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Political economy - Bєlyaev O.O.

§ 3. Values ​​of the paper: the essence, role, basic views. Problems of action in the economy of the economy

Valuable documents from the point of view of the mid-term characteristics of equity capital - the key to the fate of capital AT, the main middle-sized and regional regions.

Akcija ta õh see the course

Groshova suma, the yak is designated for shares, to be called the nominee share card. Won a turn from the cob itself to an estimate I fall at a falling asleep partnership. The price, for which you sell and buy shares on the market of valuable folders, be called the course of shares.

What rank is the course of promotion?

Buy a purchase of shares for denying them a return on income from a dividend. To that, chim vin (dividend) is higher, Tim is the higher course of action, and it’s Navpaki. From the side, the course of action is directly proportional to the value of the dividend. From the side, buying shares, buying all at once, pay less money to your capital, no less than that you could smell, and you can see the money at the sign for the interest bank. To buy a buyer accepting payment for a share of such a sum of pennies, as if introduced to the bank, to give you the opportunity to take away the same income (percentage), as well as a dividend for a given share.

It is permissible that scho action by nominal at 100 dollars. to bring a profitable dividend, which is to become $ 9, and a positive interest rate of 3, that is, for a hundred leather dollars, as a deposit to the bank, a depositor of the positive income of 3 dollars. Shchob otrimuvati shchor_chno 9 dollars., It would be necessary to have a deposit of 300 dollars in the bank. Ale zamst tsyogo hairless pennies you can buy stock, yak to bring 9 dollars for the river and pay 300 dollars for it.

The share rate, by such a rank, is directly proportional to the value of the dividend and the proportional to the rozmir of the posychik (bank) percentage is wrapped, which can be virated with this formula:


de N is the nomination of the share, and the dividend is given in percentage.

If at the front dividend ($ 9) the interest rate is reduced from 3 to 2, then the rate will increase. For that very action, as before, I used to pay 300 dollars., Pay 450 dollars.

Why should purchasers wait to pay for a share, the nominal rate is $ 100, do I have a big bag? On the right is that, having paid such a price to the temple, the stink should be kept safe, not less, but, as a rule, the better, less that the kind of stink could be gained by sending the money to the bank. Before that, purchasers are able to, for the purpose of developing a joint-stock partnership, dividend overdone the sound (average) interest rate.

Slide deign respect and for such an arrangement. I would like to receive a dividend in the middle course of the promotion of capital (due to interest rate), dividends in leather denmark at the time of winding up indefinitely with the offer and pay for the offer.

For the recognition of the stock exchange rate on stock exchanges, designate the "stock exchange rate". Vin rozrahovuetsya as the average value according to the singing stake aktsіy. The price of the company is to enter the company. So, for the rule of listing the stock index of the New York Stock Exchange (to be called the Dow Jones index), to the base of the index include 30 promislov, 15 zaliznichnyh, 15 communal companies. Znizhennya tsyogo index spryyayut yak oznaku pozhrshennya ekonomіchno і situatsіі.

It is possible to differentiate the share of the pre-party (to see more than one of them during the sale process), to be simple, but to use it, and to pay more (to pay more, we can) Vlasnik brother take part in the management of the partnership) * 4.

* 4: {Tse - the acceptance of the action of the market economy is accepted. In Ukraine, on the cob of the transformation of the administrative-command system in the market (up to 1 year 1992), such categories of shares were issued: shares of the labor collective; Aktsії enterprises; Aktsії Aktsіonernye partnerships. З 1 Січень 1992 р. VIP launch of labor collectives and business activities is pinned, ale stinks could wrap themselves on the market with a stretch of five rockies. Prior to the value of the line of business (organization), yaki let go of the shares, guilty of buicks of their own, and replace them with the most valuable folders, transferred by the Law of Ukraine “On the value of the foundation and fund”.

