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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 2. Proceedings of the business: the daily structure, the structure of these characteristics of the current economic system

The process of reconciling and functioning of the factors of viola Here the inclusion of the individual principal to the warehouse of the labor team, deform and the employment rate of labor.

Сутність і structure of the labor market

At the system of labor issues, there are two different sides: technical and economic and social and economic.

Persha, techno-economical, is bound up with the lawyer by the speechwriter of the speech factors of virology irrespective of the fact that he is the newest person. In this process, the most important thing is to get home to the regional community in our own work. A more detailed aspect is the examination of work-related issues, from the point of view of a political analysis, you can take away a good posture with respect, a fragment of a vivchenny yazag_ for students and economists who have perspectives.

The socially-economical side of labor is determinate in the first place by the form of power, on the basis of a functional function. So, on the sovereign, collective (cooperative, often joint-stock) enterprises, too, there are no front-line producers to see as well as sponsors of the business and the product that has been developed in advance. Immediately stink є і non-inferior virobniks of the whole product.

Extensively vary the number of working hours, if the speech factors are interchangeable in the hands of the public (social). For such minds, the recruitment of a hired practitioner with speech factors and the ability to go through buying and selling and working with control and management of capital. Social and economic aspect of the work of business and social analysis.

Regardless of the slavish nature of the virology processes, the principle of respect is to form a grudge at industrial enterprises, as well as to relocate to the economic economy (self-reliance). For example, under the Law of Ukraine “On Business”, the labor collective must include employees, as a part of their work, take part in the employment on the basis of the labor contract (contract), as well as regulate them.

In political and economic cooperation, there is a wide range of relationships between robotics and hired employees, business (independent), and independent (independent) workers. state donating sub'єktami - pіdpriєmtsyami (іh іzі rіznymi ugrupovanni), power. They’ll actually smell the benefits of socially-economical business, they can learn from the training process before, extend the long period of health, and also after the completion of work. All the more important things are for the function of the business, the fragments of them are the same as the productivity of the labor, as well as the labor market as a whole, and there are some competitiveness.

The work collective is a sub-project of economic vidnosin (on the basis of vidnosin vnosnosti), as well as a higher official, who wants to keep in mind the most obvious factors in the way of gaining income. Proceedings of business, including market and non-business factors, absorb the value of the robust power on Kintsev’s. It’s stinkable to instantly reflect on the problems of the minds of those who are living and those who are in practice, as well as the characteristic characteristics of the form of their health to the right.

The current stage of scientific and technical progress, which is characterized by intensive maintenance, is accessible to the masters in a viral way, uninterruptedly change your mind about life and work. They’re constantly having new consumer needs, and they’ve been able to zoom in on the singing problems. Sokrem, in Ukraine, the middle of the problems of the moment I will become a transition economy on the offensive ten years of key, in our thought, the problem of the increased labor motivation of the population will appear. Over 90 years of dominion in the structure of our country, they have driven “all and better”, so that you can “have a good look” in our people before productive viral work (most of the wages and salary payments).

Labor motivation is bound up with internal spontaneous motives of people to the point of praise and fair assessment and winery for the results. It’s not possible to declaratively dictate motivation, how much you can get in shape with a different social and economic environment, I’ll save all the more accurate and promising (salary, penal) forms of work, labor. Sounds - the role of labor collectives, powers, and trade union in the form and development of labor vidnosin.

The super-transcendental nature of labor and hatred

The labor collective of enterprises , which are environmentally friendly and productive, the significant productivity of the country, the significant number of enterprises (enterprises) for the market. Here, the main endeavors of business administration, seemingly, business robots ри deceiving a sidetrack; pay w enter at vitrati virobnitstva. Identity, wineryє superecrease between the names of pidprimtsya (robotodavtsya) and pratsivnikami. Zrozumіlo, scho robodovodtsy bazayayut zniziti tsiti vitrati, and non-repetitive pracіvniki - pіdvishchity salary and otrimati social pіlgi. And then, like Vidomo, leading to the Vitrat. Razv'yazannya value superstrechnosti on a vidpovidny period of a polyagna in the laying of collective lands and weather between labor collectives and their representative bodies (professional representatives and others) and robotics (including)

A legal act, which regulates work, socially and professionally and professionally, between robotics and practical workers, in organizations, establishes, is called a collective agreement. Win revenge of the rights and requirements of the robotic teacher and ancestor of such power: form, system and payment system; bills of pennies surcharges and reimbursements; mechanism of regulation of payment of rights at paid prices for intellectuals and achievement of indicators indicated in the employment contract; zanyatіst, retraining and understanding of the principle of law with the sole legislation; the term of working hours і vіdpochinku, vіdpustok; voluntary medical and social insurance; the protection of the health of the great practitioner, who is ecologically safe and safe; control over the visions of collective collectives, protection of normative minds, func- tions of professionals, professional associations of senior representatives of representative bodies; regulation of minds held by strikes skinny.

As a rule, it is collectively pleasing to terminate on terms of 1 to 3 years and days until quiet periods, if you don’t lay aside new ones, but do not update the office period. The order of registration of such lands at the leather country is recognized as the latest national legislation.

Social Partnership in Labor Vidnosiny

The struggle for the right of naimanich pracivnikov called for the establishment of professional spіlok. Professional organizations will have to look out for more functions, and all of them will be fighting for the paycheck of pay, professional bezpeki, short work of minds.

Professionals, as a rule, have the opportunity to have more than one employee’s working hours when they are piled up and pay more than one hour’s work. Also, please try to have a tripartite character - among representatives of the local government, national professional associations and professional training (robot teachers). At the boundaries of such lands the main principle of the legal conduct of social and economic policy, the vision of food is established: cooperation with the rest of the population, development of the market, regulation of the life of the country, and guarantee of economic security. Given the secure mechanism for the implementation of such goals in the country of national importance, the role of introducing a constructive dialogue between the most powerful, the most active structures and the most important, important ones is important.

In spite of the empowerment to work in good health through the legal organizations Zokrem, the legislature dyalnost power and labor rivals work, the regulation of the population, the regulations of the Republic of Belarus and the youth, the sign of the guarantee of the minimum wage paid by the body.

Our country has the main regulatory documents, such as regulating labor issues, и Laws of Ukraine: “The Code of Laws on Praciu”, “On the Occupation of the Population”, “On the Payment of Praci”, “On Collective Agreements and Pleasing”, that is.

Youth regulation of labor issues

With the development of integrated processes, dedication is necessary to regulate the work of business on the average business. In the whole plan, it is possible to understand the conventions and normative acts of the International Organizational Organization (IOF) and the charter of the "Fundamental Social Rights of the United Kingdom." For example, with the advent of the charter, written by our own time, curious people from the country of the EU (nineteenth century), formulate a single economic space in Europe, we have gained considerable social wisdom, we have gained greater freedom of work. , social zahist, private rights and women to skinny.

At your home office, there is often a need to compromise on business and capital, to find out more about a wide range of social partnerships.
Partnership of transfer of technology, consensus to consensus among robot teachers, recruited practitioners and the state. The bag of social and economic problems of hitherto presently suspecting yak is at the national as well as at the international level, more and more effectively, but as a matter of fact, you are trying to be partners, but not to conflict, not at all.

One of the main tasks of the system of work is the pay-as-you-go category, which is a specific form of income for the main mass of employees. Reguluvannya bagatokh processes in the economy is due to the very same salary.