stimulate to dissolve. The term "homekeeping" covers all of the living conditions: hirelings, owners, natural resources, natural resources, especially busy and inactive ones.

Evolution roles of housekeeping

In the course of historical European evolution, housekeeping recognized suttvih zmіn. A stretch of thousands of won bulo is seasoned for the ultimate in natural family virobnitz. All the necessities for satisfying the material needs were sensible, viroblivalsya members of the motherland. The constant supporters of the natural family virobnitsva boules are irrelevant, obmezheni consumer. Otzhe, housekeeping as an economical sub'єkt Bulo closed. Vono didn’t take it, but Mayo didn’t take part in the exchange, almost everything was shrapnel, he got around, lived on the street. For such mindsets, homekeeping is practically a lot of surplus products for sale, and most of all - cost for a “wide” profit from the wide range of industrial goods. Vono was not actually browning, but even though he was not browning with goods, the services of the newcomers.

In the process of fostering the development of the productive forces of suspension and market intelligence, the economical and functional functions of housekeeping were expressed. Actually, progressive progress has been achieved by bringing home the most valuable ideas (for a few vignettes) to introduce natural virobnitz. For them, the destiny of the rooted system of suspension of prats and that of co-operation, lower self-care of the first needs (including living, clothing, living), including the traditionally unproductive traditional one, was manifested for them. About the whole process of re-creating more economically different countries. For example, with American statistics, 80 million home government grants account for less than 4% of GNP, and live on 70% of their oath. Allow us to go on a trip about those who’re very important. At once, there is the basic priority of the unit of life. In it there is a development of self-people, form ії individualnost.
There is no reason to respect the lawful process of one or two redoxes of the affected period, if declarations are up to the mark in the territories of the CIS, including Ukraine, with a significant amount of change over to the natural: the back is natural.

" Renaissance" of housekeeping in Ukraine

Gliboka is an economical crisis, which has grabbed Ukraine on the cob of the 90s rock, interrupted the process of the progressive public life of our population. The rise of stolen suspenseful buggery, the great contribution of the population, the masses (obviously and the congregation) of childless labor were shrily shredded by the last and the zhebrak of a great number of people in the village, so in the city. To this, abi viziti, people felt shukati four-footed vigil. Bagato simey, the unfortunate vihіzhіv іz villages, yakі often lingered in the streets of viddomyh herd-belts, having lost their work, they seemed to turn into the village. It is economical and economical pensions, bagatomyshny payments for wages and salaries, and pensions have increased the benefits of domestic hospitality, but even for the opportunity to switch to self-care. Naturally, virobility in the village has become dominant.

For statistics on the budget in Ukraine in 1997, the payment is often made in mid-year profitable income since 1990. passed by 1.5 times, and a part of the nadhodzhen vіd of a special priyadnogo gospodarstvo grew approximately 3 times. Sіlskіy sіm'і may even all your consumption in kharchuvannі be secure for the merchandise of needed products from special state thanks, in some kind of adventurous 90s more than half of all Ukrainian goods were presented. I mean the part of the living cartography, about half of the vegetables and bashtanks, fruits, berries and grapes, more than four months, the skinniest kilogram of milk and the eight milk and milk products of the whole world sack at the city center.

In this way, in the country, they are dependent on effective cooperation in such kind of housekeeping as clearly expressed in terms of commodity, but not more natural than 10 times of the transition period before the market of voluntary housekeeping was explicitly prohibited. In us іzvinutih іtstvo.