From the point of view of the economic benefit to the respect for respect, they gave rise to the privileges and simplicity. Privileged shares guarantee a guaranteed (fixed) fast dividend. At the same hour, on a sound (simple) stock, the value is not fixed.

Privileged promotions give the right of ownership: on Perchochergian denying income from a foreseeable fixed dividend to a nominal promissory note; to compensate for income that was unreasonably handed down to a short-term income of AT from the subsidiary company (for the stock of reserve funds); on the priority share of the joint venture of the limited liability partnership in different times.

Vlasniks privileged shares do not have the right to take part in the management of a partnership (company), which is not transmitted by the Statute * 5.

* 5: {The main law of Ukraine (the Law of Ukraine "On Valuable Shares and the Stock Exchange") statutory capital of the partnership at the time of the last fall is guilty of accumulating out of a demanded number of stakes. Privileged shares cannot be let out on a soum, but I will transfer 10% of the statutory fund. VIP start-up is held at the time of the statutory fund of the joint-stock partnership; however, for the whole month, the main mayor of the company (sovereign), as well as the partnership is reconstructed at the joint-stock company. A pre-paid issue of shares is possible, but most of all earlier paid shares are paid for the wartime no lower than for the nominal.}

Vrakhovuychi, who are the protagonists of the simple, but sounding ones, who want to carry the greatest risik (lower love), obligations from the partnership. We have the right to take away the members of the government and the authorities and the public at the zagrannyh zbory aktsionerіv.

Dividend may be paid: leather quarter, once every night; actions (capitalization surplus), regions and goods. Shareholders may see a certificate of accreditation (valuable papyr), which will be registered as a new member of a singing group of shares.


Zagalna nomnalnaya warty of the authorized share warehouse є statutory fund, which, for example, is supplemented by the Law of Ukraine “On State Partnerships” (Article 24); partnerships.

For zbіlshennya obyagіv capital, the environment, the company is vipuskayut oblіgatsії * 6. Obligations - the price of the property is to give them the right to the hair of the right to gain guaranteed personal income. Obligations, so-and-so, turn around on the market of valuable servers and have a good course, then take a chance to drink food and receive a percentage of interest.

* 6: {The Law of Ukraine “On Valuable Shares and Stock Exchange” (Article 11) of limited partnerships may not exceed 25% of the total amount of the statutory fund and all of them are paid in full}.

I don’t give the right to vote in case of viral reference of the partnership, and if I pay for them, as a rule, I don’t overwhelm the interest rate. Vartіst oblіgatsіy pay off a joint-stock partnership for the finalized terminology.

Stock exchange : daily, basic operations

The stock exchange is a special financial institution, a good buy and sell company and sales, the form of the exchange rate. I am building a partnership as a partnership, and I’m the only ones who can deal with valuable traders, who can get a free call to a special business * 7.

* 7: {Members may be legal entities and individuals, who have paid for the "sum" of the total sum of pennies, often to finish the value.}

The main operations of the stock exchange є : the implementation of the region of the most important folders and the recommendation on the establishment of the cob quotation; organization registration of land for the purchase and sale of valuable folders; a picture of centralization in the winter frost in the middle of the retail market; Zdіsnennya centralized informational care and exchange control; secured legal registration of land that ін.

Fund stock exchange vidigra suttvu role in the activization and rationalization processes and the formation and functioning of market links. It’s a pity, for all the fate of market transformation in Ukraine, the view of birzhovo dіyalnostі is not a dast of the extent of widespread. The reasons are bagato. The whole concept of “freezing” is the process of maintaining and privatizing, which is not active in investing, the privilege of the initial market for valuable servers; н irregularity of the organizational design of the secondary market; Inadequate payment will be paid and indemnity to the defender of the rights of foreign investors is too thin. Legal advice on securing mechanisms quotes of valuable folders.

