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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Family budget: income structure and vikoristany

Politically-economical aspect has a skin of dominance, as a rule, with an autonomous self-sufficient economical lanka (sub), which has a small budget and income. There’s no need to (housekeeping) to spend less on water and on safety, consume all the necessary things for normal life and entertainment. In addition, housekeeping rallying powers of surrender.

The form of income is SIM_, Іх is victorious, the income is income and that amount and I approve the budget of SIM.

Dzherela incomes of housekeeping

Dzherela, for the rakhukah some form part of the budget is enough, to finish the rіznomanіtnі. At the market economy, there are three types of groups.

In the first place - the price of the income of income, which may be similar to the following: wage (including payment in kind); Income of individual and labor and social dignity; Reach special special statehood. People with a frequent frequent intelligence can enter their labor pension.

In a different way - all in return for moisture: rent (rent), interest on deposits that are regional, dividends are worthless.

I, thirdly, mean a portion of my income I will support through the so-called suspension funds that I have (stink to save money, for example, the Pension Fund) for moneyless money and non-cash services. In the main - the price of social assistance and benefits, payment of unemployment benefits, scholarships, grants for free travel, free payments, and free access to free benefits. In the form of the whole Dzherel, the pratsia of all suspensions is laid down and at the same time is the winter of the cutaneous prasedatny member of SIM.

The structure of income in the family budget

The structure of the income to the family budget is based on the nature of the suspension of income in the country and the development of productive forces. For the market economy, they are particularly important in terms of income, and the role of income is in the form of income and individual labor activity.

The succesful family is not guilty of the lowest price for living expenses, as well as wartost (penniless estimates) for a set of goods and services, redemption on the basis of scientific standards for living and security for the population of the house. The crisis of Ukraine’s economy, unfortunately, forgiving us for not allowing people to get rid of the average number of people for a significant part of the population, is especially socially inconsequential, has many The number of people who are without help has the power to be safe, if they want their minimum consumption, because the category of our partners, which are located beyond the boundary, is numerically higher.

When analyzing the income to the budget, it’s fundamentally important to lie not just the nominal price, but the real purchase, the opportunity to lay down the entire price for the comrades, the servants and the dynamics of the investment process.

Immediately following the rozumity, the number and the warehouse of simplicity, the higher number of the minimum and the non-competitive in real life, it’s supernaturally different. Allowed to be yak for liabilities, so for the structure of income. Average numbers do not charge you to understand the truth (here it is especially often to come up with anecdotes: pan himself to the trigger, but at once to the servant of the smell of beer). However, the average value may have positive power: give the opportunity for the type of situation and the main trends in development. Our vipadok has a tendency of formulating and vikoristannya of family income. On the basis of which there is widespread congestion in the analysis of income.

So, for the tribute given to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, the average average income for income in 1997 was p. becoming ponad 3.8 yew. UAH (tab. 2).

Table 2


Dzherela income from the middle on sіm'yu for rіk

Usі sіm'ї irreplaceably vіd mіstsya living



Sukupny dokhid,




labor income



pensions, scholarships, benefits, assistance, etc.



profit from a special statehood



profit from the best dzherel



Labor income (salary in the form of various forms and forms) increased 2/5 of the total amount. For Sіlsky households, the main source of income is Buv Dokhid vid special paternal gratitude (ponad 50%). From now on, the pitoma of the wage of labor incomes in the family owes a huge obligation not to finish too high. For the sake of those who earned money, they have lost their value as the main source for the security of the population of Ukraine.

For the realization of home improvement by income in the minds of the market economy, there is a need to show up for a healthy market for a good range of goods and services for those available for the mass market * 2. All of one of the most respectable minds of macroeconomic market rivnovagi.

* 2: {As a rule, the present market of pleasures is not enough, then there’s an assortment of deficits. You can find out more: as a rule, do not come with a lot of money (like in the economical Ukraine), then a different kind of market mechanism can be deformed like a macro, so it’s possible}.

Victory of income

I’ve rejected my income, I won’t have any kind of great stench, from the point of view of theoretical economic analysis I couldn’t absolutely absolutize myself, and I’m still more satisfied with the needs of people. From income to income, you are not satisfied with the need to consume more, but the structure of the system is higher in the third quarter. One has one form of the law of growing consumer demand. Відповідно змінюється і structure vitratov sіm'ї.

Сімейні and get victorious after the open tensions. The main middle ones are: on grub; a wide range of goods (clothing, make-up) and pre-row corridor (furniture, refrigerators, televisions, computers, automobiles); payment of social and cultural and community services; payment of fees and payments; pity and pity; Inshi, often unreported vitrati.

