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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Payroll: daily, formation and organization

The problem of the wages of daily wages and salaries has long respected the economy of the schools and the direct.

Interpretations of daily salary

What are you selling when you hire a robot? Vidovіd nіbito is obvious - vіn saleє pratsyu. Thus, on top of economic realities, the salary is almost the same as the price paid for the price, because the price is higher. Such a treatise has been declining for a long time (now for U. Petty’s hour). So won over the Doteper. Zokrem, Ії to get to grips with the greater number of farmers, including P. Samuelson, V. Nordhaus. For the sake of understanding the interruptions and bagaty of the world economy, for example, the author of the homework “Fundamentals of Economic Theory: the Political Aspect”.

The order of this action is to save your time and try to make sure that you pay the same daily rate. The logic of the cross-section is as follows: the function is the function of the general himself, that is the reason people are like that. Vaughn є in the form of life specialties and can’t buy and sell in a politically and economically viable manner (div.: Course of Economic Theory: Textbook. - 4th ed., Ext. And revised. - Kirov: ASA, 1999. - S. 231). For this reason, it is not the pracica itself that sells and buys for the market, it’s important to get the authorization for the right hand, but the servants of the hand, I’m able to save a lot of money for the employees: I’m ready to pay for the delivery of the goods. Buying-and-selling sales of services by the customer in the form of hiring a professional customer on the basis of minds: working days are trivial, pay wages are spent, and landings are tight. From the point of view to the payroll in a broad sense of the word rozumіti dokhіd vіd factor pid called "pratsya". The higher education institution can pay attention to the rate of salary, that is, the price, the price of paying the same time for one hour - one year, a working day, etc.

Yak bachimo, in this interpretation, authorize the salary of a salary again, and yet it is up to the price of praxis.

On positsії, scho zarobitnaya pay є the price of pracі, having lost and A. Smіt. Ale vіn vihodiv due to the fact that, in principle, to lay down the interest of care, as necessary for the safety of life and family. In addition, it seems that, having planted a pay to the wartime of life for people, it could have been possible for them to live.

K. Marx, vrachovychi the decline of the classics of bourgeois politics, dyyshov visnovka, who hired the prince, I didn’t sell pratsyu (the fragments of the country at the time of hiring him or her more), and I needed my strength to work. Згідно з Цим він By recognizing the salary the payment is like a groshiy wiraz wartostі i price the product is working strength. Tsey pidkhid nini is also not є inconspicuous.

At the same time, it’s a lot of theoretical and economic bargaining, which means that you have to pay more money when you have to pay a living.

Specific daily salary turn in basic forms and systems. As a result, I can understand the practicality of the given category for the lower and lower abstract categories (apart from the anterior analysis).

Depends on the way to the region and the need to pay and pay the two main forms: hourly (weather) and weekly (by the way).

Form and Pay System

Pochasova (pogodinna) salary - the payment of pracnivniki for the song hour (year, working day, tizhden) of the first robot (prazі). For the purpose of the settlement of the rivals, the weather rate (salary), as well as the economy shall be called the price. The remainder (the price of praci) is to be recognized as the foremost day of work and work until the middle of the work day.

Vidryadna form of salary - to pay the payment of deposits in advance rozmіrіv virobіtku (vigotovlenih virobіv abo zdіsnenih operation).

With the development of the scientific and technical progress, the wider and more weather-prone system is the pay-as-you-go system. For example, in the United States, about 4/5 robots are secured with a paycheck, indefinitely. In more than one country, such payroll systems (in the highest combinations) are stalled: tariff, premium, accredited, collective. Вибх vibration to lay down such main officials: a) the level of control by the producer of the product and the quality of the products; b) the ability and retention, for which the results can be butted.

The new payment system in Ukraine will be based on conceptual workability (I want to absolutely not be left behind), so there’s a conceptual price principle. It’s important that such a dualism “having served” is good for the normative meaning of the baggage parameters, not on the basis of political arguments, but on the basis of the demagogical declaration.

The Law of Ukraine “On payment of rights” implies the following identification: “The salary is the price of the vineyard, it’s calculated, as a rule, for a penny, as a hair stylist, but I have to remind him of the authority to pay him for the vikonan”. Tobto is a straightforward reservation for a linear pay-as-you-go payment for the full amount of money (Chi service).