In addition, the stock exchange in Ukraine is guilty of co-ordination to reach a centralized rally at the national level, at the current concept, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (1995). The process of centralization of characterization for the function of all-in-one business. So, on the cob weed 2000 r. Representatives of the London and Frankfurt stock exchanges have shunned about namir get angry in the international stock exchange. British-German newcomer, which controls sales of shares for a sum of more than $ 4.3 trillion, will be the most profitable in Europe and in the fourth at the New York stock exchange, Tokyo stock trading is NASCM. At the time, the participants of the given “gateway” - the number of supernaturals - were matched by the “best practices”: the most important companies are sold in London, and the most high-tech companies are in Frankfurt.

The process of action in Ukraine : hatred, problems

The food was blown up, which is why the establishment of joint partnerships in the more developed countries is connected with the European development of productive forces, so that, in your own way, you can pour on the form of the other business forms, adding the necessary structure to them. In Ukraine, the rapeseed belt of such vidnosin is not Bula tied to the industrial technology of virology. For such minds, AT is not in danger of securing the growth of real incomes from robots, villagers, servants and navigators of the nouveau riches. The introduction of a change in the system of share loans without adequate processes in the production of technology leads to balancing economic growth. Name it new, so that they wouldn’t be so accustomed to stinky, they would be blundered by an empty sound, but they wouldn’t be edified by the vile minds.

It’s economical and practical practice, so that you can remove the other divisions we can save for two furnishings:

  • For your understanding, at virobnitstvo productive technology, advanced technology, you can keep up to date and get a little profit with unchanged prices.
  • For a rakhunok pіdvishchennya price, but I would like to save you a little more than a little while growing vitrate virobnitsva.

Akcіernernі partnership in Ukraine, added amusement to achieve a better income from the stability of the price for a handful of technical re-selection of virobnitsva. To this day, there are only one time for one-time pay-as-you-go, noisy, vyplyvє at the material center of wide populations of the population, including і aktsіonerіv. Relying on those who need to be quicker than the increase in the main viral funded funds, not to be given more opportunities, like letting go a lot, morally and physically out of date, just don't need to. Only penniless signs, as if they won’t be small in size, do not reconstruct the virobnitz. From now on, with direct priority, all economic policies are not limited to active partnerships, but are technically more thoroughly suspended suspension.

In Ukraine, on an ear of 2000 p. Nearly 20 million shares were purchased (for example, for example, for Nimechchini - 4.5 million). Such a great deal of power impossibility did not allow the concentration of control packages of shares necessary for the effective management of enterprises. The given model has become the heirloom of the decision of the national "market reformers" about the privatization certificate, which is the decision, and more specifically it went out about the "distribution of the mine." We rejected pseudo-messenger bezlіch, but ale in us wasn’t an effective hairline. Moreover, I don’t know the number of our "shares", de я y "praciuyut" хhnni efemeerni aktsії і those who won’t be able to sell them. The owner of such privatization was not explicitly rejected in the special newly registered reference shares of the new reference certificates.

Development of joint-stock partnerships in Ukraine to take part in the development of the sovereign corporatization policy. Zgіdno with the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the corporatization of enterprises” (dated 15 February 1993), corporatization is the re-establishment of sovereign enterprises, the formation of closed partnerships (with the overwhelming majority ownership). Sutty corporatization of those who are willing to do business, get their financials too much power. The sovereign bodies are designated and corporative corporations; Corporation dysta povn_shu ekonomіchnu self-sustainability through the process of virobnitsva and control over it. Won one day in the private privilege of power and the privatization of private control.

When tsomu, zdіysnyuyuchi protses aktsіonuvannya, slіd vrahovuvati scho mіzhnarodna ekspansіya aktsіonernoї FORMS pіdpriєmnitstva potrebuє od vіdpovіdnih Reigning іnstitutsіy Ukraine not tіlki uwagi and nasampered reasonableness of the rate yaky bi perekrivav channel for illegal bіznesu, ale not zavazhav bіznesu Chesney, not natsіlyuvav Yogo on protipravnі dії.