Shchodo zmіni the structure of vitrates from the family budget, you can see the trend. Persh for all the same speed with the income of pets about wagons, what to go to the restaurant. In general, such a trend is progressive and meaningful about the growth of life and the livelihood of the population. Vaughn is characteristic of all of the country with a dynamic development of the economy. Let me clarify the fact that vitrati on harchuvannya is a necessary basis for skin care. Vidatki on a new one, for all their priority, are represented by traditional family needs and less for everything. That is because the viewers are more stable than ever.

We welcome the positive trend of increasing the budget for social and cultural consumption, increasing the number of people who want to, and also directing themselves to getting more and more members, and organizing a big business.

If you guessed about the obscure progressive trends characteristic of the budget of home grants in the country beyond the borders of Ukraine, then in Ukraine in 90 years stench rock did not appear. It is obvious that the structure of the total income of the family is presented in the table. 3.

Table 3


Directly victorian income in the middle on sіm'yu for rіk

Usі sіm'ї irreplaceably vіd mіstsya living



A weight of victories of suckup dokhid,




Kharchuvannya (with alcoholic drinks)



non-food comrade



payment of services



including for the payment of livelihood and communal services

taxes, payments, payments


інші вратки












So, to finish a large house of pitoma vaga vitrat symey for kharchuvannya (about 3/5) and small ones - for koshtiv (less than 1%).

Moreover, it’s independent of those who often spend money on the budget for food in the middle of the house, it’s super-high, living this product per capita in 1997 There has been a slight change since 1990: meat and meat products - by 49%, milk - 44, milk - 45, zucru - 39, rib and food products - by 71.5%. The living conditions of the populations of the main main products were slightly reduced: bread, vegetables, and fruits. At the time period and vidbulosuta suttve lower rivia dobrobutu simey.


Dobrobut the population to form in full with the rising factors, like the one with the other, with the opposite strains. What is more in home-giving praises and health, what is better in life, qualifications, what is more beautiful than how much it is, but what is more, what more time. I navpaki, transferring to a number of unaccountable persons, utrimants, retirees with a small pension, higher and lower income. As a rule, the supplementary dzherel good for our families - small pensions, scholarships, help with a reward and subsidies - are not ир viral.

I don’t need to say goodbye to Masov’s spending time as a member of the family members of sympathy, so that I’m unemployed, as in Ukraine I stay without interruption for remaining rock. Decrease the goodness of Ukrainian families and increase income taxes, indefiniteness, as well as increase incomes, payments, especially permanent pay for communal services. Ostanny duzha evenly matured in the end of the 90s rock and that for 2000 p.

Suttvim factor in the negative influx on well-earned money is lost in inflation, a yak without compensatory visits from the side of the country є chronic for the economy of Ukraine. Identity, social policy, and I’m likely to have my mother’s paychecked to real money streaming, stable exchange rate of the hryvnia, quick unemployment, and free payment of wages and pensions, optimized payments.

The land of Nicholas will not be a bagato, as in most of the main population of the tooth. Navpaki, the growth of income from domestic gratitude, and the growth of living livelihood, thanks to the economic situation, the progressive development of suspension.

Domotronodstva i power

Homilies with the power to hold the organs of mutual intercourse. W one side, stink ob'єktivno zaіnteresovanі in іsnuvannі strong sovereign mashines, yaky zabezpechuє receptionists kordonіv Kraina, pіdtrimuє order, stvoryuє i vdoskonalyuє zakonodavstvo, regulyuє funktsіonuvannya rіznih spheres i Galuzo Economy that upravlyaє admіnіstrativno-teritorіalnimi utvorennyami, zabezpechuє digit mіroyu bezkoshtovnі osvіtnі that medichnі the servants are skinny. All the whole thunderous power apparatus will wipe out for the rahun of the taxpayers, including the i-thunder (housekeeping). I wish we all do not want to want to give away penniless powers at the form of payment, collection and payment of payments, as well as the understanding of the country, suspension and cutaneous treatment of us.

On the one side, the power for the tax-payer and the third-party payments in legal and physical forms of special funds: pension; social, medical insurance; busyness is skinny. I can help you to pay pensions to unaccompanied persons, to pay financially, to get paid, to get unemployed, to pay a shortage of paid wages through injuries and hardships. For a sovereign budget, one can also form in the main for the taxis, the power of finance, the system of sanctification, the protection of health, and the utilization of power structures (army, militarily thin).

Figuratively seeming, the economy of dominance is tied to the economy of the state, following the principle of receiving vessels. In the period of economic activity, there is an oath of viral obligations (national income of the country) and suspicion, we have the right to receive more income, such as a pension, a stipend. I want to have the freedom to maneuver my resources without interconnection at the time of a comfortable and economical environment, but you can better spend your money on consumption, improve your health and safety.

At the end of the week, the economic and economic situation (crisis) in the country is growing, I’m going to waste time to change my ideas, but you can get new income.

In this way, the form and the number of incomes coming to the end, the process (phase) is complete, the important factor is the active factor of the economic stimulation of the suspension of the viral partnership and the stable social development of the suspension.