The minimum salary in this Law is to be recognized as “the legislation of the laws on paying wages for simple, unqualified praci, lower than that you cannot pay for vikonana praznivnik a month”. There is no time і каз an inscription on vrakhuvannya the oath of a living wage and at the same hour - dumb. The form of the minimum wage is based on the subsistence cost of living, which cannot be inferior to the minimum wage. It’s a pity, in Ukraine, with a stretch of the 90s rocky indicators, the indicators were not correlated, the standards were reinstated. In addition, with іх analizі be-yak ekonomіchna logіka vіdsutnya. The water hour at the top of the globe is the minimum of the weather wage, it is legislative to get in touch with the residents of the living minimum (for example, in the United States, there is a minimum of 90 dollars at the end of the 1990s).

The basis of the salary organization is the tariff (Від фр. Tarif - rate system) payment system, including: tariff rates, tariff rates (salary schemes); tariff-kvalіfіkatsііnі dovidniki. More information on nutrition at special courses.

The rozmir pay in different regions of disagreement, the fragments of the most national values: historical-cultural, natural-climatic, national-psychological skinny.

Nominal and real salary

Rzrіznyayut nomalnu that real pay wages. Nominal salary - a total of pennies, I will repudiate the lawyer for the guaranteed period (one day, one day, month). I won’t give a clear statement about the life of the rivals of the Republic of Latvia, since the salary is more characteristic, the salary is in the same number of goods (goods, servants), and you may wish to receive an offer from them. Otzhe, the real salary is payable: • pay the nominal salary; Rivne price for comrade and servant; oath of liability, soak together priests. Thus, the amount of real pay is directly proportional to the nominal salary and the proportional to the regular price, the rate of the lower salary is paid. Ruh real wages pay (abo Ії Індіс) is signaled as an input to the index of the nominal salary up to the index price.

How to be assigned at the Address of the President of Ukraine to the Supreme For the sake of Ukraine for 2000 is to transfer to protect dynamically pay, "schow to allow the public to buy, to satisfy the population, to afford affordable food. We’ll make it possible for the third parties to pay close attention to the minimum wage, who want to take a look at the guarantee of the lower wage, the basis of which is the minimum wage. ”

Suttuu role in the market system in the formulated form of the wage of competition in competition for the market. As a whole, as a matter of fact, there is a competitive middleware in the competitive market of the country, then the paycheck for the skin professional group will be set in full in the event of an important payment and position for work. Alya is a specific situation that often occurs in the ideal minds of a competitive market. Adje spіvvіdnoshennya pitit and proposition to work force not є steel. Re-gulyuvannu rinku pratsі transfer лив є є лив є я к я я на ит ит так так так так так так так так проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп проп. On the basis of regular regulation, a fee is paid, the cost of working hours and a start-up, while I pay for hire and I have to pay a fine. With all the active fate of this process, take robots, professional resources, and power.

Rinok prazі zogo with classic signs in the Ukrainian perekhіdnіy ekonomіtsі shch rozvinutii lacking. A guarantee of stable employment, for a low salary, no power, no private sector, no free wages.

For the days in Ukraine of the centralized management of payment, the benefits and the lack of market regulation in the form of payments in the field of paid labor have accumulated a significant world of elemental nature. A tendency has been strengthened towards a stream of qualified work from suspension in the sphere of self-employment, trade in business, economy. The structure has risen sharply and the pitoma of the wage of income has decreased for the gross domestic product (from 53.1% in 1990 to 45.2% in 1999. In Ukraine, the average indicator is 61.3%). The salary fee has ceased to look like its functions: vvidvoryuvalnu, stimulating and regulating.

The real salary was lowered to the point that I won’t forget the great benefits and benefits available for the extended financial and social wages. The oversight of the oversight of bargaining for wages is even greater. The populace of the whole є rіzke iznizhennya buіvіlnogo іpromozhnostі population, zgortannya internal market. All the sums are necessary and necessary for the most important visits, the main method of which is the close mechanism of the sovereign and collective-negotiated regulation of salary payments, the fact that they have the right to have real rights. It is fundamentally important to secure a direct call for payment with the final results of the payment, the availability and the availability of the mechanism for the payment of the salary.